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  1. Somewhat ironic that he died by a car accident. RIP Paul Walker, you were a great actor.
  2. Indeed. A game like this can be self supporting, if you make enough money for it. These things you can do here, are just so amazing. I just feel amazed by how many people are still playing WoW...
  3. I can actually remember playing games back in the day and we were amazed when it was made by some company. You see there logo's flashing before you and you said "Wow, Ubisoft" or "Amazing, Bathesda". What about Westood?
  4. At first I thought what games frustrated me the most (Need for fucking speed), but no companies do. Only in what games they make and the Mass Effect 3 ending.
  5. Hardest bossfights... I hardly have boss fights and I can't remember any. Didn't even do the Half-life boss fight. I feel left out here... Edit: Max Payne boss fight.
  6. I am not sure about it's functions and I've only had the Kinect for the 360. I do think you can't play without, because you can easily use it for streams or making videos if you like to do such things.
  7. Hello Mentlegen...Welcome to the forums. What games do you prefer then, if I may ask?
  8. Haha, welcome to the forums buddy! Hope you enjoy your stay! Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry new year!
  9. Wow, they all seem very interesting. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Some interests besides LoL?
  10. Welcome Dan, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Wasen't this done with the other Xbox consoles too? Making an Elite version and stuff. I am not sure what time period was between release and releasing those newer consoles, but microsoft might be planning something with the new Xbox one too.
  12. It's a shame that it's going down, but I haven't used any other program than Winamp and have been using it for years.
  13. Sounds great, welcome to the party! Hope you have a great experience here. Also, what games do you prefer to play?
  14. Welcome to the party! Hope you have fun while being here!
  15. I hope people are able to fix their Xbox with this fix. Ps: why are these video's always filmed so poorly?