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Paper Man

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  1. I've never gotten around playing Civ 5 online against other players. I know I am late to the game but at least I have the game. I would love to play online with other Civ players. Is this game even still current?
  2. Thank you JOSE . Still a fan even if I'll never get to interact with you.
  3. They don't allow cameras in my cell.
  4. I'd be a key blade master that actually looked like a dude and then I'd would go smoke weed with Goofy cuz you know that nigga's holding.
  6. All ready in dude. Names Agent D9…….BADASS
  7. Bio-sock Infinite has good writing and fleshed out characters within a driven Story mode…….. Lets staple on a shitty horde mode !
  8. Left for Dead had it right when they combined multiplier fun with little story telling through out the game. I really hate the fact that games like Call of Duty or Battlefield still persist on giving us "Story mode" (Campaign). They lack any heart and feel like second rate to the multiplayer. Most gamers skip story mode all together and never touch it. The same can be said about story driven games with tacked on multiplayer. Stick to what your good at.
  9. Should we tone down the cup size for female characters in video games? Or should we level the playing field and give all the male characters huge wangs? Up size the dong even.
  10. So I come back from the store with a copy of HALO WARS and sit down to play it. As soon as I do, I look up on my self and discover my original copy of HALO WARS was right up there in plain sight *fuck* Then I look in my brother's room and find his old copy of HALO WARS *damn* Also I navigate the XBOX 360 menu and discover I bought the game digitally before. *shit* I have 4 copies of this game. WTF is wrong with me. Has this ever happen to you?
  11. Operations list 1. Get in to Corporate Command *check* 2. Become an agent *check* 3. Insert an auto patch to every broken game *unchecked* 4. Assassinate EA board members *unchecked* 5. Steal "BIG BOOBS The Game" for personal enjoyment *check*
  12. Ur dick must be green as shit
  13. Are you coming on to me?
  14. Damn kinda hoping to be Agent Corp- DD69
  15. Damn! Whats the pay?
  16. sounds epic
  17. Gentlemen A game where you press a button then BAM! Boobs in your face. Nothing else
  18. wow thats some chrome tits lol classic 80's You might be asking, what do Wizards, GOLD or robots have in common? Shut up its the 80's!
  19. He's against the Nazis but like their ideas.
  20. what happen to Agent Corp 1-7?
  21. OH SNAP
  22. …these pictures ……i don't even……He's drinking STARBUCKS!!!! The empire has a new ally
  23. Dude cheer up. You're so negative today.
  24. I just decided to get this out of the way now rather then later.
  25. I just fear the depth that people chime into when they start to prefer fake women over real women. With the increase of big knockers and big booty on virtual women the depraved sink further into this ugly treatment toward real women. Suddenly the demand for bigger boobs on real women occurs much more often and women who answer to this demand risk their very health by doing so. Oh wait thats already happening.