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  1. Since the game keeps getting worse, I have to warn everyone to think twice about buying or playing this game!
  2. https://kotaku.com/bethesda-support-leaks-fallout-76-customer-names-addre-1830892930 It becomes more apparent that the game gets worse over time. I'm currently considering to drop the score all the way down to 0 due to its potentially user harming nature.
  3. First off to clear out misunderstandings... Here's my understanding of the rating system: 10: (almost) perfect 9: outstanding 8: very good 7: good 6: okay 5: average/mediocre/playable 4: bad 3: very bad 2: terrible 1: unacceptable/unplayable 0: malware Foreword: I will mainly focus on the problems, since you've probably already heard everything about the "good" things about it from trailers and presentations. Stability/Bugs: Fallout 76 is full of bugs that affect your gameplay. Enemies just spawn around you, teleport around, move at ridiculous speeds, ... Players are being severely punished for unstable servers. The game's networking system allegedly opens the floodgates for cheaters and hackers and is therefore potentially harming. The Story: There is no proper story, human NPCs are completely missing without explanation. The story contradicts the plot. The start of the game is uninspired and has no logic at all. The most common enemy, the scorched, have a very contradicting backstory. Gameplay Design: When starting the game, it sometimes spawns you in the middle of a nuclear explosion, surrounded by enemies, in the middle of an irradiated river or in other problematic positions. It also very often just removes your house from the game, apparently because "something" was in the same spot on that particular server. You can't place buildings where they were before, because placement by building parts and placement by blueprint have different placement constraints. The two stairs with their own platform at the top have the problem that the platform doesn't count as surfaces when it comes to placing doors on walls next to them. There is no power connector that allows players to connect through walls (outside of abusing the physics boxes of windows and roof parts, or tricking the system through other means) Personal player housing is very limited, you have a very small object budget. There is a way to build something bigger, but that is temporary since it is server-specific and limited to specific locations. In certain areas enemies just respawn within seconds. Sometimes enemies' corpses just disappear within seconds before anyone can loot them, despite the game having a mechanic that preserves corpses for looting. Playing together (which is the base idea of the game) is made difficult when player's levels differ. If you have 2 lvl20 players in your party and 1 lvl40 player, the game will spawn tons of lvl40 enemies on events and quests, which lvl20 players will have a hard time fighting against and won't be rewarded appropriately either. PvP is made hard to pull off, usually puts attackers on a disadvantage, serves no purpose and raises the question if it would even benefit the game if it was patched to actually work. Except for a bunch of voice recordings and a variety of mostly very common MMO quests, the world has no substantial reason to be visited. The leveling system, espcially the perk cards, is very bad: Through the franchise it went from "design a very special/specific person, and then keep them alive as they develop as a character" to "shuffle cards to find out what you're able to do" with a severe disconnect between the character's abilities from who they are - since the player character themselves has no personality. There is no proper storage or transportation mechanic, which leads to players being permanently overburdened and not being able to fast-travel or move at normal speeds (and due to the instability of the servers, it's very dangerous to leave stuff behind to pick it up later). Molerats don't "dig", they just teleport. Game Controls: There is an issue with scopes and bolt-action rifles that forces the player to wait for the entire bolt-action animation to complete before they can leave ads view. You cannot switch weapons while repeating your weapon. When using a revolver, sometimes the game forces you to play an animation where you roll the cylinder of your revolver, which takes very long and can get the player in a disadvantageous situation. Level/Map Design: The world map was clearly rushed out, since there are quite a lot of random objects floating high in the sky which were probably not cleaned up properly (which usually happens when the creator is in a hurry). Graphics: Alpha-textures flicker for a while occasionally. Godrays sometimes come out of the ground. Shadows sometimes follow the player's point of view, instead of actual light sources. Depth of field can't be turned off, sometimes causes unsharpness to occur in the middle of the screen and occasionally misses out a mode-switch which causes you to see the world in the blurry DoF, that you see at the borders of your scope, while not using your scope. The game sometimes destabilizes and loads low-LOD objects instead of high-LOD objects. Additional: There is an in-game store that is heavily overpriced. The perk-card system seems like