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  1. Hopefully this may get the 360 crew active again?
  2. Is the 360 crew really dead? Shame, I was looking into joining. If it ever comes back, I'll be happy to be a part of it.
  3. That's just complete stupidity. So it died as soon as it really started?
  4. Gunplay in Last Light isn't that impressive. It's a step up from 2033, but it's not the gunplay that makes the game what it is. There's collectibles for those who want the challenge and reward of finding them. It's not hurting anyone, keep them they're pretty neat. I think you're forgetting this is Fallout. No, I don't want vehicles and quite frankly it would be more like a borderlands knockoff if it puts them in there. Vehicles would completely get rid the lone wandered feelings, in fact I don't mind no sprinting either, it gives you time to take in the world around you in detail rather than rushing through the detail.
  5. I'm hoping it will be a mix between karma and factions.. I mean, Fallout 3 revolved around the karma system while New Vegas a lot more around factions. I hope it'll be a mix in between. I also hope that it will be a lot more player influenced like New Vegas was.
  6. Please, please tell me you're not talking about Battlefield 3's theme.
  7. One of the original Battlefield themes, or the original Fallout 3 theme.. The main menu was made so much more epic with that. Just fuck Dice for getting rid of that epic original Battlefield theme and replacing it with some bullshit radio whirs.. Fan service I guess
  8. Not really sure the reason of posting that considering it's all on the thread said over and over
  9. Interesting.. The site's CSS file was renamed from 'fallout' to some random file name.. Also, all other files were taken off the original site's source
  10. Maybe separate posts into general categories, if you intend to make different kind of posts? Like if you want to make random posts, make a category for that, reviews, that, and so forth.
  11. Get rid of the poll. You're leaving out all the best ones.. I can't think of my favorite. So many to consider, so many I love so much.
  12. First thing that comes to mind is Call of Duty. It had a great run, I still remember the pure epicness that was CoD 4 was Modern Warfare 2. I remember playing it with pals four years ago. Now? It's a mindless, repetitive shooter that isn't anything worthy more than being in the bargain bin. They fired all the original employees that worked on their biggest hits, and with those fired employees left the series' charm. So fuck Activision for keeping such a franchise going. It may be making money but the company obviously doesn't care about their reputation or respect, otherwise they would've stopped it long ago. Infinity Ward.. Hire back your old employees! If you make a modern CoD 4 with newer graphics and performance, and reboot it for a discounted price with new servers, everything is the same except look and engine.. All will be forgiven! Oh yeah, to the people complaining about Medal of Honor? It's already dead. Don't worry, Warfighter gave it the finishing blow that sent it to its grave.
  13. Wake me up when someone on the internet keeps a huge corporation from making a shitty game.
  14. Close.. I'm a courrier in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas