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  1. Welcome to the AJSA!
  2. Only solution I can think of just do it the hard way and run through his entire YouTube playlist starting from the very first video. All his older videos are pretty much lost in the interwebz so that's going to be far more difficult. Hope that helped at least a little.
  3. I'm very late the party haven't logged on in quite some time but hello and welcome. Unfortunately Joe does not frequent the forums and pretty much a 99.9% chance he won't see your suggestion. His channel has definitely changed but who knows...maybe one day he will add something along those lines in a new video. Glad to have you aboard.
  4. LoL Mantis' wave was epic for some reason.
  5. Skyrim is usually a good go to in terms of dedicating the remainder of your life into.
  6. My childhood/social life couldn't be destroyed by gaming as they were merely 1 inch pixels connected together for every type of game imaginable. And at the time going outside was still far superior when playing with friends. So when Nintendo came along and arcades got upgraded from wire frames and single pixels to 8bit graphics...the wow factor was there but still overshadowed with the outside world predominantly setting the standard for fun. So each generation of gaming was cool to see but never really made me quit everything just to game. Even when I got my first taste of online gaming with Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear, I managed to balance even though it raised the standard in gaming dramatically. It's all a mindset, let yourself get immersed and pulled from the real world and that's all it takes. If someone doesn't have that knack or need to socialize out in the world in person it's not a problem or disorder, people were doing that before gaming. For the recent generations they have virtually no chance because as soon as they can grip something parents throw an iPad in their hands because it's less parenting to deal with. School is the best chance to develop the social bug, if it doesn't catch then it's on the person to make the effort after graduating high school. Kind of rambled off topic, but just getting the point across no judgement will come from this community.
  7. The only thing the government can do to help EA, Activision etc is ignore everything that's going on. If those few select greedy politicians try to take advantage and deem lootboxes NOT gambling to regulate and gain a cut, what happens next...massive blowback from those that have already classified them as gambling. The word is out they are considered a form of gambling, so if the government intervenes they will more than likely make it official at some point and ESRB will change. That means change in all games that utilize the lootbox system probably with the P2W format and a massive cut in sales and outright bans in some countries. Or worst case scenario, say you're right and the government gets it to work in the developers favor. Once the gamers and even vast majority hear about it instant boycott on games taking full advantage, look at what happened with Battlefront 2 without all that government drama. Imagine it 10x worse if the government openly says "Hey developers, keep up the good work with lootboxes they are not considered gambling nothing changes just give us our cut in taxes".
  8. X3 will forever be the bane of X-Men's existence lol. I enjoyed both 1 and 2 probably 2 more so because of Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Pyro's action sequences...that intro of attacking the President blew me away with how accurate they portrayed his powers and Wolverine tearing through Mercs one by one was epic. Oh and the opening sequence theme music in 2 is one of my favorites. If Marvel took over mutants they might bring justice to at least X-Men alone, because Fox is jumping all over the place now. Future Past and Apocalypse were good but the connection between ALL the X-Men movies are a jumbled mess with only certain bits and pieces actually carrying over. The gap from Magneto ripping up a stadium and force pushing Wolverine into a lake and him becoming a family man murdering a squad of police is huge. His daughter was what 6-8 years old yet everyone else didn't age one bit, it's not necessarily a bad thing but it breaks immersion because at least the Marvel movies are at most 2 years after previous events. Technically X-Men has been rebooted by going to a different timeline but it's possible a Marvel reboot could possibly bring sanity back to the jumping sequence of events. As for Logan, Deadpool and New Mutants...for the love of jebus don't touch those they work. Well verdict still out for New Mutants but it's an interesting change in direction that might pay off. The first 30 minutes of Origins was probably the best part of the movie when he was still in Team X and the birth of Deadpool as Ryan Reynolds. Guess I'm on the fence whether Marvel should take over.