a to-become pay2win mechanic. Knowing game development processes, it is very likely that it was either ditched during the development and wasn't replaced properly, or is still planned to be implemented. Recommendation for the developer: I highly recommend to put this game into re-development. It is riddled with bugs, has a contradicting uninteresting story and suffers from very poor gameplay design decisions. Comparing this game with the rest of the installments of the franchise a purely Co-Op based Online functionality would have been better to bring players together, while not breaking the immersion too much. PvP could still happen through a separate optional system (such as: players signing up for it at an arena). The start of the game could have been staged as a dire struggle for survival of the (actually alive and mostly computer controlled) population of Vault 76 as they open the doors (together!) for the first time with story/quest initiators like missile silos or the nuclear power plants. Co-Op players could for example take control over an NPC they created themselves, who is one of the vault dwellers. Knowing that this game is probably too big of a failure and the old storytelling method is just that: old, I recommend a reboot of the franchise with said changes, that puts effort into proper dramaturgy. In case the developer is actually releasing their games as unpolished as they are known for, I highly recommend to adapt to more modern project management methods. I cannot recommend any other possible reason to release products in such a state since it damages both the reputation of the developer and the franchise. Summary: 0 / 10 (revised from 3)
  4. It IS misogyny. Because the same discussion made it to World War 3 (game) and there nobody could come up with any valid arguments. I wonder why nobody said anything in Overwatch, S4League or Tomb Raider. And yea, I generally find it a questionable idea to respond to such videos, because it's clearly just trying to draw subscribers from him and give it to them. My thoughts on them: If you want to make a video, make your own, and don't comment on other people's videos. I've seen a couple of those videos in the past and was never impressed. They're just talking out of their A to create controversy.
  5. ... and then there is Broketober. And Broketober is just putting the entire player base before a choice. "You have to choose one game, which one will it be?" And the company that has been under severe attack by the player base that is now choosing which game to buy, just outright copies a game without knowing why it is popular, alienates their community for the sake of getting a share of another game's cake, now wonders why Battlefield V doesn't sell. And here also comes the "unrealistic with females in WW2" discussion in: It's just more fuel to the fire that burns the game.
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't posted much for a long time, but I felt like I had something to say. You can see it as a reply to AJ's video "Battlefield V Delayed! - Will it Help EA?". And see it as a review of the events revolving around Battlefield V's delay. Currently on the market we see Fortnite being the strongest game in shooter history. It is only clear that other shooter developers want to get the formula right and be as successful as Fortnite. The "why" is quite simple actually: EA thinks there is the amount of players on the market Fortnite has. They look at their own player numbers and think "we have this number of players, but we COULD have THAT number players". So it is only natural for them to try and adapt. Important to note is also that Call of Duty (CoD) is also very popular and was always outselling Battlefield. Both games can be considered "main stream", but are actually very different. What EA seems to have been trying with Battlefield V was to become more like both. They want to copy the battle royale thing from Fortnite and use the gameplay of Call of Duty. And that sounds like a great idea, because it clearly is the battle royale mechanic that made Fortnite strong, and Call of Duty doesn't have any qualities but its gameplay, so it must be that, right? But that thought pattern is too simplistic. Fortnite isn't strong because it is battle royale per-se. And nobody should be playing CoD at this point. Let me dismantle CoD real quick so we can move on: CoD doesn't have any features left than the gameplay it always had. They are at a point where they just re-skin their old games. CoD sells because the customers are used to buying it. (look at Madden and FIFA - developer does nothing at all, ppl still buy) So EA thinks they have to copy a game that is actually not representative of good game design but instead makes its profit solely for a non-design related reason. But EA wants Battlefield to be as profitable as Call of Duty, so they must mimic it, right? It can only improve! In the past Battlefield has been criticized a lot by their fans for having too much downtime and way too difficult gun play. But this is where the actual problem starts. Because that stuff was never a problem. The actual problem of Battlefield now is that it is now less like Fortnite than it was in Battlefield 3 and here is why: Fortnite isn't anywhere near being like Call of Duty. Fortnite does