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  1. Bet it will have something like this before playing a game: "You are currently not connected to Facebook, this device will not work without it, please register with us and give us your soul", "Would you like to share your virtual viewing information with Facebook and your friends? No? Too bad." On a serious note: I actually wanted to purchase an oculus rift, but after this deal, HELL to the NO, I am looking more towards Sony's Morpheus project now. I mean good for the Oculus Rift guys on new found wealth, but... really....
  2. My one complaint, is I wish this game had the confetti sounds that grunts made from a headshot in Halo, that would be awesome
  3. Must be working the oil rigs for all that mula... jk , but nice donation man!
  4. Um no I run and gun a lot, the map is quite complex and open but I couldn't find anyone, I find snipers aren't a huge deal in this game to me, more so smart-pistol, and shotgun. It does, it knocks off quite a bit of time actually, but killing specters and grunts reduces it quickly enough, and they are pretty easy to kill. Thanks it was a fun game even though it took a while. Honestly, the timer was soon to go out before evac, but people joined back in later so it started to pick up towards the end.
  5. It is a balance, it took a really long time to complete the round, and let me see that there is a fine balance between getting minion kills (1 point)/ player kills (4 points)/ titan kills (6 points). Overall you can't just win by killing all the grunts but it does help a lot, also reduced titan build time.
  6. Servers kicked some people out of the game, got in on a 2 v 2 and ended up killing loads of grunts haha, my goal was for 80 grunt kills. Not a bad game, just a slow one, for the first time ever I used all of my ammo up without dying
  7. Microsoft Servers, but they had a flood of users try to join so it was down for a bit (hard to find a match), but so far so good at least for me. It is a lot of fun, it is a very fun game to play with others, and can recommend it. (watch the 24 hour stream make some decisions!)
  8. Can't FRICKEN WAIT!!!!!
  9. This is the house of a few others and myself (drew, webster, and soon to be Teo):
  10. storminn0rm4n, feel free to add it! But if I play I will be in the teamspeak!
  11. Buncha nudies running around free-willy style
  12. I wasn't going to get the collectors edition, mostly because of the price tag, if it were like $90ish I think I would put it up, but that statue was sick . But yeah if we have any events I would love to participate in them.
  13. The TS3 is teamspeak, here is AngryJoe's tutorial on how to connect: (here) That is awesome, I will have to see about getting myself a poster for my wall of glory. I think I will try stryder as it sounds more like my playstyle (I like to rush haha), but I would be confident in an Atlas also, tanks aren't really my style, get in and get out .
  14. Pre-loaded the game last night, and have been hyping myself up over this game over the past couple of days. I have mainly been watching the e3 stuff over and over, alongside the new trailers, I just cannot wait until the 10th anymore. So a few questions; What are you all doing to hype yourself/prepare for Titanfall? Will you be joining the TS3 server and group up with us on there, and dominate the battlefield with us? What pilot/titan loadout are you most excited to use? (i.e. stryder, ogre, atlas)