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  1. hey guys, just stopping in to post a quick update on a recent patch for firefall. This is the first actual content update for the game since launch and includes some new weapons, dynamic events, and a hard mode version of one of the melding titan raid bosses. Full patch info can be found here http://www.firefallthegame.com/firefall-update-11-elemental-destruction-notes
  2. What's up everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update on the game and army. So there haven't been any huge patches for the game since the last one I posted about, but there has been a huge addition recently to the end game content. Basically, so far the end game has been mostly all about the war effort in devil's tusk, which was a big community effort where we all had to donate resources to power melding repulsors, and reveal the zone of Devil's Tusk, unlocking more jobs, vendors, and missions along the way. Just yesterday, the war effort has been completed in Devil's Tusk. Like each other phase of the war effort, completing the final phase unlocked a new town hub, with jobs and new vouchers to purchase even more equipment to help get started in raid content. This time it provides primary weapons, which people have been waiting to get their hands on for a long time, and even some unique battleframe cores which are unavailable through any other means, such as the strider core, which increases both run speed AND jet energy. The biggest new addition introduced in the latest pushback, however, is a new raid instance, which Is what I wanted to mention the most. "So theres now 3 raids instead of 2, big deal", right? that would be where you're wrong. This new raid handles everything differently than the other two. Instead of being just one fight, the new raid covers almost the entire map of Devil's Tusk in instanced form. It is basically, what the developers wanted the Devil's Tusk war effort to be like, but were unable to do since they had to make it a leveling zone instead this means the instance is much longer than the other two, which can be completed in a couple minutes with a well put together group. That's not all, though. With the extra length comes more encounters in the raid itself. Each town you have to capture is a seperate encounter. It doesn't take you to all towns, like the original plan for the war effort would have, but they still left in plenty of the towns you visit throughout your everyday travels in Devil's Tusk, so there are plenty of opportunities to get yourself some sweet loot, and that provides a nice segue to the best thing about the new raid. Loot for this new raid is handled in a COMPLETELY different way. People have been begging for player instanced loot for a long time, and now it's here. Each encounter, instead of providing loot to roll on, will instead provide mission rewards of varying quality to each player individually. So this all sounds pretty sweet, right? There's one more thing though. I have been told that this new raid has no lockout. You can do it whenever you want, however many times you want. If you don't want to get burnt out on it, you can only do it once a day or once every few days. If you just want to constantly run it to maximize your chances of getting loot, you can do that as well. With this information, I encourage anyone who has given up on the game's endgame to give this new raid a go, and maybe re-evaluate your decision. Now about the Army. I am going to be starting classes tomorrow and will be unavailable most times of the week. Currently, DanteKyon is our most active officer, and a new addition to the list of officers posted by Mondez above. If any of the others are online, they can help you get into the army, but your best bet will most likely be through Dante.
  3. For anyone looking to join the game, or people who tried it and were turned off by the low level experience, Red5 has just released a major patch which fixed a lot of problems, among them being a major change to the event density and job variety in low level zones. Here's a preview of the changes for the full patch notes, check it out here: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/threads/patch-notes-for-v1-0-1795.4953821/
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to get on and write up a short little guide. Today's topic is "Displaying your AJSA colors in game". Now the in-game tutorial should already walk you through how to change your warpaint so I'll spare you that guide. Instead this will be more about what to look for, and what to do if you can not afford to simply buy the best warpaint to show off your AJSA colors. Now we don't necessarily enforce any kind of dress code whatsoever, this is entirely up to you if you want to display AJSA colors or some other warpaint of your choosing. Anyways, let's get started, shall we? The first and most obvious option is the Blood Falcons warpaint, as shown below: This warpaint is visible right from the start, but unavailable at what appears to be only upon spending about 20 red beans. There is, however, an alternate method of acquiring this warpaint. If you enter the marketplace menu (default "T"), and search for the Blood Falcons warpaint. It typically goes for around 1.2k credits, which is roughly 30,000 crystite required to convert. No matter how you get it though, this is probably the most expensive warpaint to display AJSA colors, although if you can afford it, it is also the best match. There is a somewhat cheaper alternative, however. Below is the Rampaging Raiders warpaint: This warpaint will only set you back around 600 credits. Costing about half as much as blood falcons. It has roughly the same color scheme, but with a slightly brighter shade of red. The drawbacks, however, are that 1. It is not entirely black and red, having some white highlights in it, and 2. It does not feature the deep orange lights found on the Blood Falcons warpaint. So while blood falcons may be the better option, aesthetically, Rampaging Raiders is a much cheaper alternative with only slight differences. If you happen to have played during the launch of Open Beta, you may have this warpaint in your list, labeled as "Open Beta": Now, this obviously isn't your best option, since red is the dominant color on this paint, instead of black, and there are some strange yellow highlights, but If you can not afford either the blood falcons or rampaging raiders warpaint, and happen to have this in your selection, It will do just fine. There are also a few other promotional offers, which provided warpaints with black and red color schemes, such as the AMD warpaint, and the Locust (founder's pack) warpaint, but those are rare enough that if you happen to have it, you certainly don't need to be reading this guide xD. So there you go! With either of these 3 warpaints unlocked, you are now ready to wear the AJSA colors with pride!