the same thing as Battlefield 3 when it comes to the following word: TENSION Because Fortnite has just as much downtime as Battlefield 3 had!! In Fortnite you first have downtime when parachuting off the bus, then you often have downtime collecting stuff and then you have downtime when travelling. In Battlefield you have downtime spawning at the home base, then you have downtime taking the first objectives then you have downtime travelling to the combat zones. And what both games have in common is tension: Both Battlefield 3 and Fortnite put the player in the situation that at any given point in time, in any place you may be in, you may get jumped on, or find an enemy you better jump on yourself. If you find an enemy, you have to think up a plan to either kill them without a real fight, or fight them so your chances to win are higher than theirs. Or maybe there is an enemy right around the corner mirroring the same thing? You better have you finger on the trigger! Both games create an incredible amount of tension DUE TO THE DOWNTIME. The more downtime you have, the higher the tension. Of yourse you can get bored, if you KNOW nobody is around, or if the combat is not intriguing enough (but both games do that fairly well), especially in close combat you can compare the two very well to a point. But why didn't take Battlefield 3 take off like Fortnite did? Well there are some reasons I can think off: First off the already mentioned loss of tension when you KNOW nobody is around: If the map is designed so that you can tell that there can't be an enemy, you will feel relaxed and carefree, which is not what you want if your game is supposed to create tension by keeping the players on their toes. In Fortnite there is always this chance that someone just arrived and runs into the house you're in to loot something, or they spotted you first because you let down your guard, so you better be on guard, which creates tension. Battlefield is forgiving when it comes to dying. You wait for a couple seconds and get right back in. While in Fortnite if you die, it's game over. That means where Fortnite creates tension - "I don't want to die or the match is over for me", Battlefield trivializes it - "Meh, if I die, I can just respawn." Meaning Battlefield creates less tension than Fortnite here and that is already a big reason in itself. The next problem Battlefield has is the spawning itself. In Fortnite every player jumps off a bus and is unable to fight until they land, making sure players can decide on their fate, by regulating the risk themselves and giving them control over the situation they will find themselves in once they landed and are able to fight. Battlefield has people just pop in randomly in one of a couple of pre-defined spawning locations, which can be camped. Also vehicles have a history of spawning in a way so that an enemy can camp their spawn. For example some Battlefield 4 maps had helicopters spawn in locations that let enemies shoot them on spawn with a tank shell (and tank shells are one-hit kills on helicopters and that's justified in every other scenario) And here again the ability to control your fate in Fortnite, but having other players just have a LITTLE say in it, creates tension, while in Battlefield you're left to the frustration of being spawn-camped very often. Gameplay breaking bugs, especially in Battlefield 4, also ruin tension and have frustration take its place. (for example emptying the magazine of an LMG at an enemy and having not a single bullet hit them but the wall behind them, because of de-sync and package-loss) Fortnite on the other hand seems to be outstandingly well polished. And there are other examples of polishing being partly a reason why a game is successful. For example Overwatch is another highly successful shooter, that may be valid for various criticism that is now taking its toll, but you could never criticize it for not being polished. Polished games feel better and therefore amplify the feelings a player has while playing the game. An immersion and tension based game would feel way more immersive and tense if there was not a single hint that the player is just running a piece of software. To sum it up: It's not the battle royale game mode, it's what the game mode does to the game. It creates tension through down-times on vast maps you can't really explore in one match alone. It keeps you on your toes because an enemy could be around every corner, hill or tree or hide in a bush. It amplifies the tension through proper polishing and gameplay. And keeps their players entertained through a strong cosmetic library with a rather fair business model. (EA is not known for fair business practices OR proper cosmetics) All of this in my opinion influences the market to the shape it is in today. And that means the flop of Battlefield V we have learned of recently was to be expected, because Battlefield V went into the complete opposite direction. Latest Battlefield games decreased the map sizes, removing the tension generating downtime, made the gameplay more CoD-like and less Fortnite-like, making encounters less fair and skill based, were under attack because of their shady business practices, frustrating the players, and rather blindly copy a feature, than analyzing its properties and adapting to it.
