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  1. I love the idea of a Red Dead posse, I've been playing it recently and really getting into it! You also find the people that play it with you are rather nice as well, they don't treat you like crap and hurl abuse at you like on say CoD. I play on 360, what do you guys play on?
  2. I loved this game so much! Did anyone discover the hilarity of using the telekinesis power with people? Whilst you had them floating you could push them into objects, like in the first one where there was the drive in cinema and you could push people into it and they'd get stuck but still be alive XD my record was about 10 people all stuck in the cinema screen! And in the second when you picked up cars and then pummelled them on top of people the person underneath the car would basically get stuck in the floor XD this game was so crazy.
  3. I like to play LoL - mostly as support - in either lane, it would however be good to meet some new people on there and get away from the angry trolls! my name is: PurpleMoose Add me for a game guys!
  4. its sad that big companies are forcing games out the doors unfinished, unchecked. its just so wrong.
  5. "The empire, our ships are giant triangles"
  6. "Hey cousin, lets go bowling"
  7. Currently playing Enemy Unknown and I am so excited for Enemy within!!!! It is by far one of the best strategy games of all times and with is amazing amount of soldier customisation I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, (especially with the DLC packs they released) plus completed with amazing movie like cut scenes it is just wonderful! It is a shame though that you can't go 2 Vs 2 online because then that would add another element of strategy to the game as you and a friend must work together to outsmart your opponents.
  8. I really liked it, played it on Xbox however waiting for it to drop in price a bit before buying on PC.
  9. BF4 any day, CoD is just a run around and kill 'em in glorified missions whereas BF4 you feel like a soldier and the multiplayer is out of this world. its why BF wins!
  10. great game however almost impossible to play solo unless you do rather easy missions, fantastic online however voice chat would be good rather than having to go AFK to type messages to people, but the people that play it seem rather awesome, I have only met one rage quitter so far!
  11. Payday 2 soundtrack is kick ass, changing that to other games is cool
  12. I like the idea of this! I loved Absolution and I love how difficult it is to play it in purist mode and some of the costumes are just hilarious
  13. Been watching Joes videos for a while now and I am now proud to be apart of the AJSA and part of the Angry Community
  14. Hello there Angry Army, So anyone going about robbing banks and what not? What is your favourite elements of Payday? for me it has to be the amount of weapon mods you can buy, they are expensive but this means you just want to keep playing to unlock them! The variety of missions: from robbing to stores to having to cook your own meth whilst battling police, that is awesome. the masks, possibly one of the best features with countless masks and customisations to them and finally the soundtrack, it is to die for! what are your thoughts?