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  1. Looking for anyone who would like to do extended plays from the DLC Story of Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty the mission Hermet or is Just started that DLC around lv 30 to 35, dont matter the class other than being Mechromancer as well Steam page: jdavies345/ Current name: Cwg | Jdthepwned i'll be on around 3pm to 12am PST Saturday to Wednesday and maybe sporadically on Thursday and Friday
  2. wow, i'm back 24 hours later and NO ONE has these games? call yourselves PC gamers i mean barely any of them tax your 760s or 780s, not even your 660s or your 690s not even a bit, i have a 1024 bit graphics card and i still play the HDs in 40 frames XD not SS3: BFE at all, but really, this IS the PC Section after all
  3. well, this is a series of games even i havent seen Angry Joe touch, or even know he ever has it XD what is Serious Sam? you may ask, well, why not use something called Google and you can find a Wikipedia page on it, but i'll say here... Serious Sam is a game series that was a PC exclusive and still mostly is, it is a Arcade type FPS that is like the Strategy Games, but fast paced and such. much like your Dooms and Duke Nukem 3Ds and games from that era, you can hold all those weapons all at once, you don't need to worry on weapons, but you do have to worry on Ammo, also those Risk vs. Reward type things, there barely any cover but there's ways to beat every enemy with one shot, there IS ALWAYS something. Serious Sam spans 8 games 4 main games, 2 Indie Games, and 2 remakes, this is the HD Editions, they are the Second Encounter and First Encounter, you can get them about 10 bucks on steam each, but you can get the Gold Edition that can give you both HD FE/SE and the Classic FE/SE as well, you can also get Serious Same 3: BFE Gold Edition (though it's called that as it's Before First Encounter, it's supposed to detail the months detailing what happens before FE or how it happens) which gives you the same, both Classic games. there IS a Serious Sam 2, it's mostly the exact game as SS:SE is really, but has vehicles, extra weapons, and no ambushes like FE and SE have, but it's alot more harder as theres over 30 enemy types and doesn't have 12 to 13 missions that the FE and SE have. I'm mostly looking for some nice people to maybe play through SS:FE and SS:SE and maybe 2 as well, as i have all the SS games anyway, just some friendly Co-op too. and someone get Joe the series, and let him review the games XD