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  1. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by Peacemuser in Is Guild Wars 2 still worth buying now?   
    I've been looking at a lot of events and praise (especially Joe's review) for the game. Now that I have gotten a new PC, I'm somewhat skeptical of getting it now. How is the condition of the game or the community. Is there anything better now than Guild Wars 2? See if you guy like to share any ideas or advice. Thanks for the read and advice.
  2. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by Peacemuser in Is Guild Wars 2 still worth buying now?   
    I've been looking at a lot of events and praise (especially Joe's review) for the game. Now that I have gotten a new PC, I'm somewhat skeptical of getting it now. How is the condition of the game or the community. Is there anything better now than Guild Wars 2? See if you guy like to share any ideas or advice. Thanks for the read and advice.
  3. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by Peacemuser in Recommended Graphics Card   
    I do play Planetside 2, and I'm thinking of playing ArmA 3. However, I was thinking of getting the R9 280X. I'm not sure about what you mean by the edition's features like Asus. Can you elaborate on that?
    I'm more of an Intel Fan since I believed AMD has more clock speed, but Intel made more calculations per second (or FLOPS). However, I realized that CPU's have more specifications than that, such as multitasking. So far I have an Intel I5 4670k, but no GPU. This is pretty much why I made this forum... So far, while it can only run Planetside 2 on 100% rendering and low settings, I love how well it multitasks very well.
  4. Peacemuser liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in ARMA 3 Review (final verdict) *UPDATED 2014*   
    alright, hehe, where to start? i want to make something clear: you can try to describe ARMA 3, you will utterly fail
    you have to experience the game for yourself before commenting on it, seriously
    this is pretty much my first "official review" ever that i make for other people than me
    From my experience (and it was a badass one) ARMA 3 is certainly an AAA title though it doesnt sells as much as Mass Effect 3 or GTA V, it does have its own charm, extensive use of PhysX and gravity makes any vehicles a fairly respectable asset and/or foe, the same result has been seen previously in many games including Planetside 2 who has been using PhysX extensively
    you probably heard of ARMA 3 before but might not have any idea of what it actually looks like
    basically, you have 4 major things that gamers (especially shooter fans who play games like Battlefield and Planetside 2 are looking for)
    1 - Decent graphics
    2 - Great musics
    3 - Diversity (decent Gameplay)
    4 - Realism en-masse
    you can play any way you like with what you are given, theres quite alot to talk about here
    even if you want to attack from the ground, you still have the possibility to attack from the sea or from the air, pinned down by enemy infantry? call in an airlifted armor or an airstrike, do anything you like using all assets at your disposal including Tanks, Aircrafts, Boats and Submarines or simply patrol on foot (if you enjoy walking for 3 real time hours or more..)
    the fact the game can be played on 1st Person View as well as 3rd Person View makes it very versatile, your character is easily customizable and there are multiple weapons available to you from Snipers to LMGs and SMGs, AT rockets and even a vast variety of Mines and flares!
    the game features a better-than-ever nocturn warfare style as well!!!
    The Storyline:
    the story is basically a NATO peacekeeper garrison in Greece defending against an invading Iranian army after a coup from the local military, there are multiple scenarios such as Survive and Annex and Adapt, the scenarios themselves aren't your typical Triple-A title scenario and instead revolves around a very simple situation where you have to focus on accomplishing your objectives by any means necessary offering a great challenge to any hardened-FPS players (i had some hard time myself in frontal assaults/ambushes)
    The Gameplay:
    1- With a realistic attempt to put you in the skin of a soldier, your body feels long-term exhaustion as you try to catch up your breath,
    2- Bullets hits your flesh and if not treated, you may bleed to death,
    3- The gameplay itself is slower-paced than your average shooter and requires teamwork from your team, one man cannot turn the tide of a war!
    4- The graphic lightnings are striking, real-looking explosions, shots with tracers in the night or just smoke to cover your path, everything is covered up with a badass boom of awesomeness to keep you pumped!