  5. Listen up, aspiring Firefall recruits! Today I'm going to teach you all how to join the AJSA in Firefall. The UI for the system is old and can be confusing (and sometimes laggy) so pay attention! There are a few ways to bring up the Army window. First being a key binding which you can assign to any key, another being the Army terminals found in Copacabana, but I will be walking you through the simplest method. First, hit the `(~) key. This will bring up a menu that looks something like this: Next, you will want to use the mouse wheel to scroll down to the Social menu, which will appear as it does below (if your mouse doesn't have a mouse wheel...well get one that does, but until then the arrow keys will do the trick.): After you click on the button to bring up the social menu, you will be brought to another scroll menu like before. From here, you want to scroll down to the Army button, and click it. It will appear as so: Clicking this will bring up the Army menu. The default page should look like it does below. You will want to click on the search field, which I circled in the picture, and type in "Angry Army". If your Army window does not look like this, click on the Shield icon in the top left corner of the Army Menu: The Guild you are looking for, right now, is Angry Army Division Alpha. The current guild size limit is 100 players, and we haven't reached that yet, but if we do, I will create a second division, which will be called Angry Army Division Bravo. If the army continues to grow, there will be a Division Charlie, Delta, Echo, etc. All you have to do at this window is click on Angry Army Division Alpha: Clicking on that will bring you to a window which will look awfully similar to what is pictured below. There should be a button somewhere on this page to apply for access to the Army. It is not pictured here, because, obviously I'm already part of the army: After you apply for admission, you will have to wait for an officer, or myself, to accept your application. If there are any online, this will usually happen quickly, but sometimes there may not be an officer online. This happens. We will usually get to your application pretty quickly though.
  6. First game I played EVER was prolly sonic the hedgehog. First game I played hardcore was Warcraft 3 (First game I played for 12+ hours straight). First game I became a nerd over was Halo: Combat Evolved. I lived and breathed halo for years.
  7. I recently made a post on the forums attempting to bring to light the flaws brought forward with the launch patch (1.0). You can see it, and contribute your own thoughts on the matter Here. This game has tons of unfulfilled potential, and It just needs to last long enough to get the changes needed to fulfill that potential. The recent patch was a solid step in the right direction, but much more needs to happen for this game to be successful, and we can help.
