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  1. Yeah I'm kinda there with you, I definitely prefer Galaxy to Steam since at the very least it's an optional step in playing my games and GOG offers alot of indie games and old classics that Steam doesn't but Steam also has a much wider selection of games so it's kind of a catch 22. Definitely better than Epic though, fuck that piece of shit store and all their exclusivity bullshit. They should spend more money making their store not look like ass instead of scooping up exclusivity deals for games you know everyone wants to play.
  2. So I was playing ATV Offroad Fury 3 a few days ago and this song came on and I just realized... holy shit games used to censor the fuck out of their soundtracks. Here's the unedited version just to compare That game had a great soundtrack which is why I'm posting it here but I just thought it was interesting how I apparently never noticed this egregious censorship in a game I played pretty much all the time right alongside Ratchet & Clank, Destroy All Humans and Conflict Desert Storm. The PS2 era was awesome.
  3. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll wait until those games come out to decide whether or not I should heap praise on the company responsible for basically creating the myth that microtransactions have always been a part of videogames and it wasn't the result of a concentrated effort on their part (as well as Activision and Microsoft) to arbitrarily raise the price of games with season passes, deluxe editions, and most recently lootboxes cause I guess 5 billion in annual revenue just isn't enough. That said though I do want those games to be good -- especially if it does turn out they're working on a new KOTOR game because I fucking love that series -- I'm just very wary of what EA might do to them judging from past experience.
  4. Honestly I miss the days when games were capped at 30 FPS because now everything runs so fast and buttery smooth that it feels like whenever I play CoD or Battlefield I have maybe a split second to react before I get killed by some racist 12 year old with an SMG. I guess if I had to pick any one game though It'd either have to be Saints Row 4 or GTA V because of the freedom I have in both of those games to do... whatever the hell I want. Wanna steal a jet from a military base and have a dogfight with the Air Force while Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" blasts on the radio? You can do that. Wanna roleplay as a journalist who constantly gets kidnapped by random street thugs and conducts impromptu interviews with them about crime in Los Santos? You can do that. Wanna just start fights with random people by merely referencing oral sex? You can do that too. Obviously these games have limitations, especially in the case of GTA V's online mode where the amount of fun you can have is determinant on how willing you are to grind/pay real money for more in-game cash so you can actually do the fun things and as I just mentioned the dialogue systems in these games are so laughably simplistic you can start a fight with someone after one button press that results in you telling them to "fuck off" but I just don't see many other games out there right now that give you that much freedom of choice without making the side activities feel like fucking chores or turning the game into an always online "live service" nightmare that randomly decides to disconnect you from the server just when you're starting to actually have some fun (I'm looking at you Breakpoint) or is filled with legions of racist 12 year olds that ruin the experience for me. Outer Worlds and the upcoming Rustler are some exceptions but since I don't have an epic account I won't be getting to play Outer Worlds any time soon.
  5. Maybe we should do away with the industry part of gaming and let indie devs take the wheel. At least then even if the game is horrible at least it'll be hilarious.
  6. Considering you can't even play these games online anymore since GameSpy shutdown and EA seems deadset on keeping it that way (I mean FFS they even removed them from Origin) I think it's fair to call these games "obscure" titles now since they've long since been forgotten by their successors. But I remember. I remember like it was 2002, back when WWII Shooters were still all the rage and a little game by a new up and comer called "DICE" revolutionized an entire genre -- but mostly I just remember that iconic theme: Which was followed by this iconic theme: And then this one:
  7. This is what happens when you get shitfaced and play Fortnite, then pass out watching Swiss Army Man on Netflix.
  8. I've been around long enough to notice it became much quieter here on the forums since the transition from Teamspeak to Discord but this is still the best community I've ever been a part of. Mostly because I can swear as much as I fucking damn well shit fuck please, but there's some nice folks as well.
  9. IMHO I'm not really surprised considering how broken GTA Online was when it first came out -- in fact at this point it's just what I expect from a AAA developer like Rockstar that prefers jamming microtransactions and virtual casinos into it's open world sandbox rather than hiring some GMs to deal with all the fucking modders who love to ruin the game by spawning in shit and crashing the server. All I can say is I just hope they don't turn the amazing train robberies from singleplayer into mundane repeatable missions you have to grind just to get enough cash to buy a coal powered flying horse or whatever just so you can have some fucking fun IN AN OPEN WORLD SANDBOX! My advice is get out while you still can.
  10. Wow I've never even heard of this game but that theme sounds like someone took the music of Ratchet & Clank, Bleach and a little bit of Cowboy Bebop, mixed it all in a blender and produced something that belongs in a horror movie -- In other words it sounds really good. As for me I've been playing some classic JRPGs pretty much nonstop lately and since I never had a Dreamcast when I was a kid I never got to play what is possibly one of the greatest sci-fi RPGs of all time -- but I did get to play the Portable version: Honestly it's just a really cool game that I wish I had known about when I was younger but kid me was too poor for both a handheld AND a console, so I just stuck to platforming games on the Gamecube, which is ironic because adult me is terrible at platforming games and can finally afford to purchase early 2000s handhelds that nobody wants anymore. Clearly I've made it to the top.
  11. I wish I could comment more on the soundtracks you post but true to the title I've never heard of any of the games they're from lol. Although I will say the second one kind of sounds like if someone took DMC's (the emo remake) theme and made an EDM remix of it. As for me I've been playing Elsword again and let me tell you -- the game does not deserve music this good.
  12. I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole but suffice to say I would be happy not having to pay another 60$ just to get the rest of an already 60$ game and hundreds more on lootboxes with completely random rewards just so I can make my generic nobody character look any different from the hodge podge of chucklefucks surrounding me. I get expansions like in GW2 because adding new content is a great way to get players to keep supporting the game while also actually rewarding them for doing so, but I absolutely hate companies like EA, Ubisoft and TOEI nickel and diming people for basic features like THE ABILITY TO HAVE ANOTHER SAVE SLOT or RESELLING YOU THE SAME RECYCLED CONTENT FROM PREVIOUS GAMES -- it's just ludicrous what these companies can get away with doing and at this point nothing they do surprises me anymore. I used to watch Jim Sterling and Angry Joe complain about this stuff and be shocked by just what companies were getting away with but now? I'm numb, it doesn't effect me anymore, I'm just tired of it and want it to go away.
  13. Did I? Well then here's another game from my childhood:
  14. I'm afraid most of my top tracks would be made almost exclusively up of games from my childhood I'm still nostalgic for. A surprising number of which were tank games... And from then on it gets pretty generic with me playing nothing but Medal of Honor, Battlefield and Call of Duty for like the next 8 years or so. Although while I'm here taking a look back I will say that Battlefield 2142 definitely had the best remix of that classic theme: