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Everything posted by Lazilot

  1. I'm surprised I haven't posted any psychobilly here yet. Let me fix that...
  2. I mean... Lili didn't cost anything so I'm fine with this In all seriousness though I don't like how supposedly full priced AAA games are turning into these 'live services' Jim Sterling has talked about because while I have no problem with microtransactions or DLC expansions being used to pay for your game if it is free to play, at 60$ you shouldn't be expected to also purchase additional content or characters for real money -- especially in a fighting game where, at least for as long as I can remember, you unlocked that shit in-game with fight money. Costumes, Characters, Stages, all of it for free if you just put in the time and effort to unlock it and now I'm just looking at all this season pass shit and going... ...And don't anybody give me any of that "But if they got rid of the DLC or microtransactions they'd have to raise the price past the 60$ mark..." nonsense because it's been established that games only cost as much to develop as devs or their publishers want them to so if they can't make a profit selling it for 60$ or less then that's on them, not us gamers.
  3. Banned because... Incidentally this is my favourite Kurt Russell movie next to Stargate and Metal Gear Solid 2: Escape From New York
  4. I mean, they could always give it to Obsidian since they only made the greatest fallout game of all time -- but since Todd Howard himself has said "that's never gonna happen" I think it's more likely Bethesda will just chug out a weak sequel in 3-5 years, by which time I hope Elderscrolls VI: Barren Mountain will finally be out...
  5. Ah, it's been too long since I've heard those words... ...Suffice it to say I'm not buying this new battle royale mode for Fallout 4.
  6. I feel you. To me it seems like there just aren't that many games that catch my attention anymore like they used to... Like occasionally there'll be the odd indie game that has whacky physics or some other kind of crazyness drawing me to it like 'Stick Fight' or 'Totally Accurate Battle Simulator' but I usually avoid alot of the new AAA releases because they're often just so... similar and lackluster, whereas I could just load up Skyrim with the Enderal mod installed and play a completely different game even though it's literally the same engine and everything. I mean, Red Dead Redemption 2 is obviously an exception but if I'm getting one of those for every Call of Duty clone or Obligatory Battle Royale game it's kinda like I'm at a McDonald's getting a large fry and every fry in the box except one tasted absolutely horrible -- which is starting to happen alot more and I could swear these fries used to taste better, like did they change the oil or something... *Leaves to continue ranting about McDonald's fries*
  7. Yeah, I first discovered Starcraft on N64 so I can definitely confirm this. On topic though, while I definitely fall into the "Diablo probably shouldn't go mobile" camp I'm not really sure what you can do to convince Blizzard that they shouldn't do it considering https://www.techspot.com/news/73230-over-half-activision-blizzard-716-billion-yearly-revenue.html and that article came out back in February; long before the Diablo: Immortal announcement, so I was already expecting this considering... And since Hearthstone was released based on the success of their most popular franchise, a mobile release for Diablo was kind of inevitable. ...Of course since they aren't even finished developing the game yet I can't really judge for myself whether it's going to be as bad as people are already saying it is, so for now I'll just bottle up my rage and wait until the proper time to release it upon the public -- much like Elder Scrolls VI: Barren Mountain (And yes I'm still making that joke :D)
  8. Grunge won't die until I dig the hole and bury it myself -- and ain't never gonna happen!
  9. So I've been a fan for a long time, like even going back to when Blistered Thumbs was still a thing and AJ was doing 'parody reviews' which later became the Angry reviews I'm so used to and those are kinda the reason I've stuck around as a fan for so long despite all that -- I mean when people were going around calling AJ 'Anti-Gamer' for defending Anita Sarkeesian or when that Quartering guy basically did the same thing but with Battlefield I still stuck around because I'm a fan (also those people are full of shit lol), and a proud member of the AJSA who's been around since 2013 when the site re-launched. In case you're wondering why I'm saying all this it's so that you have enough pretext to know I'm not just a "hater" or anything, I love the AJS, I just don't really like the new review format and I don't think I'm alone in thinking that, so I just thought I'd leave a poll and a post here to see what the community thinks about the change. Love it? Hate it? Hate me for even asking? Let me know! ...or don't and I can just continue having the most unpopular opinions on this site all by myself... *Cough* No Man's Sky Is Great *Cough*
  10. I think as one DJ Jazzy Jeff would say... "MAN YOU LOADED!" But for real, speaking as someone who still plays old N64 carts and PSP games when there aren't any new games out I'm really interested in I'd say keep it if you're interested in any exclusives and more importantly want to grow attached to it with time to the point where you eventually won't be able to throw it away because doing so will leave a lasting scar on your heart that will never heal even if you buy another one in the exact same platinum color because it's... it's just not the same. So, yeah if you really don't want/need it it's probably best to sell it sooner rather than later.
  11. It's a legitimate question -- I never joined the AJSA guild because honestly I didn't even know there was one back when I started playing and there hasn't been any major updates in this forum since... 2017, so I have to ask, is anybody here still playing GW2?
  12. Looking forward to doing drivebys in my wagon train again =P
  13. As far as I can tell this is the same kind of fake outrage from awhile back when black people were included in BF1 to "concede to the SJW agenda" when in reality it was because black people served in WWI and the devs kept them in because of this. In fact I specifically recall a video by a guy named "No Bullshit" where he asserted that WWI was a "white man's war" and used selective editing to prove this ironically, bullshit narrative -- which seems to be the same thing happening now but with women and it's just as much of a non-issue now as it was back then. But of course it's the internet so some guy somewhere is always going to be mad about something. Honestly it makes me long for the old days when reaction videos were harmless filler built around watching people puke and shit into cups instead of dudes getting mad about women and black people being put into videogames for literally any reason.
