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  1. Yup, just like my real exact name coincides with a famous singer and my alter ego here coincides with a Korean actor...I think he was Korean.
  2. What's funny is how punishing the original on SNES was, no driving assist at all so if you fell off the track better kick it into overdrive with the Star power-up...if lucky enough to get them. Just like I was telling Legos in another thread, miss the good ol days when even the simple games were a challenge.
  3. Difference back then is we didn't know about it, there was no internet and mass advertisement about "upcoming" games. They just hit the shelves, that is unless you hounded game magazines for news which at that age I didn't care or even think about doing. And by back then I mean pre-game disc days and everything was still on cartridge.
  4. I miss the good ol days when all the games were released complete (NES era) and if the game sucked it was still poopishly difficult to make you keep playing hoping to progress further and further...I still hate you Ghost and Goblins for not letting me get to the third area consistently. Back on track and my point, indie developers are becoming very hit or miss and do a great job hyping just to fail.
  5. Welcome glad to have you...unfortunately there's another Rain and apparently he's a Moderator that predates the Jurassic era.
  6. My take is call this an alternate or random timeline and have someone competent write the origin story for the aliens. And add "Origins" or similar in the title and call it canon on the interwebs...only if it does the aliens justice that is. This whole jumping back and forth between Magneto and the Engineers is too convoluted with too many variables. Simply write a story, use the aliens we know and fear, and BAM everyone can sleep easy.
  7. Okie dokie it's being looked into, gonna lock this to prevent any unnecessary discussion. But to point out, you weren't found banned on the discord server.
  8. As far as I know I'm the only actual Mod but I know I didn't do it so it must have been someone higher up. I'll look into Apex. Update: No I'm not the only one lol, I'm just the only forum Mod there are 5 discord mods.
  9. Saw a hilarious comment something along the lines of "They should have had an ominous voice at the very end..."Mesa Backkk" Love the music enhancement to such a famous score, just gets the blood running in anticipation. Far more of a dark overtone compared to Empire Strikes Back, good guys look like they're gonna take a huge beating.
  10. I would but I'm on Xboner.
  11. The SWTOR were heavy favorites by far, but this DCU blew me away and was instantly hooked.
  12. I really wonder if that "my face is tired" is an intended sick joke from the devs after all the flak for the early heat they were getting for facial animations etc. Or if the writer just royally screwed up because that comment makes absolutely no sense lol. I do remember another similar quote that made me laugh working at Namco in WarHammer: Battle March...when Thorgar I think it was met the shadow priest dude after only hearing his voice he says something like "This is your face?" Not "So we finally meet" but "This is your face?" Smh, silly writers. Back on topic, love ME 2 and 3...part one was an awesome start but the following 2 were such a big improvement all around.
  13. Out of curiosity, how many generations of an Undertaker did they go through? Can't be the same dude from when I was younger and he first appeared, or could it...dun dun dunnnnn
  14. If that one doesn't work I changed it to Rain81 awhile back.
  15. OJ is the best co-pilot to play games with hands down lmao, that was hilarious.