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    Lancaster, CA
  1. PSN ID: jacks33 In-Game Name: BallBusterJoe92 Region: North America ready and willing to serve FOR THE AJSA
  2. When I really had my own console was a PS2 so my Best Childhood games are "Jak and Daxter Series" "Ratchet and Clank Series" & "Sly Cooper Series" Sly Cooper was probably the top of them, I just freaking loved those games, So when I saw that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was an Actual thing, I BURST FROM MY FEET AND THANKED JEBUS!!! Yes Jebus those who know what I am refering too are good people
  3. Hypocrites, I CANT STAND HYPOCRITES!!! When those players are always getting pissed off and start talking s&%t because I beat them to the punch, I get to the same place they were running too, or I know how to use the glitch they were using, or just me being a little more clever than they. they get a Tank I blow up that tank, and I see he is trying to get another tank, so I get mine, again beating him to the punch. I'm not getting my tank to hunt folks down like he was, I am getting mine in case he actually gets another and starts spawn killing me. then they start to whale and cry because im in my tank and starts calling me a b&%$h can all that hypocratic BS. I will add one more, and I feel we all hate these guys. Bullies. they are the worst, we try to have fun when we game, but there is always that one guy who has to be a complete and utter Dick, and start messaging you calling you names or just whatever reason. I report these people immediatley, Now I know there is all in good fun, but I also know when enough is enough and Bullies do not. So quite frankly and I am not going to censor this one (I apologize if this does offend someone) FUCK THOSE ASSHOLES!!!
  4. I find the best kind of pawn or at least for the class I have been playing is the Mage class because of their healing and augmenting abilities, the Sorcerer would be even better if they had healing abilities, but yeah if ya'll want to use my pawn my PSN Name is jacks33 justgive me a message saying you in the Angry army and ill accept
  6. Alright cool thanks man my Social Network hopefully my Social Club ID is BallBusterJoe (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/ballbusterjoe) and i ALREADY Re-enlisted my request also my PSN name is jacks33 if that helps at all if nothing can be done then thank you for the time. I appreciate it
  7. How long does it usually take to be accepted in the PS3 AJSA Crew? I have been waiting for at least someone to give me a heads up, so I was only curious I would prefer to run with all of you guys but if we're full then no biggie
  8. I wouldnt pay full Price for the game, but it was fun for what I did play and can be challenging at some points if you are not the right level, and the story was meh to me, but the artwork was very vibrant, so if you have the cash and I would say you wouldnt be dissapointed
  9. Man I would love to run some Heists with all you Homies Im in
  10. Hey there guys, my name is Joe Pillar, or you can just call me BallBusterJoe, whatever you want works for me. Anyways I have been gaming for about as long as I can remember, My very first game was actually Pac-Man from a Pizza Factory that was in the town of Bishop California, where I grew up, I joined this community to get some different insight on all sorts of games and hopefully just have fun, other than that, im trying to get a job and go through school. Video games to me are more than just a hobby I hope that can somehow get involved into the video game industry and bring the same amount of joy they have brought me