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  1. This forum is an attempt to see what type of MMO's you guys would recommend that has a combat system with the most depth. I've so far tried my very first attempt at an MMO in a while with Guild Wars 2 with a free-to-play account as a Thief Profession. So far the game has introduces a dense amount of abilities, skills, and mechanics within the first 10 levels. This pertains to weapon skills, ability skills, weapon swapping, skill combos, and indirect synergy with other skills and professions. However I am somewhat afraid that the progression might loose the density of variety over-time. I've also heard that there's not much weapon and item variety, supposedly only having a small subset of statistical differences. I've heard comparisons with Elder Scrolls Online that it has more skill sets and more variety in weapons and items. Yet, they mentioned combat movements are a bit more clunky and has a larger progression grind. Anyways, what MMO, RPG, or game do you guys think has the most in-depth combat system?
  2. Because of school, it's almost impossible for me to play at all in Tuesdays. Is there any chance for Fridays?
  3. I'm kinda now doubting it a bit more now that there's other problems. People mentioned things like having really bad synchronization and the game engine overall. I kinda also despise the realism in general. While the game can simulate somewhat well with the external ballistics, there's awkward things happening with the internal and terminal ballistics which makes basic plate-carriers take an extra 2-3 7.62 x 51 NATO rounds for whatever reason. I also heard a lot of annoyances with the AI, being able to somehow kill you 650 m away under 10 seconds, even when they're using iron sights and no night vision. All these problems might be fixed with mods and addons, but it's somewhat unfair for a person to pay 60 dollars for modders to do content, fixes and updates for Bohemia Interactive for free.
  4. How can I move it? Because I feel guilty for not looking at the role-playing tab...
  5. I've been looking at a lot of events and praise (especially Joe's review) for the game. Now that I have gotten a new PC, I'm somewhat skeptical of getting it now. How is the condition of the game or the community. Is there anything better now than Guild Wars 2? See if you guy like to share any ideas or advice. Thanks for the read and advice.
  6. Doesn't Physx help do things like this? (when they used to have physx) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qhaEghJ74
  7. Another thing that I like to mention (after a very long time since responding to you) is optimizations and drivers. Which type of GPU optimizes better? I've seen a bit of how NVIDIA settings, drivers and optimizations work, but I'm more uncertain about AMD.
  8. If I ever get it, do you think we to play together? And if not, can we at least play together in planetside? (best time could be around May 9, 2014 at around 6:00 P.M Eastern Time). In other words, mostly in Fridays or Saturdays.
  9. I do play Planetside 2, and I'm thinking of playing ArmA 3. However, I was thinking of getting the R9 280X. I'm not sure about what you mean by the edition's features like Asus. Can you elaborate on that? I'm more of an Intel Fan since I believed AMD has more clock speed, but Intel made more calculations per second (or FLOPS). However, I realized that CPU's have more specifications than that, such as multitasking. So far I have an Intel I5 4670k, but no GPU. This is pretty much why I made this forum... So far, while it can only run Planetside 2 on 100% rendering and low settings, I love how well it multitasks very well.
  10. I might have not experienced it due to budget, but so far the ARMA series seems to be the best in giving realism with easy access without playing $2,000 for just a Virtual Battle Space game. However, It kinda feels as if there's missing realism. I heard arguments saying that the explosions aren't real, there's less content compared to ARMA 2, and the game isn't optimized very well, especially in multiplayer. A lot of them are mentioned in the feedback tracker, which is quite nice that the Developers are aware of that. http://feedback.arma3.com/my_view_page.php Other than that, I might consider getting the game with a discount or price drop eventually.
  11. So if I want to play Batman Arkham Origins with an AMD GPU over an NVIDIA, I could still use the Physx and all the other exclusive features?
  12. Thank you for this respond, as it does give me better hope for AMD. However, I still don't know why specific games are apparently optimized for just one GPU company instead of compatibility for full performance potential? I heard controversy of the game Watchdogs giving more graphical fidelity towards a NVIDIA card possibly due to the Physx feature (and because of the advertised offer of a free copy for a GPU purchase.). Another better example is Batman Origins and having NVIDIA-exclusive video options. http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides/batman-arkham-origins-graphics-and-performance-guide As of now, I'm not sure whether i should focus more on better GPU specifications or better features (like AMB Crossfire Technology, etc).
  13. I'm still perplexed of how a lot of games Praise NVIDIA a lot, at least in my experience. Games that I played like Crysis 2, The Batman series, and now Watchdogs. Can anyone tell me if there's a game that promotes any other GPU company? So far, it looks like people praise NVIDIA towards games due to the apperently exclusive features like Physx, TXAA, G-Sync, and GPU Boost 2.0. What does AMD have though?
  14. I'm thinking of getting the AMD r9 280x. I mostly game, but I'd like to keep some versatility for the near future. Any other suggestions?
  15. Put your most recommended GPU for gaming or talk about Video cards in general. Do you prefer Nvidia or AMD? Do you think it's important for computer hardware? Do you use it for just gaming or for others like designing. Let me know in this forum. Edit: I apologize for putting this forum in the incorrect section, and would thank for the developers of moving it.