  14. If my tea-sipping, ass whooping goddess of gymnastics and sass gets more outfits I'll pay whatever price Namco wants... But as for the other stuff -- well I'm no fan of SNK or Street Fighter but I've been waiting anxiously for SCVI since they shat out that turd SCV which stripped away the story, single player modes and bonus content that had been staples of the franchise for years in exchange for focusing on two bland uninteresting characters we're literally introduced to in the same game, so I'm hoping they return to the original formula with the next one. Honestly I'm looking forward to playing Seong Mi-Na again... assuming she still has her "most powerful move" of course... And it was always funny trolling people with Astaroth by using his OP moves to just ring them out over and over again lol... Oh and I would say that seeing Negan in Tekken 7 will be weird except... WTF IS THIS HE'S IN A DISH TV AD WATCHING THE SHOW HE'S IN!? Maybe Negan is a timelord...
  15. I wrote that way back in 2016 when everybody was shitting on this game for being the most awful piece of shit in existence because apparently the internet had collectively forgotten what a bad game really was until "Life of Black Tiger" reminded us in 2017. What upset me about this was the fact that much of the outrage was directed at the game being "boring and repetitive" to which I would always say: THAT'S THE POINT OF THE GAME, because it's about the journey, not the destination. What the devs of No Man's Sky were trying to make was a chill game that realistically covers what space travel would be like in a distant future setting, because despite what Mass Effect or KOTOR or any game set in a fictional universe with tons of "hot blue alien sex" would have you believe, real space travel is not exciting or thrilling, in fact it's actually very boring and repetitive and will likely still be that way in the future... only then we'll be exploring planets for future colonization and cataloguing the various fauna and wildlife we discover, as well as any extraterrestrial lifeforms we come in contact with (aka, what you're always doing in No Man's Sky) because space travel is not fun, it's not glorious and it's not exciting, it's... a job that requires meticulous attention to detail and a great deal of patience so you don't go insane, and considering I've been able to explore and name 200+ planets as well as their unique fauna and wildlife and can apparently speak Gek, Korvax, and Vy'keen at least semi-fluently without losing my shit because I had to refuel my ship or recharge my gun constantly, I think I'd make a pretty good astronaut. Honestly I'm kind of glad I'm not seeing so much negativity surrounding this game now because it seems like people have finally realized what it was all about in the first place, that great existential question that's always gnawing at the back of our minds as we stand on the foundations of future colonies that will be built by our ancestors who carry on our legacy -- which is "IS THIS THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!?" ...Or they could just like driving around in colossi and blowing shit up, who knows, either way I still love this game and I'll probably keep playing it for many years to come.
  16. What's more obscure than that PSP exclusive sequel to Valkyria Chronicles that so few people in America played it basically killed the series over here and WE'LL NEVER SEE AN OFFICIAL ENGLISH RELEASE OF VALKYRIA CHRONICLES III BECAUSE OF IT!? *Ahem*... but seriously I do love this game and it's music. Hitoshi Sakimoto is a fucking god!
  17. Personally? I stopped liking Fallout after 4 turned the dialogue system into what essentially amounts to happy, angry, or sunglasses emojiis with no way of predicting what the hell I was actually going to say, and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem like they've changed much from Fallout 4 save for adding multiplayer which is something we've literally been asking Bethesda to add for years (Both for Fallout and Elder Scrolls) so I guess I'm happy about that, but since I never pre-order games these days I can't say I'm in for any kind of disappointment if my suspicions from watching what little gameplay they showed turn out to be true. Now Elder Scrolls VI: Barren Mountain on the other hand... (Yes I'm going to run this joke into the ground until they show me some actual gameplay footage damn it!)
  18. Looking forward to playing as a mountain in Elder Scrolls VI.
  19. I think you can all guess which GTA is my favourite from this one simple line...
  20. poll

    Jessica Nigri for making Pikachu Sexy. I know that's not an option but god damn it if that isn't an achievement, because before her there was nothing sexy about virtual monsters that beat the crap out of each other. Sarcasm aside, AJ definitely wins... mostly because of this:
  21. So people might not know this (Or have completely forgotten about it by now) but... FLCL Season 2 is coming and if you've never seen the first season all I can say is THE PILLOWS! Translation: Carnival Translaton: Hybrid Rainbow Seriously, just the fact that these guys are coming back to do the soundtrack for the next season is enough to make me splooge musical notes all over this room right now... but since I've got a hype train to catch I'll keep it clean and leave on a high note.
  22. Maybe it's just me, but considering there's rarely a game that genuinely impresses me I usually end up rating most of them 4-5/10 because either everything is the same (With slight tweaks -- like those wonderful microtransactions --) or just broken as all hell as evidenced by... Beyond that I don't really have much else to say other than I think this game sucks, but if you like it that's fine. Also the facial animations kinda remind me of this...
  23. Can't say I've ever played it but that is absolutely terrifying... and a perfectly accurate depiction of what it's like being on LSD I'm sure! =D I did however play this mode A LOT and it scared the shit out of me because whenever I would take down 4-5 terrorists in a single room, 5 more would spawn in the room next to me and I'd get about half of them before 1 showed up out of nowhere from behind with a fucking shotgun. Terrorist Hunt is easy when you have a team working with you (Or if you exploit the AI like a douche) but by yourself? It's fucking terrifying. I remember taking 10 mins just checking every single corner to make sure I wasn't missing anyone before moving on to the next room, and by the end of it I'd of completed the mission in maybe 2-3 hours =P