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  1. Isn't there a huge ass thread already dedicated to posting songs?
  2. Wasn't there also a Blood+ live action movie? Far as I can remember it, it was alright.
  3. I'm playing as well, though half-actively because of work. Alliance on Anachronos-EU if interested. Currently pressing my shadow/ holy priest to be raid ready and then I plan on leveling one of my other eight 85+ characters (yes, I have that many). Probably the tank. Essentially I have a character for every occasion, just need to level them and I fucking hate leveling, so to do that I'll have to get bored of my priest first which doesn't seem to be happening in the near future as I've invested way too much time and money in it right now (those garrisons are expensive to run at least somewhat properly). I'll also pester my buddy from the community to finally level up his damn alliance hunter so that I can tease him about being crap more often (Sorry, raider blood kicking in again. I become an ass once I start raiding or just thinking about it, which is why I wanna keep it as casual as possible). As for raiding in general, I might have some people to do some raids on occasion, so stay friendly with me and you might get invited to a group (it's a guild run by a family, so getting in is somewhat difficult). Anyhow, I've went on for long enough, so just keep me posted if you wanna have a romp on ally side on EU. Just be noted that I'm not always available and I also bought HuniePop at 5 AM this morning because I've lost all control over my life.
  4. He does do vlogs every so often to update everyone on what's been going on...
  5. Everyone's having their wants and what-not, and I'm just sitting here, waiting for the next Fallout game to come out and be as fun as New Vegas (despite me cheating like a little whore).
  6. It's a damn good song, though. And the video just adds more flavor to it. Personally, I want to bungee jump, but haven't gotten around to doing that just yet, so so far I haven't really done anything crazy.
  7. Sounding like an old record here, but I seriously care more for this community to stay active rather than Joe himself. For some reason I just don't find him as entertaining as before, though I've pretty much always been neutral when it comes to Youtubers.
  8. I don't like any of them because it's impossible to get a fulfilling feeling after eating there. You just feel like crap and what to kill yourself.
  9. Personally I wouldn't even be able to do that. I mean, I can't even strike up a conversation (aka making the first move), let alone asking for her hand in public. Whenever I think about it, it just gives me the shivers. Granted, I might get over it if the relationship has had lasted for several years already.
  10. Not sure if it counts as crazy, but pan cooker chicken liver is a fucking beast of a food. So damn good!
  11. This was my first and also the best concert I've been to yet: It was on 11.02.2008 Feel free to freak out about the date, my fellow Americans.
  12. FPS

    "Should" being the magic word here. Considering the unwillingness to make proper ports from the companies more of then not makes that impossible as they lock the game to 30 with the possibility of unlocking that, but also breaking the game in some way in the process.
  13. Sabres because Girgensons. Why that? Check my flag and the check where he comes from.
  14. I never really cared much for the guy. I was just interested in the idea of a grand community is all. Really, that's about the only reason I'm here.