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  1. Curse the full time promotion! However will you deal with all that extra cash?
  2. The recent update made Eternal Crusade run much more smoothly, and I am happy.
  3. Hold on hold up woah woah woah woah. AJSA Planet Side 2 rived, again? 3rd time?
  4. Eon? I'm not familiar. Have you gathered the details and descriptions yet?
  5. I see. The one I think you speak of is BurningBagel and I'm in one of his campaigns. Just looking to expand a bit.
  6. Though this is old, is this still a thing? I have some experience in Roll20 D&D.
  7. I asked Delrith on stream the question about the AJSA and Legion, after using the resub as bait, but I didn't get an answer. Perhaps it's something that requires small debate between council and officers in the community. (or has yet to be).
  8. You also get a level 100 booster for buying the game before launch. I not only have my 100 but still have my 90 from current!
  9. Seeing as there have been no other topics on the subject of a guild, other than a rant topic, I decided to pop one up! Much like Warlords expansion, shall we have a Angry Joe Show Army guild, just like on WoD launch? I don't expect it to live beyond a few months because that's usually the amount of time people sub to WoW for anyway, before extended inactivity. I've made mention and popped the question above, but there hasn't been meaningful feedback, nor any official announcements from our Angry Council. For now myself, and everyone, can only speculate. I don't expect the game to go official support, but perhaps a temporary 'community' game. Plus, officership and so-on would be required, but likely none willing.
  10. Grimno plays Dead by Daylight a lot and on stream too. Follow his channel and you might catch a game with him. https://www.twitch.tv/grimno/profile
  11. It's definitely less cancer than Heroes of Newerth, and requires more skill than Smite or League.
  12. league of legends

    Stopped playing normal games and returned to my pursuit of ranked matches, even though they give me cancer. I play League a bunch but also frequent Dota2
  13. There is no logic in Bronze Hell. No matter how positive, there is only Hell.
  14. So, anybody else read the book or watch the movie of, "All Quiet on the Western Front"?
  15. Because M'urricah, this World War One will probably be Americanized, even though American had VERY LITTLE involvement.