  7. Would like to join too! Name: Reyj
  8. Just to warn everyone: BDO's payment system is bugged as hell and tells you your payment failed while in the background it is actually successful. The support takes weeks to respond and then gives you some generic answers like "on your account page you can see your payment history". I'm already thinking about taking it to court.
  9. They're crappy, One of the mods broke my game so hard it remained broken after i deleted local files and re-downloaded it. The mod manager doesn't have a load order function which is usually necessary for complex modding. Also the content mods usually come with bugs caused by the game's overly complexified and/or hardcoded equipment system.
  10. Hey, As far as I'm concerned the XCOM2 devs are planning on adding a character sharing platform. How about everyone makes a character of themselves so we can share them among each other? There's already an AJSA flag mod! Alternatively we could start sharing over a 3rd party platform! Any suggestions which to use?
  11. For everyone who's still not sure wether to buy the game or not: I believe it's good. I's not the ultimate next-gen game, but it works well. I didn't run across any bugs so far ... except for one ghoul dying in mid-air and hovering around. The companions often get in your way but other than that the AI is nice. Enemies actually take cover! The graphics are average. The textures are low-res, the polygons are okay, the lighting works very well. The building system doesn't feel quite right. Especially balconies are kinda difficult to make and there are no indoor-doorframes and no windows. The game's not telling you much about building either. The gunplay feels very good, I enjoyed every battle till now. It's still Fallout as you know it from 3 and New Vegas, but it improved alot.
  12. Lately a lot of games have been completely overhyped and then totally failed. I mean look at X-Rebirth: I was so totally looking forward to it! New engine, more open world, walking around in stations, they only removed the ability to fly other ships but that worked well in X-BTF so why would it fail? Well the character models were the ugliest things I've ever seen, the space highways or what ever they were called were just minigames, the ships on the highway didn't even exist. It was super hard to find the right docking station, flying was a pain in the ass, etc. etc. etc. Games look good and sound awesome when they're announced and presented, but the things they don't show you are the things you have to be afraid of. What did Bethesda not mention in their presentation and trailer? What do we expect to be in the game anyways? Because the things we expect to be there but were not shown are often the things that are actually missing or broken. An example: Why do I know that the physics won't be all that awesome? We saw a shopping cart being pushed away and a vertibird explode ... or did we? We just saw the shopping cart to fly off and we only saw a vertibird and an explosion effect, but we didn't see the vertibird turn into a pile of rubble! Why would they not show us the full explosion? Because there is nothing to show! The rest of the scene probably looks as ugly as it did in Fallout 3. It's not much of a looker. Of course it's speculation but at things like these I'd give myself a 90% chance that I'm right.
  13. I know they have hitmarkers! That's the point! ^^
  14. Of course the chances are high that the game is going to be awesome, but I expected that from other games in the past and got disappointed (what an understatement). Judging by the facts we know about the game... They had 7 years to develop, at the E3 conference they stated that the game is about done already, which basically means they now have plenty of time for bugfixing and polishing. You can't expect of Fallout 4 to be the next level of video gaming, but you can expect it to be a very good game. The graphics are very nice, you really don't "need" more than that. The features sound great and seem to be done, the downsides I spotted are acceptable. Stupid NPCs ... let's be honest: the last game with comparably good FPS AI was probably ... Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That's a pretty lousy score so far. Everyone is using Bulletsponges and WoW-Boss-Tactics instead of smart AI. The RPG elements are probably going to balance it out to some degree. I especially like the improvements in gunplay. They learned a lot. Recoil, ADS, just all the stuff an egoshooter should have ... except for hitmarkers. Also your arguments weren't wrong. The 4 button dialogues might just have a bunch of sub-menus like "discuss" or "question" or "interrogate" or whatever, while the important things are right where you want them to be. And seem to have been totally wrong with the skill system. So it really looks good for this game, let's just hope they don't hide anything horrible. The biggest threat is game breaking bugs. They might not get the optimization right, or screw up with the RAM usage, who knows. Also there is a lousy little company full of maggots called NVidia that constantly screws around with their drivers... A little other threat is that they really hopped onto the casual train and screwed something up like a short tunnel-like story, boring busy-work and what now. That might entertain "some" people but certainly not everyone. I hope they kept a good balance and allowed both playstyles to have a full experience. However the modability is also a little problem here. The weapon customization and character creation menus are rather complex and need more skilled mod creators than before. They probably wanted to create Fallout 4 along with their paid mods plan. Since the paid mods idea has been shot on sight, Fallout 4 might suffer from lack of content creators. The game might allow very good mods, but good means difficult and time consuming. And that means fewer mod creators are skilled enough and even less want to bother working so hard for something that doesn't bring any money.
