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  1. It's funny you mention face lifts, I noticed in the originals all the humans had the polar opposite...bitchy resting face. They all looked like they were frowning or simply emotionless, they did smile though when making positive comments/statements. I guess the dev over-compensated with the face lift and now they all look like they work at Disneyland. Where's the happy medium devs???
  2. I've thrown in hours now, my in-game name is Rain81...just bought my first assault Clan mech the other day and I'm doing pretty heavy damage consistently unless we just get steamrolled by a pre-made team.
  3. I loved all three of the originals and even though ME3 had a shitty ending, the rest of the content was up to par and in my opinion an improvement to gameplay. I not only pre-ordered...I pre-bought MEA lol. The gameplay and universe looks amazing, that fast paced action is a welcome change in my eyes. So it's all personal opinion, if you loved the originals but cautious about the new one then wait awhile and don't pre-order. You would know right away if you wanted to pre-order based off what you've seen, save yourself the headache if you can't decide and wait for reviews.
  4. It's only ONE company out of literally endless others...seriously not even that big of a deal. Plenty of game content out there to monetize off of, one that regurgitates it's same IPs over and over is hardly something to lose sleep over. Joe and every Youtuber should be happy the other company's don't start conforming to the Nintendo ways, then all hell would break loose and I'd sit and eat popcorn watching the show. But in the end it's still Joe's channel and if he keeps trying to make Nintendo videos then we will just have to see how he reacts when Nintendo does.
  5. Slow your role, it was a miscommunication in my wording. I'm not bashing Nintendo nor trying to make a statement other than maybe don't rush if someone is on the fence on buying one. Do yourself a favor and don't speak for me when you have no idea why I even made this thread.
  6. Yeah I worded it wrong, meant to say he shared the video on social media. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  7. Kind of a beaten story at this point..."Joe vs Nintendo" has been going on for awhile even though it's in brief instances. All Joe is trying to do is get heard so that maybe one day Nintendo will allow their content (games) to be used in videos with no restrictions. Will he win the fight? Magic 8ball says my sources say no. But to him Nintendo content is the forbidden fruit and he wants a taste, just can't take what he says so seriously because there's only so much he can actually do.
  8. Joe SHARED this video on the Switch, a compilation of failures all over the world...makes the RRoD look like a genius design. Inb4 more backlash, I'm not hating on Nintendo and I obviously didn't even make the video. Most of the issues portrayed can be a concern, I for one am worried about the dock and how low quality it is offering little to no security to the system itself. Crazycrab said it perfectly, the screens are getting scratched simply by normal use causing people to use glass cleaner cloths for added protection which shouldn't be a problem to begin with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb-srOfRqNc
  9. I literally forgot all about this game even with the Sub-thread on the main forum page. Safe to say hype has died for me and I am grateful I didn't have a part in the multi-millions these guys have taken thus far. This should be free-to-play at this point even though I'm skeptical it will even be released prior to 2020. What are they even working on? Where is the production assets being allocated? It can't be design...it should be well beyond the design stages at this point being there hasn't been any actual complete content given to the public. I'm baffled.
  10. Luckily for me I procrastinated long enough buying Shadow of Mordor I can skip it and get the bigger, badder and uncut sequel DLC Shadow of War.
  11. Ok let's just drop this girl topic altogether, we're a gaming forum not a "meet girls in gaming and discuss" forum.
  12. If I'm understanding this correctly, buying a more expensive console for performance boost only is negligible. Unless you desperately need to shave those extra seconds off loading times and maybe add a few extra FPS. If you're going to eventually get a 4K tv then you'll be utilizing the Pro's full potential and the cost will be worth it. IMO, don't blow the extra money for mere load times.
  13. Wait...what happened to the 10 year plan? Already jumping ship to a sequel...sad news bears.
  14. Exactly, if you're going to benefit from SSD while playing games then having 2 is the way to go. You don't want game files messing with your OS and core files because eventually the games will have to go due to updates for both games and system files eating up memory fast.
  15. While SSDs are becoming more competitive priced and normal in a PC rig, they are mostly used for the OS and have the standard HDDs for game content. Also another thing to note, SSDs have shorter life expectancy as opposed to HDDs which even deters me from putting games on my SSD. For your actual question, I don't think a game's install size would ever matter to a reviewer as it doesn't effect the game. They might mention it if it's ridiculously big like TitanFall but most often than not it's never paid attention to. Having an SSD is a personal choice and game developers don't have to cater to people that have PCs with a lack of available memory. All we can do is hope extra care is taken into optimizing the game's file size.