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  1. Message sent, I don't know if I'll get a response but I am assuming the video itself will be taken care of accordingly.
  2. OJ is not Dr Evil, I've spoken with Dr Evil on TS and I can confirm it's not. Pretty sure Other Joe never made an account within the AJSA.
  3. To be honest I don't think I've ever seen a video on YouTube with the visual sensitivity warning. It's a video game review, there has always been forewarnings about sensitivity when playing games so it's kind of expected that watching games be played will cause that warning to stay in effect. I'll pass it along...but I don't believe warnings will go out every single time he has a video with game footage being displayed.
  4. Haven't read it yet, but I would definitely support it ONLY if they used the same production methods for the trailers. Meaning exact same CGI, story quality, VO quality, fight quality...just simply turn the SWTOR trailers into new full length shows lol. Hell I still watch the original trailers with Malgus and whatnot.
  5. Sadly that's the common argument Seirex, I see it all the time and mostly on YouTube comments. It's a never-ending debate and just best left alone because there's never a peaceful solution. There's three types of Joe fans...1. The ones that enjoy all his content no exception and full time fan 2. The ones that casually watch and are pretty indifferent on what he does 3. And lastly the ones that have to give constant "direction" to what his channel should offer. Simply put, minds can't be changed on the internet but we completely understand the concern.
  6. Never liked Ronda, she had that attitude and bad sportswomanship...she's gotten what she deserved twice. What's her name tore her up and finished with that kick right to the face.
  7. He does it every so often...like once in a great while...like it's possible. He's gone back to take a look and did extensive Let's Plays and a V-Log for DC:U and I think he tried SWTOR at one point. But he was enticed to go back and look at them I believe, DC:U was some kind of promotion. He may go back to give ESO a relook, but it's a very slim chance unless he hears about something truly groundbreaking.
  8. Am I missing something? Mega Man was in MvsC 2 and in part 1 if I'm not mistaken. He hasn't been left out of fighting games..just thought I'd drop that helpful little detail. That's probably why they switched to Zero in part 3, just a change of pace and now he's getting a return in this next one. Zero was my dude in MvsC3, he was fun to play and he sounded badass. Mega Man sounded like an annoying little brat in MvsC2 lol, he even had an even more annoying taunt but you couldn't help but like it. In either case, I'm looking forward to this new one.
  9. Well shit. Shagger gave me the right idea though. It is going to be the new Nintendo console so it will be supported for quite some time. If there's worthy launch titles or at least released within a decent time frame after I launch I'll try to pick it up day 1. If not, I'll just have to wait for the next shipment when the release of Zelda draws closer.
  10. Late to the party but the class stories alone are worth playing the game for.
  11. I believe this does qualify as "Frequency of Angry Reviews" given the content of the thread. But no harm, no foul. As for my two cents, and this is purely off observation. Apex and Joe pretty much nailed it. In the beginning it was a hobby that Joe loved and put full effort into his reviews. Time and his channel progressed and it became his job and just like any job it takes a toll physically and/or mentally. The difference here is that Joe confused his "job" with a personal life and took on more work (Twitch, Let's Plays) which were significantly easier to produce. People learn to go with the simpler route to finish their work, so I believe Joe realized this and began to steer towards that easier work (not saying it's the truth, it's my perception of what's happening). Hopefully Joe's idea of getting an office to do his reviews will change things around. I get to work from home time to time and the urge to do your own thing since you're home is always there. And since Joe has no one to report to, no progress to show off, no reason to get in trouble for lack of work over...it's easy for him to brush off work and just stream. Only time will tell how his channel will progress, all we can do is wait and hope the positive feedback on his Channel helps motivate him to do more Reviews.
  12. I don't know...why don't I feel sold? So brief rundown before I continue. I got the Xbox One long ago now, my video card crapped out and my tower fans/front USBs died so upgraded GPU and tower, got the PS4 recently and now finally looking towards Nintendo. So I was planning on getting the WiiU but then the Switch has me bouncing back and forth. Clearly the WiiU is being discontinued but it does have games I know I want (ex. SSB and Mario Kart). Am I just hesitant because i don't know what the Switch will offer? I can care less about the 3rd party support because 1. It's not official 3rd party developers will support the Switch 2. My PC can run any game in the universe 3. Xbox controller is the most comfortable thing alive. I'm more interested in the Nintendo exclusives and so far Zelda is the only worthy mention whereas WiiU already has a number of games out. What do you think the verdict should be...patience and wait for Switch or just go with WiiU?
  13. I'll most likely be joining up, multiplayer games I'm currently playing are Battlefield 1 and TitanFall 2. I just need to kill the lazy habit and move my headset from the room connected to my PC allll the way to the living room where my Xbox One is. If I don't join this week definitely during the weekend...Mass Effect got me hooked again.
  14. Just let YouTube die already, it's gone downhill and almost a hassle having to sift through garbage to find what I'm looking for. Take away monetization and that should reduce the number of talentless people trying to get "internet famous" or creating the click-bait titles and half naked girl thumbnails for attention. YouTube got greedy with monetization and went far beyond when Google took over, it's only going to get worse in my opinion.
  15. Hey sorry for the late reply, I've been visiting family and was out of town for work pretty much all week/end. I'll be sure to add you later tonight, thanks for the heads up.