  15. Bethesda is holding back a lot of information on their new game Fallout 4, which will release at the 10th of November 2015. From what I've seen in the Trailer, Presentation and what I know about the game's development I expect the game to wether be very good or to be a catastrophy for both sides, developer and customer. What speaks for the game to be worth pre-ordering? The game has been in development since October 2008 according to Bethesda's statements. That is a whole 7 years. 7 years is a lot of time to develop a sequel. It is long enough to enhance the engine Fallout 3 used to today's standards and still enough time to massively polish up all the features it had. Bethesda usually doesn't sell broken games. They are aware of the fact that the only reason why their studio is able to keep itself above the "Indie Dev" line is the in-depth support for their customers. Mod-support was the main reason to that. I am absolutely certain that Skyrim wouldn't have sold this well without mods, people in fact only bought it to mod the game right away before even playing the base game. Many critics couldn't even force themselves to play the vanilla game all the way through. Therefore selling a broken game would hurt them a lot and it is in their own interest to not screw up. You can't create a modding community that raises sale numbers around a game that nobody plays. Previous successes indicate that they gathered a lot of new assets to create better games in the future. Their technology was already old when it came out but games like Dishonored showed that they were working on something. While it might not be the same studio and maybe it even was just a one-time deal, they may have gotten more out of the project than just a successful game. The trailer showed some game elements that were also in Dishonored. Character mesh enhancement: One of the biggest improvements are the new models. While Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas suffered from ugly models with restricted skeletons and technology behind them, the first game element Bethesda showed their audience at the E3 presentation were the new models. Better dialogues: The first couple dialogues and interactions show that Bethesda understood that their work in Fallout 3 and New Vegas needed massive improvements. This time around they seem to have come out of their tortoise shell and added some life to the game. Dog texture. I know a lot of geniuses have ranted about the low texture resolution for the dog. You just download a hi-res texture mod on day one or two and the problem is solved. It is really not a reason to not buy the game. The rest of the textures looked rather fine in the shown footage so we might even see a better looking dog on release, since Bethesda surely heard of it and might even adress it. (It might not be their top priority though) The world looks believeable. Little areas of dead "forest" seemed pretty well designed and believeable. You might not see a huge enhancement over Skyrim, but it certainly looks like they have put some effort into the looks of your surroundings. Enhanced graphics: They worked on their graphics engine. It might not become the best looking game in the world, it might even look somewhat outdated on release, but it looks good and that's all you need for an open world RPG-action game. Weather: They seem to have added rain and radiation clouds to the game. There is still the chance that it's just from cutscenes or only happens in certain places, but I hope for dynamic weather throughout the whole game world. Roofs: In some scenes you see rooftops and even jump off of one. That indicates two things: Firstly that the meshes in the game world are made with today's standards. The buildings actually exist and aren't just empty backdrops like in a theatre. Loadingscreens might become a rare thing. (and they were very short in Fallout 3, nobody mentioned them as far as I know, eventhough they were everywhere. You couldn't walk 3 steps without running into a loadingscreen.) Secondly it also indicated that 3 dimensional gameplay is going to be a thing, especially after they showed a power armor with jetpack. While it might just be to lower or remove falling damage, it still adds some verticality to the game. Let's just hope they didn't overdo the roof-sniper thing like Battlefield 4 did. New gunplay: Starting off with the stats, guns now openly show their properties in the pip boy menu. Damage, Fire Rate, Range, Accuracy (, Weight, Value, Ammunition) Coming along with completely new weapon models they also added complete part by part weapon customization. From reading some tooltips when they presented the weapon modification menu they also added this to the gunplay