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  1. So far I've seen updates with a new download once a week for us to play with. The new stadiums are pretty decent to look at, the Tokyo stadium reminds me of Tron and probably my favorite.
  2. If it's anything like Dragon Age, there won't be a definitive "good or bad" story arc like the original Mass Effects. If you've played Dragon Age, reading the responses is definitely required to determine your course of action/attitude and will most likely be the case in Andromeda. And they do a pretty good job writing out the responses to give either a 1. Nice 2. Neutral or 3. Asshole response with the possibility of even more options to choose from.
  3. I'm a bit hesitant on if I like this change or not. I loved the fact I can be clearly ruthless (red text/actions) and often get a bonus item/cash out of it as well as affecting the storyline. On the other hand, games like Dragon Age and Baldur's Gate did it well too but it was more subtle and had to rely on the actual context of the selection to deem it being good or bad. It also had hardly any impact on the story or mission and more of an impact at the task at hand from what I remember. Either way, if it's done well I'll be happy...already have my copy paid for and awaiting shipment.
  4. The dude on the far right on the Baywatch photo still lmao. John Wick 2 has to be the heavy favorite along with Logan. Shit balls I actually might shed tears knowing it's his last role as Wolverine and if they kill him off in some dramatic way.
  5. One of the dudes made a YouTube video with his first impressions, his hype is real lol. Sharing in case anyone is curious. http://forum.thesuperpower.com/t/youtube-basile/439
  6. So not sure how many mobile players are out there or if you've found the many Rocket League clones. This one actually looks legit with the Devs listening to the fanbase while in development. I up and joined the forum if anyone else is interested http://forum.thesuperpower.com. They are having an alpha test this week but I think it's Android phones only if I read it correctly. Nevermind just re-read it is Android only with Apple later on lol.
  7. Damn, they went to work reviewing that game. It must have been placed high on the radar to see if the horror "revival" would come to light.
  8. As others have stated Joe doesn't frequent the forums let alone use them for his channel advice unfortunately. He does check out indie games and non-AAA titles during his Let's Plays though, it's possible he may come across it. But it's still pretty unlikely given the number of games he plays and the time he has.
  9. Hopefully I'm home for this, Got seasons 1 and 2 now...so many characters to choose from <3.
  10. More than half a year has passed and I stopped playing probably 2 months in after downloading it. I dropped it when I realized there's no point to battling except seeing yourself at a Gym for awhile. No rewards, no prizes, no badges, no point for taking a Gym except for some kind of training. Becomes even more problematic if there's no gyms in the areas you frequent. Was pretty addicting catching and powering up Pokemans for awhile, but got old quick when they just become "trophies".
  11. It's all personal preference what people enjoy, some like mindless exploring others don't. Regarding this game's "saving grace" you mentioned, let me put it this way...enhancing a picture of shit by surrounding it with exotic flowers, cute puppies, laser displays and full on water fountains won't make the shit any better. For the same reason people hated Destiny and Division, waiting for the content of the actual game to be added later is a sign it's not a good game. Skyrim had all it's content and mechanics working in full effect from the beginning (game-breaking bugs are a common occurrence these days at release), only DLC is added quest lines...not detrimental content that should have been there from the start. And by that I mean Skyrim didn't lie about what features were going to be in the game, Joe's review did a pretty good job on calling out the lies for No Man's Sky. It has potential, but No Man's Sky needs a lot of attention to be even a fraction of what it was promised to be.
  12. Regardless of what the dude said, the issue is Nintendo claiming videos when their licensed product is in said videos. Joe's tantrum about creating a lawsuit if he reviews Zelda and it gets claimed is pretty much just his hype acting out. As Legolas said, Joe can't possibly get in a legal battle with Nintendo even if he wanted to due to financial reasons. All Nintendo has to do is say "Hey, we created the game, we don't want it exploited on YouTube unless we get our share". If Joe is as depressed and stressed for time as he says he is...he's not gonna gamble everything trying to take down a corporation with an army of lawyers, where the lawsuit will run it's course over time and either be dropped or even a counter-lawsuit gets created for Joe's attempt to use their product in his. This reaction video does and doesn't need to be taken at heart. Mostly the latter, Nintendo has been doing this for years and they have no reason to change their methods simply because YouTubers have a problem with it. This guy is a personality just like Joe, Alpha etc, as everyone always says when someone doesn't like Joe's videos...simply don't watch 1316 if you don't like what he has to say. No need to bash anybody here, we're all gamers and not everyone is the same.
  13. Message sent, I don't know if I'll get a response but I am assuming the video itself will be taken care of accordingly.
  14. OJ is not Dr Evil, I've spoken with Dr Evil on TS and I can confirm it's not. Pretty sure Other Joe never made an account within the AJSA.
  15. To be honest I don't think I've ever seen a video on YouTube with the visual sensitivity warning. It's a video game review, there has always been forewarnings about sensitivity when playing games so it's kind of expected that watching games be played will cause that warning to stay in effect. I'll pass it along...but I don't believe warnings will go out every single time he has a video with game footage being displayed.