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    swtor and its pvp.elder scrolls,music i play bass and guitar,my giant guard dog mukkes,a shitzu halfbreed strait from the trashcan.woman!i luv em 8) and a bit of weed now and then as im dutch XD
  1. sloppy i need an invite on the eu server.im already in the na guild. my userID is keysha88 In guild.
  2. @keysha88 i would like an invite pls sent
  3. i base this on the hystory of zenimax,and the ppl that joined zenimax on an earlyer stage ZeniMax Media has named a Mythic Entertainment founder and former exec to head its new online gaming division. Matt Firor will lead ZeniMax Online Studios as the new division works to create a still-unnamed massively-multiplayer online role-playing game out of its Bethesda, Md., offices. ZeniMax is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, creators of the Elder Scrolls series and the upcoming RPG Fallout 3. Bethesda has also developed a series of games based in the Star Trek universe. Firor worked at Mythic for ten years, where he produced the MMO Dark Age of Camelot and other titles, eventually gaining control of all the company's development projects, according to GameRecruiter, the company that helped place Firor at ZeniMax.
  4. the imperial edition isnt really needed at all,ok ive bought it but im not gonna make an imperial at all i bought the edition for the horse only. the base price is justified for the amount of content you get offered and the sub is standard price in my oppinion for a triple a game wich it is,tho i hope they will go down to 10bucks over a year or so.the online shop holds no interrest for me so i dont care what crap is put on there. ive payed more for other games and i payed less aswell.watchdogs,titanfall,brokenfield4 all of thoose games are around 60euros´and have far less content,you dont hear ppl moaning about thoose games?well apart from BF4 as its just one big piece of broken data you buy for big price,well thats EA bringing out broken games and then hotfix the crap out of them. all in all TESO isnt that cashgrabby at all when it comes to this game.sunday will be the smoothest launch of another good mmo since dark age of camelot i do agree on having atleast 2months play with the imperial edition would made the 20euros more justifyed
  5. i will be making 1us character for ajsa pvp,how ever my mains will be eu,the lags ive encoutered while playing us server on beta made pvp just impossible(i do relize it whas beta test and they where overflowing server as a test) i have to see what the connection finally will be with the us server. my own guild will be set on eu server on the AD and DC faction me running the DC side. i would love to join ajsa eu guild and support them as one is able to join up to 5guilds at the same time to strengthen guild community. as an DC player i am also looking for forging an alliance with the mostly harmless guild aswell i believe they will set in EU aswell. so if the ajsa eu is set in DC or AD im able to support you as best of my abbilitys my guildmembers included. 8) wayofthewarrior.enjin.com
  6. would be cool if we could make an ajsa clan in ghost recon! i saw also there isnt a channel for this on teamspeak? im playing it eu side,an i would be happy to change to the us,atm all im doing is pugging it and none of the other players really use the ingame voice chat. 8( lets make this happen,bringer of pain
  7. ebay is filled with editions with an cheaper price
  8. btw if one gets bored after a year of elder scrolls check out tom clancy,s the division.yes its an rpg a shooter and an mmo with world pvp running on a awesome new nexgen engine and is due to come out in 2015 http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/home/
  9. bob dolen pls show me the actual statment of any developer within ZOS saying there is coming a cashshop in the game,other then what nick konkel said in the podcast from eso off the record a year ago in wich he mentions the term cashshop but actually means a webbased service tab where you can change faction.race appearence or server/platform for a fee,aswell if you consider theese service a cashshop the yea there is a cashshop. btw any game that gets played to long gets boring overtime
  10. i enjoy as an fps shooter ghost recon online very much.its free to play.fairly balanced and fun to play as a clan and conrols are very good here is the link http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/ghost-recon-online/en-gb/home/
  11. lordopit has a valid point about the soultrap slot
  12. the skills are really enough,as you cannot spam abillitys anyways and you need to combine them with standard hits anyway,and combine this with the weaponswap at lvl15 you can use a total of 10 abillitys and 2 ultimates wich is more then enough i think. the only thing i would prefer is 3quickslots to put potions in instead of that 1 uitillity slot wich you have to swith durring combat but i think its good that the screen isnt getting cluttered with every shitty abillity that you got like in wow
  13. the game wont have an cashshop at all.i expect a price drop in the subfee over time but it wont go free to play. Comparing this game with SWTOR isnt possible,the size of this game and the stuff you can do alone is much wider then in SWTOR. compare this game with the maps of WOW but much bigger. OFC prices will drop overtime like it does with everything.a new tv will cost 3grand when its new and a year later the same tv will only cost a thousend,thats the way it works. me how ever,idont wanna wait just to save myself a 100bucks and miss out on allot of fun in the game. regardless this game will become a succses in epic WOW porportions.As big as WOW and maybey even bigger?! BTW if you think SWTOR has failed then think again,the game has costed EA 500million dollars at launch and it made its money back within a year and still make a good profit up to this day.I still play it for pvp today.what im trying to say is dont be cheap and support this game if possible as there will be more coming from ZOS,for this game and other stuff to come.
  14. looks solid and its from ubisoft wich isnt bad at all and free to play so i voted yes
  15. i voted yes as im shure allot of other ajsa are wanting to play it so there is a viable community for it. myself i go full onTESO and the division when it comes out and a bit of SWTOR IN between. ive played WOW for 3months last year and played priest,hunter and my main a lvl90 blood deathknight.wich whas the only toon i really enjoyed i did pvp allot to grind a full season 14 grievous gear and did siege of ogrimar completing it 4times and got fully geared on that. thing is i dont like the raids as you cant turn of the other players fx wich i really find annoying and the only proffesion i liked whas archeology wich i maxed out and collected all the artifacts wich whas fun. but i dont think i will ever touch it again.maybey at the new expansion when you can lvl 1 toon to 90 instantly