  9. Good to know, got it free with GwG many moons ago.
  10. What I can't understand is if they are removing the Epic weapons/upgrades/etc from the crates why even still have the loot system implemented? That just makes it sound like they still function as is from the Beta minus some of the OP items you can get. Joe's facial expressions during the responses says it all, utter disappointment in them keeping lootboxes. And how long is it going to take before they get close to Battlefield or CoD in terms of number of weapons per class? WW2 launched with 5-8 guns per class which is nearly double and the variety is definitely a welcome feature when looking for the gun with the stats that suit you. The Beta was still fun and the gameplay/setting is awesome but for the love of Kylo ditch monetary loot system and the masses will be happy campers.
  11. It had at me hello when they dropped all the future crap and went back to it's roots. It's the CoD that got me addicted way back during Modern Warfare with it's multiplayer. I've skipped out on 3 iterations of garbage as they tried to mimic TitanFall more and more and 4 iterations if you count I couldn't really get into Blops 3 even though I bought it. I think it's hilarious they tried to make it more "social" with the Headquarters and viewing other players, I haven't even seen a way to access that (probably because I'm not really looking) and don't intend to even if I did find it. Not sure when I'll start the campaign if I even decide to, I play CoD for blissful mindless shooting. Battlefield 1 looks amazing but WW1 setting wore thin and with Battlefront 2 on my shit list it's going to be CoD for quite awhile. Zombies on the other hand also went and made a comeback, Blops and WaW were superior in my opinion but this new one murders the rest between Blops and WW2. I think it was Blops 2 that was awkward and had the worst sounds. My only gripe is it's much easier this time around with all the Blitz and special abilities on top of much more wide open areas to maneuver through zombies even when they're rushing you. In Blops Kino map there was the stage where you can dance around if you kept the side door closed and that was about it so maps have gotten much bigger since then. It doesn't start getting to be a challenge until around Round 24 or so. Keep in mind this is just a brief rundown while I'm on lunch at work after 2 days of playing.
  12. Gahhh thank you Legos, you single-handedly told me Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin aren't real with that article. It was an interesting read but he went all Matrix and taking the red pill when it comes to playing games. From the developers perspective, the difficulty is manufactured by the player's mind and even though we "figure out" how to conquer a specific area/boss we actually didn't figure out anything and simply progressed as intended by the Dev Gods. So in that regard he's kind of contradicting himself because the developers designed the game to function a certain way therefore creating the difficulty curve. It's simply that some people can analyze, adapt and overcome and others can't.
  13. Different strokes for different folks. I tried to play the first Mega Man again few years ago and for the life of me couldn't get through the Zippo stage. That being said, there are definitely far more casual games out there because just like the absence of the R rating, broader demographic for improved sales. Luckily there are developers out there that still follow their ideals and make that challenging game (Dark Souls, Cuphead, DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball). So when people start crying it's too hard...not every game has to be easy or lacking that uber headache inducing challenge, there's no rules regarding a difficulty requirement all games have to follow. A developer shouldn't be obligated to regulate the difficulty or include options to make it easier after making a game catered to a certain demographic. But at the same time a broken game that just doesn't function properly therefore upping the difficulty is a completely different story and shouldn't even be released.
  14. I'm rested, not working and fully aware now..that being said: So technically this thread got totally derailed when the move towards in-game loot systems and laws on gambling came into discussion and I am definitely included in that fault so my apologies to Shagger. Back on topic the G2A system with purchasing games via crates I 100% believe is not gambling. It's a simple process that isn't unheard of because plenty of other products have been using this practice for a long time and no one said anything until it hit games...and gamers have big mouths myself included. Derailing one last time, ironically I finished watching the TotalBiscuit video and I'm convinced the in-game loot systems of Shadow of War, Battlefront 2 etc is gambling. I admit I was looking at it the wrong way focusing too much on other gambling processes and how they compare to the loot systems in games. What Biscuit elaborated on is what Crab even mentioned in his first response to me...it draws on the addictive nature in people to spend for that big win. And that big win in these games is Pay to Win items. I saw it only as a horrible Pay to Win system and after realizing my mistake I won't be buying Battlefront unless this system changes because it is ridiculously broken.
  15. I see where I caused the confusion, when I agreed it relates to the definition Crab posted...I still say it's not gambling though. It's been a long day I'm tired.