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  1. Welp, haven't been here in a while. Well I've read all of your posts and I fully agree on the points you make. But like mrfool said, there is only as much we as officers can do. We don't have infinite power or however you wanna put it. Sure we can help by kicking inactive members in the stream group or whatever but what will change if we do so? Nothing. Exactly nothing will happen if we kick a few inactive members. Except from the number where you can see how many people are in the guild will decrease. And in In-houses, there are definently people flaming eachother, cursing like no tomorrow etc. Now that's something we can do something about. The closest I've come to flaming someone is mostly pubs. But I like to call it "Instructive Criticism" . Btw sorry for being inactive lately, lost interest for Dota but I've tend to like it again.
  2. Sniper - AWP, favorite weapon. Pistol - Five-Seven Grenade - Smoke SMG - P90 Heavy - Nova
  3. The reason I'm making this thread is because we need to know what teams there are for the upcoming AJSA Dota 2 Tournament. MiGa (aka Milestone Gaming) won't be participating this year though, *sadface* so we really need to know which teams will be participating. Cause teams, like my own get disbanded from time to time. If you have a team and willing to join the tournament, simply type in your team name below.
  4. I for once agree with you, we were supposed to have a meeting but it was delayed I believe. The tag issue isn't really an issue. If people want to represent the AJSA by having their tag in-game then that's great, but if they don't it doesn't really matter IMO. Sorry for the lack of activity from my part but I'm in my last year of high school (9th grade), which means I have to study hard to be able to get a solid job once I graduate in 4 years.
  5. I'm up for it, add me on steam: Thrower (or kaninmaster) I have a fairly low rank but that's mainly because of russians in my team who has no way of coordinating, or know english for that matter.
  6. I thought the last years TI was funnier to watch for some reason, I didn't really care for this one that much.
  7. pls ukrainerino millionares
  8. Just got to the potato tier, much delish.
  9. I didn't mean to say it like that , more like i wasn't as useful as I could've been in the thread. I was playing a game of doto at the time i think.
  10. I helped with like...3 links but thats it :/
  11. I don't feel like its a "Meta change" really, mostly the flavor of diffrent teams as mrfool mentions. New teams just try more and more heroes that they think would be good.
  12. Lies.
  13. It's nice to see new teams are being created
  14. Good job man, this will be really helpful for new players!
  15. PLS HOW TO MID!?!?!?!?!?!? PLS CALL 911 TO CONTACT ME