  8. The game's main problem is that it was pushed out early by investors, They didn't really get a chance to test out the current build in beta, so it has many bugs and flaws yet to be fixed, but It was amazing before the patch, and functioned mostly bug free, so I strongly believe that in one or two patches it will be even better than it was before, and even as the game is right now, is more deserving of an official presence than some other MMOs that have passed a vote for it. I can kinda confirm what DK said. Red 5 is getting a lot of flak for moving the game's focus so heavily towards job boards, whereas before it was on dynamic events. Unfortunately they drastically reduced the frequency of all sorts of dynamic events in the game such as chosen attacks on towns, and ares missions, and even removed some VERY fun events completely, such as Chosen Death squads, where a squad of chosen would randomly target a player in the world who would be marked on the maps of nearby players, and send a squad of chosen to kill the player which consisted of several regular units as well as a boss unit who was a tough cookie. The biggest loss, however, were the invasion events. DK mentions OCT, which is an event in the lvl 25-37ish zone where the chosen launch a full on assault on a specific town in the area, which makes for some amazing experiences when it happens. Back in beta, however, this kind of thing was a part of Coral Forest. Every once in a while the chosen would invade either Thump Dump, or Sunken Harbor, and it would give a zone-wide alert requesting assistance from every available pilot. Losing this event actually had some major consequences, such as one that is in place for OCT being that you lose SIN support for the area around the town, and lose the xp bonus that town provided for controlling it, but something the OCT event doesn't do which was a consequence of failing an invasion was actually losing the town, and it would become engulphed in the melding for a couple hours. OCT, on the other hand, is a town which only has purpose for this event, and there's nothing in it to really lose, besides the XP bonus. The invasions were removed because it wasn't very "noob friendly" but seeing all the complaints from people saying the noob zone is too easy and boring makes it painfully evident that this was far from the case. So basically even veteran beta players are giving red 5 a hard time for changing the game in this way, so I wouldn't expect it to be that boring for very long. Even I give tons of feedback on the firefall forums, and while it may seem like im a fanboy on this site, that's just because I'm trying to sell the idea of this game to you guys. It needs people playing it if it's ever gonna go back to its former glory, and seeing as one of the AJSA's main goals is to make games better, this is the best community I can think of to try to get into this game. We gotta practice what we preach or else we're no different than any other boring multi-game community. Red 5 has been known to make massive changes to their game, as is evidenced by the most recent patch, so we definitely have the power to make Firefall better. They even have a whole page dedicated to user feedback http://feedback.firefallthegame.com/forums/115461-firefall-beta-feedback
  9. well now we're just talking in circles. Let's just agree to disagree. I honestly think Firefall is much more deserving of an official army than SWTOR is, yet it made it in the polls. (no offense, swtor fans, your game is still deserving of it, just not as much)
  10. have it your way. Just saying, I haven't played any other MMOs that are any harder.
  11. Hey there, I'm Themurloc. I guess you can call me the "gruff, regimented leader of our tiny Firefall Division", but I'm no more of an actual leader of it than Church is of the blue team, as I mostly just invite people and don't do very much leading, so the spot is certainly open to someone more capable. Anyways I've been on here a while already, but only just now decided to make a post introducing myself. I have problems opening up to new people, but if we find ourselves in a guild or something together, you might end up getting to know me better.
  12. The level scaling isn't as significant in pve since the original build for the game during beta had a heavy focus on horizontal progression instead of vertical progression like in most MMOs. This means that a low level character can still do high level content, but will have a more difficult time doing so, and leveling up does less in the way of giving access to more content via flat power increases per level, and more more in the way of allowing you greater flexibility on how to approach said content. For the launch they drastically changed this to feel more like a traditional MMO, which I personally disagree with but have no major problems with at the same time, but as you've discovered, it hasn't been done away with completely since a lot of what contributed to the horizontal progression was the core mechanics of the combat, which didn't change much. I don't understand. People gave ESO so much crap for blocking low levels from exploration, and when a game finally comes along to offer greater freedom of exploration, it's frowned upon for being too easy. Also your combat options open up quickly from leveling up, My characters from beta were saved in launch, so I don't know what the minimum level is to unlock all your abilities, but if you think the combat is boring, then you probably haven't unlocked very many of them at level 7. I'd also like to reiterate that everything from level 1 to 24 is the noob content and is supposed to be easy. I'm not surprised you were able to stay competitive with level 20 ish mobs while playing in a group. I'd recommend that if you're gonna play the game in a squad, try doing squad based content. Anything marked on the map that has a small icon of 3 little stick figure people on the top of it, that's a group activity. Also from what you described of your fight with that megalus, it doesn't exactly sound like you're "rolling over everything" I also doubt that you were doing quests in the higher level areas, since you have to fit the level range for said area to pick quests up off the job board (which are much more difficult than fighting randomly spawned enemies in the world). Look, don't get me wrong, you're more than welcome to not like the game, but what I take issue with is that you're trying to advise people not to play it after only having played to level 7 yourself.
  13. Lemme get this straight: You played to level 7 in an mmo and thought "well that's enough to form a completely accurate opinion of this game, it sucks"? It's the noob zone, its supposed to be easy. As for the optimization issues, I never had any problems like that even before I got myself a good gaming rig. There might be something in your settings that you missed which is eating up your frames.
  14. So I had a flash of boredom so I messed around with the new you to try and make an Angry Joe character, and used it to make this little recruitment banner for the Firefall Army.
  15. its free now, you only had to pay if you wanted an early access starter pack