and the weapon stats: Spraypatterns, Recoil (!), melee attacks with ranged weapons, hip fire accuracy VS scoped accuracy, ammo capacity based on weapon mods, range based on weapon mods, reload speed, weight based on weapon mods, scope magnification based on weapon mods, per-shot recoil based on weapon mods, focus for sights (what ever that means), armor piercing effect (melee), bleeding effect (melee), different materials for melee weapons (maybe just cosmetic), hip fire range VS scoped range (wtf?), multi-projectile weapons, electrocution effect, fire damage, critical hits Based on the shown weapons we will see the following weapons and probably some more: Laser pistols, laser rifles, laser shotguns, flamethrower pistols, plasma pistols, plasma "shotgun" pistols, flame thrower plasma rifles, plasma assault rifles, assaultrifles, LMGs (modified ARs), Cryolator Pistols (fires ice rays), junk throwers, basseballbats, wrenches, sledge hammers, not-so-mini miniguns, bolt-action rifles (also laser), marksman rifles, fatman (nuke thrower), double-barrel shotguns, grenades, automatic pistols, rocketlaunchers, billard cues, ... They stated there will be over 50 base weapons and over 700 modifications for them. Judged by the gunplay itself, shown in the trailer and presentation you will also see hit markers. From what I saw I believe the gunplay will be about on-par with Call of Duty or BioShock which is very good news. The gunplay in Fallout 3 and New Vegas was horrible, but from what I saw you can now really look forward to it. Hip fire, ADS (aiming down sights), VATS mode, 3rd person mode, visible recoil Armor Customization: Powerarmors will be customizeable just like guns. Certain parts will have following additional effects and tools: Modification slots, material slots (requires raw materials), Headlights, SPECIAL stat increase, Jet Pack, Damage resistances: physical, electrical, radioactive, A stat called "PA Bat Dam Rate" which probably means Power Armor Battery Damage Rate, Base Building: They added basebuilding to the game. You will be able to build buildings piece by piece, walls snap to foundations, furniture can be freely placed, lighting and other machines can be build and supplied with power and also use switches, you can invite NPCs to your base and interact with them. You can grow vegetables or at least let your NPCs grow them for you. You will be able to run brahmin caravans. Your will have to defend your settlement The settlement will however be in a specific location and you probably won't be able to do anything related to base building outside that area. (except for gathering resources) Enemy variety: We will see raiders, the brotherhood of steel, supermutants, behemoths, ghouls, radscorpions, mirelurks, protectrons, sentry bots, androids (!), deathclaws, bloodbugs (giant mosquitos) and other creatures. More importantly the footage showed raiders in power armor and super mutants in comparable armor. They were also holding different kinds of weapons, such as melee weapons and assault rifles. The rad scorpions in the footage dug themselves into the ground to sneak-attack the player. Some enemies (at least deathclaws) will play fully animated killing scenes, when they kill the player, others will also play special attack animations, such as the bloodbugs will actually bite the player. Call of Duty Dog! Since CoD got boring after a while, the Call of Duty dog decided to play some Fallout. Let's just hope the dog left its full-dive mind-control device in Call of Duty Ghosts. Improved Menus and HUDs The HUD seems to be more than just an alpha texture on the player's screen now. It moves, it interacts and it has fully animated elements, such as a limping vault boy, when you are crippled, or a vault boy shooting with double pisols, when you trigger a perk or critical hit (not sure how). So we can expect so see more animated and designed elements. In the modification menu, you got live updates on weapon and modification stats, so they probably reduced the loading times. That also indicates that they put quite some effort into their scripting and valued all the tiny little details, that make a game feel like it's running well. It seems to be interacting with the player and the game world to a certain degree. What speaks against it? Bethesda might not sell broken games, but they sure showed some bad attitude every now and then. Bethesda stated that it's not just about the size of the map but also about the stuff that is in the map. While that might be true firstly a small map will always be a small map. Fallout 4 is about wasteland, about a lonely world where few things are left, therefore stuffing a lot of content into a small map means you won't be able to