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  1. I'm content with my Taken King at this point. With what I already knew, Joe's review and Malphisto's rundown of Destiny 2 I'm not even considering burning $60+ on a new "DLC" that will just get more DLC over the next few years.
  2. You may have gotten very lucky but there are countless others that have not been so fortunate.
  3. As I discussed with you before Dr, looking forward to this big time. As soon as I heard Rebirth was a complete overhaul and more like Freelancer but nowhere near as good I easily passed. The update to X3 was great but to all you new people not getting it off steam and reinstalling or finding a copy on Amazon...download the patch before running the game or you will cry, panic and die in no particular order. My expectations on the release of this has been turned off because if the scope is anything like it's predecessors it's going to be awhile. Definitely worth the wait though if they do it right. Thanks Dr.
  4. Dude is a machine, so precise and simply amazing. The type of boss that can also put you to shame simply based off your work and no personal insults necessary.
  5. No it was on disc and if I remember correctly before I got my Xbox1. If I'm not mistaken there was redemption codes for all the extra content I had to enter...I'm pretty sure the system didn't recognize the special edition disc and unlock the content for me.
  6. That would be ideal since it's technically an obsolete game. I wonder if my real purchase saved to my gamertag, it may be possible when I download the Gold version it will still acknowledge that I redeemed all the extra features from the Deluxe Uber Mega Edition.
  7. I had the Super Edition of BF3 many moons ago but foolishly traded it in...glad to see I'll be getting it back minus the "Edition".
  8. Something I read pulled me away from CoD 4 Remastered but I loved the original so I should probably look into it to for that modern shooter itch. WaW and Blops 1 was a close tie, both had awesome zombies and loved the weapons. Played WW2 Beta and enjoyed it so hoping it pulls CoD out of that Garbage Tier rating that started post Blops 3.
  9. Feels like a DBZ: Xenoverse 2 to me, sequel with only a handful of "upgrades" to the original. Most likely going to pass on this one.
  10. I have virtually all of Donnie Yen's recent movies hence the Kill Zone reference including Return of Chen Zhen. And if you actually saw Return of Chen Zhen and not just the fight scene cuts you'll know there is two very disturbing scenes which I will not name at this time. Raid 1 & 2 was just straight everybody dies lol, no drama necessary. I'm not against those movies at all I love them and that's why I bought them. Kill Zone had numerous "holy shit" and "awww why" moments, the original Game of Death had nothing close to that. So if it can be remade as it was and not touched up with current Hong Kong styling then I'm all for it.
  11. Seeing all this content is re-sparking my interest and has become far more than I was expecting. For the longest time I was thinking ships, buildings, interactive objects in space and mere animated portraits. I still don't want to drop money into this game but I've said it before and I'll say it again...I can put in so many hours into something like this. As I've also said before and so have a number of others, a game like this won't find a beyond Beta state for a very long time. That isn't a bad thing though if done right, if the functionality is there and the game is playable then it's development state is irrelevant. Example being those survival games like Ark, got that way early in it's development and it was playable. I will be keeping a closer eye out compared to the last 3-4 years lol, hoping to see stability if it isn't there already. Also, there's no need to get overly excited during a discussion. Points can be made without pushing or making assumptions. We all get passionate about something we like and that's all it is. Let's keep the debates clean and non-personal.
  12. You'd be surprised how much a software programmer makes especially in a successful company and if their resume is impressive. I've seen some ads for employment here in California for $50+/hr and that's pretty close to $100k and I don't even think they were looking for massive experience. And like Shagger mentioned they still have all the other expenses to take care on top of personnel like taxes on Ferraris and trips to the Bahamas. This game shouldn't be all that complex with foundations like the X series and so many others to take notes from. If it is then the devs are biting off more than they can chew and are suffering for it. It sounds to me like they're stretched thin doing too many things at once which makes me agree with Aya that they should have been focused on particular sections first before branching to another and bring it all together (I'm no Project Manager or CEO so take that with a grain of salt or pepper). They wanted to rush the alpha out to people to encourage more income and it worked wonders. It sounds playable though and if I didn't have to throw money down I'd definitely get into it, but at this point looks like it won't happen that way. I'd be sad if so much time hasn't passed and turned into out of sight, out of mind. Here's hoping things turn around, SC looked promising 4 years ago and I still want a space sim.
  13. Nice list of pre-orders. Yeah I got it on Xbox, didn't feel like going PC for CoD and I prefer that controller over the PS4 when it comes to FPS.
  14. So quick rundown, haven't touched CoD since Blops 3 because I played that with my cousins and I didn't care to get into the super future garbage that was released down the line including Advanced Warfare that Joe reviewed. I played the hell out of the original Battlefronts but didn't get the last reboot and looks like I saved myself money and sanity from doing so. I just pre-ordered CoD: WW2 and Battlefront 2...taking a gamble but for one I'm glad no more future bs in CoD with fake guns, jetpacks and wall running and praying Battlefront 2 fixes it's flaws from it's predecessor. First thing that sold me on WW2 was the authentic weaponry, if I want made up variations I'd play Destiny or Mass Effect and if I wanted to fly or parkour around I'd play TitanFall 2. I'll be in the beta for both so if they send any extra codes I'll be sure to post up and hand them out. Happy pre-ordering and hope to hell I don't regret it lol.
  15. And with Hollywood taking the helm it would just be a cliche joke of a martial arts movie unless a passionate indie director took the rights. And if Hong Kong cinema took it, it would probably be more on the depressing drama end like Kill Zone or recent Jackie Chan movies. Bruce's movies had drama in the storyline but never made you stop and say "damn...that sucked".