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  1. Only the winter Olympic. That the only time that my country are actualy able to win some medal and make thing interesting
  2. best part are those are not fan made. They will probably maximum 40$
  3. Yep that one bet those will be in Season 6
  4. I will give a look at both of them. thank you
  5. Good. I have 2 or 3 game where the service have been shut down making them unplayable.
  6. Damn I wish I still had the recorded video.. I was playing MGSV and 2 guy spawn without their truck and were just floting in the air driving an invisible truck
  7. Hello everyone. I will try to keep it short. I am looking for a free or low price (around 100$ max) editing software. I have a couple of requirement to fit my need. 1- I am recording with 2 audio track. I could YAMB to extract the second track but if the software can handle 2 audio track, that be great. 2 - Able to do light editing like adding Image, changing color, adding moving text, adding other video in it, making zoom in and etc... 3 - Be able to do an outro-video in it. 4 - I had an issue with Adobe premiere with audio de-sync. Due to variation in the recorded FPS. My computer is well capable to record at a solid 30 fps but sometime dip and cause massive audio de-sync. What would be great if the program can handle variable fps or else I will be force to use a program called Handbrake but the process is slow and use my cpu to 100%. 5 - a free or a one time buy programs. This is the reason I stop using Adobe Premiere. It a great programs but I dont want to pay 30$ per month. This is one of my video made with Adobe Premiere. I would like to have a programs doing similar result Thank you for your time
  8. I would like to be the medic of the group. With the classes that would fit the best for my roll. And for my caracther I would like a male canadian with a french voice (if possible) White with dark short hair with a short beard. With orange and blue for the color armor.
  9. The thing with parody before was they use one movie reference (sometime not even base on a movie) and add some joke around it and make something good. Now it put as many reference as you can and let shit this movie asap.
  10. Can we go back to the good old time with good parody movie like top secret, airplane, hot shot and space ball?
  11. I would love to live in my own place but right now. I have no reason to move out really. Plus the letters that I receive every week saying I will be laid off friday unless I receive an other letters for the other week. Kinda kill any plan to leave my house. I dont think I will be laid off because it have been 4 FUCKING MONTH receiving the same damn letters and they are calling back people but I really dont want to take a chance.
  12. Still alive.