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  1. I will be updating this as videos come out, that may show better options for budget gamers, but for now I will start with this one
  2. I believe these come with a USB extender? if they do try and get the actual USB plug as far away from your comp as possible, it may be that Wifi, or something inside your Comp is interfering sometimes it can pick up on noise inside your computer even from moving parts, so just try changing where you plug them in Wireless can be weird like that
  3. Quad Core does not matter at all for gaming, Gaming currently only uses 1-2 cores of your CPU what he is saying you may lose maybe 5 fps because the CPU will not run part of your motherboard that connects to the GPU optimally, but it really isnt too big of a deal compared to the expense you can get the GTX 760 with no worries mate, the only thing i have wrong with your build and more something to remember for next time maybe is try for an 80+ bronze certified PSU, they cost a bit more but are less likely to have issues but frankly its not a huge rush or fix, thermaltake usually make pretty good PSUs anyway, and at 700 Watts you have tons of headroom for your PSU to run unoptimally
  4. this question was about 1440p and the titan is not a gaming card
  5. umm... I really do not understand the logic in a lot of your choices, it would be a smarter Idea for him to get 2 2gb ram sticks even more so then just a single 8 gig stick also why are you refusing to move down from the 270x you also are using a M the 750 Ti is a powerful little card that will play most games on Medium and allows you to go cheaper on the power supply also never go below 80+ bronze on a power supply or your gonna have a bad time http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3h91T My suggestion about the CPU you do not need more then 2 cores for gaming, and it is an Unlocked processor allowing for you too make it go faster, though i do not suggest you do it without lots of research
  6. The Corsair Headphones, wired and not, are both 7.1 surround sound and very good
  7. A.) good luck finding one B.) if you do find one they are now either more or as expensive as the GTX 780 Ti which is the current most powerful single GPU card C.) it is the HOTTEST (temperature wise) Card out there and if he doesnt have the proper case, or anything it will throttle like mad
  8. he may want a cheap one, but at the same time while that works for you it doesn't work for everyone, some really want Nvidia, and many see no need for a DVD drive thats why i never suggest things without hearing budget constraints and needs first because personally for that same price I would do A LOT different, but thats me to start I for that price would buy an unlocked processor, preferrably an A10, pull down to a 750 Ti, and I always include the OS and also I would buy the bundle for the 1tb WD blue drive instead that comes with the 270 if I was going to buy that build
  9. Never liked the sound on turtle beaches, I personally would never recommend them, however that is more of a personal preference thing then anything objectively wrong with them
  10. To start, we do not know yet how viable it is (Steambox that is) secondly, give me some kind of specifics on a budget, and what kind of things you plan on doing with it, and I can better help you understand what is truly realistic
  11. god that game was the best, I miss it honestly one of the best shooter stories I have ever seen
  12. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=FS-018-OG&groupid=43&catid=2475 Found this on there, upgrade the graphics to a 270x and add an operating system leaving you at around 576 is probably the best deal your gonna find, and it comes with a decent return policy
  13. the reason people advise to build your own by the way is because of the exact issue with what star treks computer your paying the same amount for a computer that will run horribly, as you would for a decently powerful PC that you built your own, with the build I suggested all you would need is a screwdriver, 20-30 minutes, youtube and patience
  14. The best Wireless headset for this price is the Corsair 2100 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826816028 I use headphones and an external Mic, which gives better sound quality on both ends then any one or the other can deliver http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826153088 are decent aswell, though I still prefer my method
  15. pretty sure you can, if you cant you can create macros to do so