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  • Birthday 06/10/1996

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    League of Legends, DotA 2, Warframe (Basically lots of games!), Competitive play.
  1. ... Ahh.. come on .. really?? ANOTHER.. NA tournament??.. What about EUW and EUNE ??... I've been waiting for a LoL Tournament for so long.. and now that we get a second one, it is for the NA region too?... meh...
  2. I'd love to join incase a team were ever to be created , represent the angry army fuck yeah
  3. Didn't they patch all the bugs and release all the DLCs for the PS3? As a "I Am Sorry" kinda thing?
  4. I am sorry, I edited my post, how is that?
  5. Hey Angry Army! Poxhydra here! I am looking for a Duo Q Partner on League of Legends! I am currently in Gold 1 at 0 LP, I've been in gold 1 like 4 times at least and I am really angry as I've been in gold for so long, as all silver players now belong in gold due to the Elise skin, everyone has either bought boosts or duo Q:ed themselves up to gold. So gold is no longer gold it is more like the new silver, and because of this It can be really hard to carry sometimes, I am really good at playing mid, I literally never lose my lane EVER, unless it is my first game of the day, which is when I play my worst. Anyways, I want to become a pro player, and / or a streamer in the future, and at this point I've got school in my way so after that I'll try my best right away! Just now I am looking for a friend to play with, I've always told my friends to never Duo Q so they can achieve everything, alone, that way you know you are good and you have talent and I've always done things that way myself. I got 910 elo in S2 to 1400 elo all by myself, Yeah.... that's not too impressive but back then I was COMPLETELY new to "LoL" and I believe that I want to reach platinum by myself. But I realized that Duo Q:ing isn't too bad as it will reduce the chances of me playing with either an "AFK:er" or "Troll" etc etc, which will raise my winning chances a lot and not by the simple fact that I can now communicate with another person but because I know for a fact that that player will not be a flamer or troller and such. Honestly I think that I can get into platinum by myself but it will easily take way longer as It is all about chance, If you get a DECENT team I'll carry, If you get just as much as ONE player that is having a bad day or is just over all a bad person I can't do it and with a friend, we could manage to do that even with a feeder or something a-like on our team! Now I speak as if I am a god or something, I make mistakes too yes! But I know my gameplay is solid ^^! I am looking for a strong offensive Jungler! As If I get to mid, I will surely win my lane, and if I have a jungler we can cooperate with each other well enough to carry games, And I realized that If I want to become good I need to play with better players, You can never become good at a game if all you do is play with bots or bad players, it is pretty much close to impossible, as while you play with bad players, you become worse as well. That's the sole reason I want to get into plat, so that I can improve instead of getting worse as in gold whenever I play mid I just STOMP completely and I know that it's not supposed to be that easy that's why I want to play with "the big boys" so that I can learn how to be truly good and then later when my "IRL" friends really need help, they can count on me. As of today I've never lost a "bronze" match before which proves that I am not bad, I haven't played a lot of bronze games but I can essentially carry games even when people are playing against you on your own team! I don't have any massive requirements or anything, just that you are platinum or higher and you have Skype with a microphone so we can communicate! If you speak English that is great and you don't have to speak perfectly! I only speak English and Swedish so if you are a Swede that works as well! I just want to get into platinum quickly and from there on I will walk my own path to becoming better at the game! I am usually playing LoL or I am out with my friends! but since I don't have any more school for two weeks I aim to get into plat before school starts, so yeah, If you want to play with me please do reply, I'll be checking this post daily ! and I will be playing LoL a lot now! So yeh that's it for me, and remember you don't have to be an LCS player or anything! Just if you know for a fact that you are a solid jungler and you can crush low elo players when jungling, as I carry mid against low elo games without trolls, we should be able to win. I am really looking forward to this and I would love if you wanted to help me out! If you have any questions or requirements yourself, please let me know I will gladly give you the information you seek !
  6. awh. it's only on NA ;o; !! I wanted to represent the AJSA so badly xD! I play on the EUW so yeh... well ... I'll have wait untill you guys begin with EUW tournaments !
  7. Hahah, about time someone made this thread !, I was thinking about doing it myself, as I've played it a lot and a clan would be just splendid ! However, I don't think a lot of people play Warframe here o-o
  8. Raynor?.. Diablo?! .. Pff.. You guys.... the REAL DEAL, is Illidan Stormrage, I mean pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, He will one shot everyones ass, with style
  9. I can assure you that I have not been miss-informed by anyone, and that I've played DotA since the very start, and DotA 2 as well, And I've been playing LoL since Talon's release, which is i think 2 years from now, I am pretty experienced in MOBA's. I've played DotA with friends as well, I've played League with friends as well, but the thing is, I am very competitive, I love competition, and in LoL the solo que depends on your gameplay, and if you really try your best to go up in the rankings, that can be VERY difficult with team mates who are having a bad day, or are just very inexperienced, or even griefers. I am not saying that it happens often, just that if you want to climb the ladder, prepare yourself, as people will try to pull you down! And also, after a long ass 1300 ranked games, I know for a fact that the overall community is rather toxic, when it comes to playing RANKED, normals, I don't know, last time i checked people are cheerfull and happy ! but in ranked, You will have like a 0.5/10 chance to find a really friendly player ._. in solo que just sayin'!
  10. And a quick useful thing, when you create your account pick "Europe West" And not "Europe Nordic & East", It will save you from the more toxic community! xD
  11. ._. Yeah, No. MOBA's are REALLY fun to play and they are among the top played games today, the only issue is the communities aren't too good, and the reason for that, I don't know, I'd just guess that it is because the game is free, which attracts all kinds of people, and then the fact that you have to team up with people you don't even know when you play, and then later in order to get your "rank up" at the later stages of the game you still get random people, which means no matter how good you are, you will have to have at least a decent team in order to win, and usually people get new players in their team which leads to losses and causes them to get agitated and eventually the become douchebags, and they spread their disease of douchebaggery xD. But Hey! The communities aren't all that bad, for example, DotA 2 has a splendid community in my opinion, it is also connected to steam o.o, like the only bad thing with DotA 2's community is the russian people, (NO OFFENCE!) If you are russian, I am not saying russians are bad, i love russia xD! but when it comes to playing DotA, there is a "Russian" server, however, they still join the "europe west" side, and sure thats fine, the issue is that they only speak russian and nothing else, which screws up communication as they joined a server where you are supposed to speak english ._. .... but yeah, Anyways. Sir Twisted Nipples, you should try out LoL, (League of Legends) first, as it is the most noob friendly of all the 3 games, DotA 2 has SO many more attributes to the game that are really hard to master, the only way you can learn them is after either a really long time, or if you already know how to play moba's decently, so DotA 2 isn't very noob friendly, LoL on the other hand is, LoL has an awesome community.... if you are leveling up, once you reach 30 and start ranked, thats where it gets bumpy, but hey, you can decide for yourself, what you think about it, at least try the games out ! I personally love LoL and Dota 2, I don't play HoN, for many reasons, I won't state them as I don't want to bash the game or blab on the entire day, but you should really try LoL out and if you REALLY like it, try out DotA 2 as well ! ._. well I am just going to post a link to creating a LoL account here, that is linked to my account, I am "Recruiting" you, which will give me extra goodies ;_; You can... do what ever you want with this.. sweet ass link ! ... you can clicky clicky and all that.. http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=51153a8b689d3944583519