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  1. I've been wanting to try my hand at streaming for a long time now, and I've finally gotten a decent computer built and working well. But now I'm somewhat lost. The last time I had asked someone about it, a "video capture card" was mentioned on the hardware side of things. But I can't seem to find any information about it easily. I know the price for one ranges, but there are many different brands and such. Any time I ask now all I hear is the software side of things, which I plan to work on next. But it means nothing if I don't have the correct parts right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well, XCOM is turn based so you can always take as long as you want. But it can be somewhat more stressful than Civ V. As in the game says you have a 98% chance to hit, but you miss instead and now that soldier you became attached to for the last 7 missions is dead for good. Then reloading the previous save over and over becomes addicting and next thing you know you spent over an hour trying to land 1 shot. On the other hand however, you can get a mission and carve your way through it like a chainsaw through paper whilst enjoying every second. It's hit and miss in a literal sense. Being able to customize individual soldiers is fun as you can make yourself or your friends in game. See them do well, or fall heroically in a close battle only to be remade as a new character. I would recommend the game in general to just about anyone with an ounce of patience. But would also advise maybe watching some of the game play from someone on twitch just to have a better idea of what you'll be dropping into and the general pacing of a typical battle.
  3. Well, I hope it'll be good. But what I hope for and what happens aren't always that similar. However I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for it now, thanks for the heads up.
  4. #1 would be Halo for me. Pretty much from Halo : Reach and back. It was a large part of my gaming experience growing up. I remember when I first played Halo 1 at a friends house, and when halo 2 was coming out we played the 1st for weeks on end to "prepare" for the next one. I remember when halo 3 came out, me and my buddy both got it the day it came out and finished the campaign on legendary 3 minutes before it hit midnight that day. I enjoyed the aspect of being a standard soldier and seeing the crumbling city in ODST. The strategy version of Halo Wars, and felt like Halo Reach was a perfect way to finish off the franchise, as a sort of final farewell. Anything after, well it becomes a different story I won't talk about here. #2 was Gears of War. Chainsaw guns and killing a monstrous horde with grit and explosives. Did exactly what I wanted to do. And once again, had my buddy to carve a bloody path through it. Didn't overly care about 3 when we blew through it for spoiler reasons. And the... what was it called? Vengence? The one that came out after 3. It was just meh, been there and done that. #3 is Borderlands. I could live without it. Seemed a bit too "try hard" to me, but that was probably part of its attempted humor. Wasn't a big fan of the art style, but that's just me. Story seems a bit convoluted without any good way to deepen it besides a handful of quests to find the voice recorders. Had the general "oh, you need to do everything for everyone and save the world single handedly without gratitude because reasons" approach. And I did all the side missions (I like to do that) so it ended up just eating time instead of making things feel worth while. And THAT ending. I don't care if it was setting up the story for the sequel. It didn't feel like it then. I know sometimes a journey is better than the destination, but the destination here ended up being crap. The journey was like traveling down a toilet. It seemed like crap the whole way and ended in a large pile of crap. I hated it. My friend who played through it with me hated it more. When the 2nd came out, we forced ourselves to play through that one and hated the ending in it as well. It just wasn't for us I suppose. It's certainly not the WORST game I've ever played, far from it. But I'd recommend plenty of other games before it. But that's just my current thoughts on it.
  5. Well now you're just being disappointing. Saying you're going to do it and not letting anyone watch. Cutting out a large portion of your possible viewer base. That's like saying you're going to be sharing cake but not telling anyone what kind of cake or where.
  6. Oddly enough, yes. You probably would. But not for the reasons you'd like. And it'd only be temporary unless you constantly dressed up as different things.
  7. This sounds awesome. It looks legit. Have to wonder though how long it will be before I even have a chance to get my hands on it. Because an immersive Virtual Reality MMO, no matter what series it's inspired by or built on the idea of, is the first step needed for ALL of the shows with that core aspect. If this succeeds, it can be our actual Dot Hack, or our Log Horizon, or Sword Art Online. People can meet each other in cyberspace in a literal way. See places and things in a way that would be as similar as seeing with our own eyes. The possibilities are endless. And with that... the dangers. How 'realistic' will something like this be? How immersive? People flip out as is with jump scares in horror games. How bad will it be if you're playing something like this, feeling as if you're physically there, and something the size of a tree comes barreling towards you? It'd be like getting mentally hit by a car. Or if/when someone makes a sort of war based version, like VR Call of Duty, will people be leaving that game mentally scarred? I think the risk is worth the reward personally. And this game sounds like the real first stepping stone to such a thing. Wish I could be a part of it. On a side note, why 208? Seems like an oddly specific number.
  8. Well then. This is awkward. Anyone else miss the end of the world again?
  9. Things like 4chan are, as I've noticed, a very peculiar subject. Lots of stupidity, yet ingeniousness beneath the surface. Where they could make something seem dirty and unholy in seconds and obliterate someone's sense of confidence, they seem to also hold a certain unwritten code. That is to say, I don't believe they strike any farther than the internet itself. They'll talk crap, make more creative insults than you've ever imagined, and gain every single piece of information about you as humanly possible, but they'll never go past that so long as you leave them alone. This can be fickle, as it can be turned against anyone or anything. It can call out criminals on their acts, strike or retaliate against other websites, or fix online competitions to achieve a rediculous outcome (such as sending a singer to a school of the deaf). At least, that is what I have observed thus far. A sort of neccesary evil of the internet. A place where trolls and near-do-wells gather in twisted joy and such yet generally do not mobilize against others. Like Hornets. They won't destroy your life or hope in humanity unless you try to kick them or walk too close as a big target. The best strategy is to avoid if at all possible.
  10. For what little there is, I like it. Can't wait to see more of it come out.
  11. I would join and play for a bit, but I wouldn't be able to get online until after that time by about 2 hours.
  12. I don't understand why they would do this. Is it just a way to unlock everything so someone doesn't have to actually play that part of the game? Has it gotten that bad/boring? The only time I see games allow you to directly skip part of a game is because it's the tutorial or a heavily controversial story point (such as Modern Warfare 2 with the airport shootout) and generally are short or the size of 1 level. But to pick a game up and just skip to the end? Why? I see no point to this, it just seems like a slap to the face of everyone who worked on it. As if their work doesn't matter, just skip to the end and go play multiplayer.
  13. Age of Empires 2 and Civilization 5 are the first two that come to my mind. Age of Empires being a classic, something I grew up with. And Civilization being something you can just lose time in without noticing.
  14. In the Awakening story for dragon age, there are Intelligent Darkspawn, though none become companions. They are generally capable of making their own decisions from what I observed, however any attempt to give further details may be considered spoiler. I wouldn't want to play as one for more than the short DLC campaign either. Or a spirit of the fade. I wouldn't find it much fun being a zombie or a ghost in dragon age.
  15. I know he streams on the AngryJoeShow twitch stream, tends to have a couple hundred people watching each time if I'm not mistaken. Some of the gameplay footage in the reviews can come from this, as well as finding some of the problems in games with the Destiny loot reaction being one of the more well known contributions (hence the reason he hates destiny yet it keeps being mentioned near him.) And I'm sure he does other things to help out, probably a bunch behind the scenes. I'm personally not a fan of Delrith, but mostly because I don't care for his humor but others like it so it's whatever. If he's helping then it can only be good right? And Other Joe being a crowd favorite is nice to have him around more often, he's always been a positive influence. Even if he did attempt to overthrow the AJSA that one time in April. But that's not an important detail.