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  1. Why not change it back to Ajsa?
  2. no Fujin makes me sad
  3. I would want to join but I have to work from 6pm till 1 am GMT meh.. I can join after 1 am tho but I guess you guys will have moved on by then
  4. You can always add me if you want newbornALIEN is my ign. I still play from time to time. You can always ask for people to join in the ajsa Discord general chat https://discord.gg/3sCrVP . I've seen people in there play smite here and there
  5. I wish we still did planetside 2 events on pc like back in the day really miss those days although I was a fucking noob at the game XD
  6. Actually I think it is Dc/WB who push Netherrealms to do microtransactions
  7. well there was. But someone changed the name into "Phalanx gaming". Why I don't know. I quit since that happened but I think most of the members are still in that clan. The leader of the clan is "Imove" I think
  8. sadly I can't come this time around. I have to go somewhere at 8:00 pm GMT Can always add me though origin id: newbornALIEN
  9. add me newbornALIEN
  10. Yeah but by your logic why can't the "battlefield 1" channel just be called channel "gaming 4" and Guild wars "gaming 5 & 6" then and mechwarrior "gaming 7/8/9"? It's the same principle. It's not like it's gonna make a difference at the moment in naming a channel "Battlefield 1" because there are only 3 different "game specific channels". If you retcon the idea of gaming channels as a whole. But for some reason still have gaming channels then your idea makes no sense. Because you contradict yourself. You know I'm just looking at this from a different perspectif but anyway I'm already observing that I'm not going to be able to convince anyone here. So I'll leave it at this.
  11. First of all it doesn't matter how you see it but the community is already divided into sub-sections because nobody has/plays every game. Except mayby collectors or rich people. for example I don't play league of legends. The chance I will play something with a guy that only plays league of legends is non existent. It takes way longer to find people in general chat to play a game with you then when you have differen't channels per game. Most people won't even pay attention to the chat (because they are playing a game). If we had different channels for each game like before those people can join a channel. Play their game. After a while someone joins the games channel and they can play a game together or just talk about the game. Then we don't have to waste time asking around and waiting till someone responds if someone even responds at all. Does it really matter if rooms are empty? I get that you don't have to add every game in existence as a channel because that would be overkill but just the officially Angry Army supported games would be enough. But like I said in my previous post mayby it's just solely my opinion and I'm conservatief about the subject. Because in my view having different channels per game was not "broken" to begin with.
  12. then why are there channels for battlefield 1 and even 2 channels for guild wars 2? :s why not just instead gaming 4,5,6. Whats even the point then in having channels with game names at all? Battlefield1 and guild wars 2 are definitly not the most played games in the first place. Like I said before why out of all the games do they get a pass? Imho I liked it the way it was before. I don't mind scrolling through a list it doesn't take that much effort and then atleast I could clearly see what kind of people were interested in mayby playing something together. Now it just looks like everyone is minding their own bussines not caring at all. But you know after all thats just my opinion.
  13. I just think we miss a great opportunity here for people to get to now each other
  14. yeah but in Discord while being in a channel you can still send a message in the server population so it really doesn't make a difference. For example when I'm in the Battlefield 1 channel I can still send messages in the server channel. What you're talking about is how teamspeak worked in general. Yes in teamspeak you would have people scattered all over different channels but here in Discord everyone can still see the general chat so it doesn't matter in what channel you are. Even if you are not in a channel.
  15. So whats the reason then why there are channels for Battlefield 1 and guild wars 2? I see more people play World Of warcraft then guild wars 2. why do they get a "pass"? Probably even more people play Overwatch then those two games combined. also how do you know this and how can you prove this? whats the reason? As far as i can recall people did join channels of games they happen to be playing.... even today I was still in the Battlefield 1 channel after everyone left after the Battlefield1 event and some guy randomly joined the channel and we played a match together... If you compare it with the way it is now I have to do extensief research about people who are playing the exact same game I'm playing + I'll have to awkwardly ask them if they even want to join to play something together. Which really is just too much work imo. And also, isn't the angry army all about connecting gamers? And what is the " " you speak of? Because how I see it it's the other way around. As in we now have an underutilised potential of players not playing games together because of this system.