    5- Extreme AI and advanced AI assures a very interesting Co-op time, PvP or a Singleplayer scary time in the skin of a soldier, allowing you to really feel what its like to be shot at, something most games fails to deliver, and that on many gamemodes
    6- Game built around the community and so its HIGHLY editable and/or moddable, allowing for mods like DayZ, Wasteland and IslandLife-sequel Altis-Life to be created and allowing for completly different and unique gameplay for further diversities as well as allowing for maps to be modified in real-time with a built-in map editor so you can play your creations with your friends!
    7- The sounds, though not being the most incredible sounds you ever heard, are fairly detailed in high-quality and is especially mind-blowing with Surround or Stereo enabled
    8- And then, anything in real life can be expected to be present in the game, either accurately or similarly, the attention to detail was not held back
    What ARMA 3 does great and why is it so good?
    Realism, if you want realism but never had enough in other shooters, ARMA 3 is worthy enough for you to give it a shot, it also has a very similar detail of realism to Red Orchestra and requires you to play with your brain as a single mistake in combat could ruin your day... it goes without a say that you can also personalize your weapon for your needs, choose the right scope for you and the right clip but be careful with what type of ammunition you pick or you wont be much of a threat to enemy soldiers.
    thats pretty much all im gonna say for now and on this, i put some videos ^w^


    Awesome gameplay at night (the guy is nuts)
    Airstrikes on an enemy spot
    Night Ops - Infiltration gameplay
    some Infantry demo
    Final Verdict: with the released campaign in form of free DLC and the Zeus module (also available as free DLC) ArmA 3 only gets better thanks to the awesome ARMA community (mostly Armaholic.com) for the epic addons, the game's minor details such as different animations (ArmA 2 had, in some cases, better animations) and the arsenal is fictive (the game happens in a near future)
    addons allow to import modern weaponry such as the M4 carbine and the M249SAW LMG as well as better sound effects and improved textures (graphic addons raise the system requirements by over 50%+ !!)
    the game wasnt too well optimized during its Beta but most of these issues have apparently been fixed (i didnt encounter any issues post-release)
    i give it a badass 9/10 without addons, nearly perfect, one of the best shooters i ever played and its currently my top 1 FPS game (right above Planetside 2)
    i give it 10/10 with addons, this game is just the perfect shooter for FPS enthusiasts that are looking for a rather realistic approach to warfare
    so this game has almost anything you wanted in realism and is definitly worth the full price of 59,99$ for the Digital Std Edition and 64,99$ for the Digital Deluxe Edition, it also has 3 popular mods right now;
    1. Domination - a Co-op-based mod where players have to work together to overcome an A.I. (don't underestimate this mod, it's hard for any newbie and even ARMA-hardened players can find themselves killed) and should the admins enable "extreme A.I." you will have an incredibly hard time to even get close to the enemy units
    2. Wasteland - a pvp mod that's kind of similar to Day-Z's principle but with no zombies
    3. Altis Life - basically an RPG mod for ARMA 3 where you have a virtual life on Altis island, alot of good times to play with friends or even solo
    if you want to know more about ARMA 3, check out:
    Who do i recommend the game to?
    This game, i highly recommend to people looking for Realism and/or a well detailed game with beautiful surroundings, even if you do like high-quality shooters but dont like Realism/slower-paced games, this game might still be for you! 
    ... in other words, this game is a MUST and you should check it out even if "i dont usually like this type of game" and give it at least 5 hours to understand the system and experience the game itself
  5. JoelMattGarcia liked a post in a topic by Peacemuser in Recommended Gaming Headsets?   
    I'm having a grudge on which gaming headset is most recommended to buy? I'm thinking of a headset under these priorities numbered by the most important to the least:
    1) Under $100
    2) Quality Sound
    3) Quality Microphone
    4) Confort
    5) Surround sound
    If you want, post your favorite headphones or any headphones that you have the best or the worst feelings about.