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  1. I'm not sure, I started with San Andreas, but I think he's an alright character based on his wiki article
  2. Even as a pats fan I dont see them making it. I'll bet on the Seahawks
  3. Wow I feel bad lol I'd say Michael and I pick option B. I suppose I should go in my corner and cry in shame then.
  4. Self explanatory, but please NO SPOILERS!! Any spoiler comment will be removed
  5. I have to go with empire at war and the first COH, have over 300+hours on steam
  6. I guess it sucks to be me, I loved 2K5, but noooo. For the next years I got a radio announcer, a self-serving wide reviver named chris collinsworth, and a lame soundtrack. Oh! And a roster update!.......yay
  7. Battlefield 4. So many issues, and on the 360, it looks exactly like BF3. Also I never got into Mario or sonic. I played Mario on the N64 a little but never liked it. But I don't HATE it I just dislike it. I never played sonic that much, only at a friends house
  8. Which is what this topic should be about really, my guess lots of jar-jar and expanded universe. Damn I hope they stick to at least the first 6 movies. Don't want my new playable heroes to be people I don't even know.
  9. Or it will be like Medal of Honor: Star Wars DLC. $70 please
  10. With any luck y'all will get a team soon, I'd agree with 10, defiantly the most fun for current-gen madden
  11. As the month of November rolls by, football season ramps up. I'v been playing the madden franchise since '01 and wish to get every fans thoughts on this game. What was your favorite so far, personally I enjoy 05, 07 and 10. Also does anyone know if you can edit player names in franchise mode for madden 07 on PC?
  12. Valve can't count to 3 remember? Lol in all seriousness though I doubt we will see HL3 not to be cynical but that's just how I see it
  13. Defiantly company of heroes 2, great soundtrack, disappointing game. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=82YO9G45Sm0
  14. A key lime pie because I'd eat the pie, then the lime, then I'd use the key to get out! No but really I'd eat ciniman rolls till death
  15. Any of the terrible games, there all hilarious