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Posts posted by CaptainKickass69

  1. http://asidcast.com/index.php/2014/11/ex-ubisoft-employee-talks-experience/

    So this is a topic of what happens behind close doors in apparently Ubisofts game development studios, this does disgust me and i'm almost ready to go on a Ubisoft boycott and not get there games no more. This is what is happening when these big corporations think they can get away with anything and they need to be slapped out of there god complex just like Xbox did with the XB1 last year and they turned around to the consumer fast.


    ReviewTech covers the topic of what this Ex-Employee at Ubiosofts game development studios are like and it is sadly close to slave labor.

  2. I disagree, the maps while they have been remade before would ruin the purpose of Halo MCC if changed to dramatically. So really this doesn't grind my gears that much at all. It will be Classic Halo to me but Next-Gened (if that's even a verb)

  3. Note this is my opinion and feed back both negative or positive is appreciated as long as kept intelligent.


    Last year was rough for the system as everyone knows but what about now. I personally love the Xbox One now despite a rough relationship last year. My biggest liking in it is the fan support in the community and the constant updates.

    For those who don't know already Xbox One has been updating in major ways at least once every month and allows feedback from the community for what we want in updates and ontop of that there is Xbox Privew Dashboard that allows polls and votes on updates for even more feed back and fan support. This has made me, a gamer who was going for Sony in the Great War last year go and turn to Xbox for my most loved next gen console do mostly for these reasons. the graphics are impossible to tell apart between XB1 and PS4 so with all these perks it's good to say that yes the Xbox has become a console i'd recommend first for any gamer going New-Gen.


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  4. Nintendo is very good for kids in my opinion. the Wii U has tons of E rated to T titles that are safe for a child's entertainment. the Wii U also comes with some friendly adult stuff to like work out and exercise activities. Id recommend you get one if you have the cash, it's very good for living rooms.

  5. So because i know i'll win this no matter what even with no content, i still made some. So here it is, now try not to get hard (or wet) but in MS paint i drew me in all my glossiness supporting the AJSA. so if you please my code will be for Xbox One. ID: CptKickass357


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  6. So in the time since the launch of Xbox One they have done updating and in older topics like this it seems that allot of the things asked along with things i've wanted have been added/fixed. So i want to make a new topic on stuff you want to see updated onto XB1 because if something is good why stop when it can be better.


    My wants:

    • In game store to have a coming soon section were you can then see what titles are coming with the ability to preorder them digitally.
    • Notification when you get a follower, lets face it the follower system is annoying but will stay so lets just make it a bit more easy.
    • a low battery notification. maybe like the logo on the controller flashes when low to notify to change batteries or charge the controller. (doable since the controller can update)

    That's all i got but will love to see what others may or may not want.


  7. And to be honest i'd rather have a external hard drive with XB1 and even PS4 so that there is no need to swap and transfer stuff :/


    this is extremely pointless to ask to fix (or bitch about) there are only minor things to be fixed/added on XB1 as of now since Microsoft has seemed to update it pretty well.

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  8. No sadly, i think those were only for the next gen consoles launch titles and only for a limited time at that. If you want to go next gen or PC you will sadly have to re-buy the games or get some money back by selling them. but in my advise, i'd wait for next gen for a little while tell the games on the 360/ps3 start declining.

  9. Yeah Halo is a popular choice, and I'll just about guarantee you that Doshka is going to run some game nights with it.

    Right now though, the game Is Titanfall.

    Titanfall sounds good, i'll see ya guys there since i do happen to kick ass at it when i feel like. (no pun to my screen name intended) 

  10. So me and Xbox have had a rough patch but since 2014 they seem to be doing good, there still are some minor problems i dislike but since they are opening up to the community more they seem to be having a more positive spin and as both a PC and console gamer i am liking the more TV/app stuff on XB1. i'm going to be playing it more mostly with Halo collection coming up, so if any want to add me then feel free to.

  11. With the new Halo master chief collection coming out it would seem like a reasonable choice for events and such. but ya i need to get more into Xbox One and am going to be playing it more, even if the events are unofficial they will still be fun as long as people don't rage and play for fun but still hard xD.