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  1. Wow I've never even heard of this game but that theme sounds like someone took the music of Ratchet & Clank, Bleach and a little bit of Cowboy Bebop, mixed it all in a blender and produced something that belongs in a horror movie -- In other words it sounds really good. As for me I've been playing some classic JRPGs pretty much nonstop lately and since I never had a Dreamcast when I was a kid I never got to play what is possibly one of the greatest sci-fi RPGs of all time -- but I did get to play the Portable version: Honestly it's just a really cool game that I wish I had known about when I was younger but kid me was too poor for both a handheld AND a console, so I just stuck to platforming games on the Gamecube, which is ironic because adult me is terrible at platforming games and can finally afford to purchase early 2000s handhelds that nobody wants anymore. Clearly I've made it to the top.
  2. I wish I could comment more on the soundtracks you post but true to the title I've never heard of any of the games they're from lol. Although I will say the second one kind of sounds like if someone took DMC's (the emo remake) theme and made an EDM remix of it. As for me I've been playing Elsword again and let me tell you -- the game does not deserve music this good.
  3. I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole but suffice to say I would be happy not having to pay another 60$ just to get the rest of an already 60$ game and hundreds more on lootboxes with completely random rewards just so I can make my generic nobody character look any different from the hodge podge of chucklefucks surrounding me. I get expansions like in GW2 because adding new content is a great way to get players to keep supporting the game while also actually rewarding them for doing so, but I absolutely hate companies like EA, Ubisoft and TOEI nickel and diming people for basic features like THE ABILITY TO HAVE ANOTHER SAVE SLOT or RESELLING YOU THE SAME RECYCLED CONTENT FROM PREVIOUS GAMES -- it's just ludicrous what these companies can get away with doing and at this point nothing they do surprises me anymore. I used to watch Jim Sterling and Angry Joe complain about this stuff and be shocked by just what companies were getting away with but now? I'm numb, it doesn't effect me anymore, I'm just tired of it and want it to go away.
  4. Did I? Well then here's another game from my childhood:
  5. I'm afraid most of my top tracks would be made almost exclusively up of games from my childhood I'm still nostalgic for. A surprising number of which were tank games... And from then on it gets pretty generic with me playing nothing but Medal of Honor, Battlefield and Call of Duty for like the next 8 years or so. Although while I'm here taking a look back I will say that Battlefield 2142 definitely had the best remix of that classic theme:
  6. Don't look at me; I'm still living in the dark ages where we buy physical copies of games by going into these things called "stores" that don't require you to install 100,000 different launchers before you can play the games. Still, if Steam gets trumped by anyone I hope it's by GOG because at least with them I can keep my games long after we annex Canada and start WW3, which will be ironic when future me is still playing Fallout 3.
  7. Speaking of, I think Warband falls well within the bounds of an obscure game as I don't know many people who are still talking about the medieval RTS/RPG hybrid I fell in love with back in 2010 that I still play on a frankly religious basis -- so with that in mind here's some tracks from some of my favourite mods for it!
  8. I know it's not technically an official soundtrack but I've been playing this mod for AOE2 set around the time of the Viking Expansion and there's a custom music pack that replaces all of the in-game music with well... Which is great because If I'm being honest the original AOE2 Soundtrack never gets this epic.
  9. Well I actually grew up with a Genesis so...
  10. Funny how Valve can find time to rip off lame card games but can't make a sequel to their most beloved franchise... Day of Defeat. I mean it's been 14 years since DOD:S, you'd think they'd have released a DOD:GO or something by now...
  11. If I was developing games as a full time job I would probably kill myself before I turned 30 because game development is one of the most stressful and time consuming lines of work you could ever get involved in. You spend hours sitting at a desk creating models, textures for those models, animations for those models and line after line of code necessary to make your game even run properly without any pre-existing templates like RPG Maker which does that for you and even if you go with the easy route and rely on a template you're still writing thousands of lines of dialogue for characters in an RPG you'll end up rewriting over and over and over again because you'll never be satisfied with it and will eventually come to the realization that "This is pointless, I'm never going to release this, I'm 24 what am I doing with my life" Maybe that last bit is about me specifically but the point still stands: it's a very stressful line of work that consumes most if not all of your free time and you might not even get anything out of it for all the stress and time wasted so why even bother? TL;DR - Playing games is fun. Developing them... not so much.
  12. To be honest they're kinda evenly matched since they can both use magic, both can manipulate time and space and both can and have become immortal at least temporarily. If these two fought each other for realsies and had everything from each rendition of their characters at their disposal for this fight it would probably result in the destruction of our entire universe and everybody would die. Of course if we're taking outside factors into account Bowser as a character has developed into something of an anti hero in recent years while Ganondorf has remained a "true" villain, so it's possible the Mario Bros. and crew would come help him in that fight and turn the tide in his favour. If not then I guess my answer is nobody. Nobody wins.
  13. I'm appalled that I haven't posted this before considering it's one of my favourite games, it's incredibly obscure (Hell there wasn't even an english version of the second chapter until 2015 ffs 2015 ON A PSP!) and the music that accompanies you on your journey throughout it is easily the strongest and most touching part. And that theme... I swear, when I heard it play at the end of the first chapter, after being put through what is possibly the saddest ending of all time I literally shed tears and rarely does a game ever garner that much emotion from me, so that's some seriously high praise coming from me.
  14. I'm surprised I haven't posted any psychobilly here yet. Let me fix that...