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  1. the neverwinter mmo... it had potential but was a pretty big disappointment
  2. lots of empty bottles and food plates kinda embarassing
  3. the main villain of far cry 3... it should've been vaas but then they gave us some uninteresting dude i don't even remember the name of
  4. yeah cairne was one of my favorites
  5. i'd rather die in glorious battle than run like a chicken!
  6. vol'jin be a badass, mon!
  7. so i heard they are going to improve the character models... but will the surroundings also get an upgrade? would be kinda weird to have a better looking character still run around in a 10 year old environment
  8. I was playing WoW since it came out for almost 6 years then i paused and played it some more in 2011 and quit again until now... i am really starting to feel the itch again and was wondering how WoW changed so far? is it any better? any worse? or does anyone maybe have a link to some site where everything is listed? that would be great thanks in advance
  9. -
  10. i like you
  11. i like other joe i really do but i think he should simply be a part of the ajsa like everybody like someone else mentioned earlier this is more like a guild to me than a fan club
  12. it still pisses me off that its only online though... are the servers at least stable by now? also i feel like i'm paying a ton of money for something that should've been in the original game already (not the new act of course) so they should drop the price by about half and it would be worth it
  13. milk in a... bag? that seems unnecessarily complicated
  14. at the top of your post window below the smiley theres something that looks like a picture with a tree on it or something. put your screenshot online and then post the url in there oh and here's bast's fortress!
  15. Since nobody posted anything yet i'll try to get it started here's my finally finished church of psycho on the ajsa server