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  1. 2nd and final from me tonight.. I'm too nob-sober to contginue with this crazy typing thing classic Laetherstrip - Kill a Raver
  2. and to add to what Dogfish said: If you're not ready to go to college, don't f'n go to college - you'll just wind up not caring, and not applying yourself - and Bad Things will happen.
  3. Psyclon Nine - it's one of those kinds of nights.
  4. Funny, I just got the strange urge to return too (I blame the whisky.) I'm never too overly active in commuinities though - I'm a professional lurker. Also, I've been playing absolutely nothing lately. I just haven't been able to get myself into the mood for any games.
  5. Sounds better than my college experience! Working full time, trying to go to school full time, and after failing the first time, deciding to do the same thing all over again many years later! Come back after an extended absence.. and that's my first post? Bah. I suck.
  6. I can't wait to see that one - that's going to be, ah... scary to say the least. It'll be fun!
  7. I'm pretty surprised how well they seemed to hold up. They aren't breathtaking like they were when it was released, but it's certainly aged better than most 3D games of the era. Just look at it compared to Quake II, or almost any playstsation game.
  8. Yeah, it had the unfortunate luck of being released here when traditional crpgs were waning in popularity. So it was lauded by magazines and review sites, but the sales of it were pretty poor, and with Sir-Tech struggling for money, marketing was pretty much nonexistent. It may have also been an exclusive release with EB Games (Or was it Gamestop?) here as well, but I might be getting that confused with Might and Magic IX. In fact, I'm pretty sure I am. GOG has it for sale, and I'm really tempted. Along with my W&W discs, the discs have long since disappeared. With the semester ending, it'll be nice to revisit an old, traditional crpg - I've been pondering revisiting some old Apple II RPGs though.
  9. Ah Unreal. It's really hard to say how influential and groundbreaking it was at the time, when it was released. At the time it's graphics were pretty jaw dropping and breathtaking. Funny looking back on it now and saying that - but it's true. We were absolutely blown away by the game. It was a few years before I was able to play it though - my computer couldn't handle it at the time!
  10. Ah, all personal preference. I love both games, but found W&W to be the more entertaining time, to me. Whether you like it more or not, it's still a game that needs more exposure! Even when it was new it went pretty much under every radar.
  11. Actually, what makes this all worse - at least to those of us who've been around for awhile, back in the 80s, EA was a -very- good company. This is back when they were still a game company, and not a publishing company. Their first ever ad displayed their original attitude quite well: http://chrishecker.com/images/f/f1/Cry.jpg It's sad how things change.
  12. Just have to use deviousness and cunning! >.>
  13. Ah, okay. Yeah, the fully 3d environment is a great plus - but for someone just getting into it, I'd say start with 6 in order to get the complete story, though it's not completely necessary. Another one worth looking at, which I actually thought was a little superior to Wizardry 8 is Wizards and Warriors by DW Bradley - the man behind Wizardry 5, 6 & 7. It's an early 3D title though, and getting it to run on modern systems is a serious pain.
  14. The Vita's a fine handheld in it's own right. The selection of earth shattering games for it isn't large, but it's got a respectable number of games worth playing on it. Just like the PSP it gets a no longer justified bad rap thanks to it's release selection and other stupid things (like Sony's pricing on memory.) I enjoy both my 3DS XL and my Vita pretty much equally. They both get tossed into my bag when I go to work or to class. That being said - the Vita's battery life is garbage when compared to the 3DS XL or the PSP, sadly.