see the desert between all the buildings and you can't feel immersed by a lonely world among all those NPCs throwing quests and grenades at you. The way they said it sounds more like them making up an excuse for the world design falling short. No sliders for the character creator? Why in the world would you do that? Sliders were invented for a reason: They are there so you see what you are doing, so you don't miss anything and find out about it later when you can't fix it anymore and so you have everything under control without fiddling around and looking for the right clicky spot. A slider mod is probably going to be one of the first things people will add to the nexus and steam workshop. The more complex the character creator gets, the harder it will get to add custom character models. Mod developers will have to keep up with all the advancements. That stretches the development time for custom models and makes it more unattractive for a mod creator to bother making one. It's just too tedious. While they showed some dialogue improvements on one side, they also showed the same old "dialogue is over, i should be over there so ima run there like an animated puppet" scripting and animations. When they showed the pip boy menu they also clearly showed that there are no skills, only SPECIAL and perks. There are multiple things this could mean: A: They just didn't finish the skills and therefore it just wasn't in the footage since it wasn't in the game YET. B: They removed the skills and generalized the gameplay to be more appealing to casual gamers. C: They removed the skills and generalized the gameplay to be more appealing to casual gamers and totally screwed up on it. They added a lot of features to the game such as full weapon, armor and base customization. While that basically sounds like a good thing it can also mean that their eyes were bigger than their mouths. There is a certain possibility that the features will fall short because they just didn't have the time to make the features become a complete experience. And that's just the medium-sized problem: There is the possibility they wanted to do so much and ended up not even getting the game's basics done, because everyone was doing something else and in the end nobody got their work done. It doesn't look like it's incomplete, but from the past you should know that developers used tricks before to make their potential customers believe the game was a complete experience. You should always keep that in mind. If it sounds too good to be true, they're possibly hiding something from you. HOWEVER this might not be the case, since they seem to have had enough time to create minigames for the pip boy. Adding features is one thing, but adding completely unneccessary minigames is another. They would have to be super stupid to work on minigames instead of on unfinished core-features. It is more likely that at least a small group of their team was done early with their work and had nothing better to do than to add minigames to the game and probably even create the mobile game "Fallout Shelter" in the process (which was also a good PR idea if you asked me). But don't get me wrong, I saw developers who found the time to add minigames, but not to make a proper game, so this is really nothing you can tell for sure. The NPCs didn't look any smarter than in Fallout 3. In the shown footage the enemies just blindly ran and shot at the player. The only thing I didn't see before was the "Synth" kneeling down for a moment while shooting, but still not taking cover or anything. While the gunplay might be better, the difficulty will probably only come from enemies turned into bullet sponges. They reduced the dialogue menu to a 4 choice system on XBox controllers. Eventhough they didn't show much at all about it, it looked like they dumbed down the RPG part to some degree. They didn't change the physics all that much. Some people stated "ooooh the shopping cart was pushed away, they got nice physics" but actually it really wasn't that much of a physics effect. An NPC ran into it and the cart totally overreacted to it just like in other games where the physics aren't all that important. We can expect very rudimentary physics in the game. While that might not imply anything I want you to remember the god awful bounding boxes in Fallout 3 and New Vegas where you constantly shot invisible walls and bullet-proof fences. Explosions and vehicle destructions also seemed to be just the same as in Fallout 3, so we might even have to expect glitches to occur on a regular basis. Please give me feedback to my statements and what you think why you should or shouldn't pre-order the game and why the game might be a good or bad game when it releases.