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  1. Ender liked a post in a topic by aki79 in Live Steaming from AJSA server!!   
    Join me for some BF4 and BF3 Pc action!
    add me on Battlelog and join me.
  2. aki79 liked a post in a topic by Raiveris in HEY JOE! HERE'S A METAL MONTAGE OF BF3!!!!!   
    This one nice, but its missing from game elements. Music selection is good, but the gameplay for this feels very slow. Hard to describe in words , but i feel that for metal music gameplay should be faster, like running-shooting-nading , lots of explions. Liked the part where you killed a tank, engi and sniper at the same time. That part really fitted with the music.
  3. gotthammer liked a post in a topic by aki79 in Unlocked the L85A2 Early!!! It's AWESOME!!   
    Hey guys.
    I just unlocked the L85A2 and played a few rounds with it.  The gun is soooooo good!
    check it out
  4. Raiveris liked a post in a topic by aki79 in HEY JOE! HERE'S A METAL MONTAGE OF BF3!!!!!   
    Hey fellow Army Men!
    I wanted to post this video of a metal montage of BF3.  I don't really see any metal montages on YouTube, so I have to represent metal!
    Check it out if you have a sec.

  5. aki79 liked a post in a topic by Raiveris in HEY JOE! HERE'S A METAL MONTAGE OF BF3!!!!!   
    Not bad! But, the music, is not perfect. I feel that you selected wrong song, it dont fit with the game.  Next time if you create BF montages and use metal music i would reccomend picking something "strong", that you would feel the game just listening the metal. Anyway i respect you for your work