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  1. Come watch my stream I am cool I promise twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  2. league of legends

    Yes but they buffed his ap ratios so now no one is ready for my new ekko build that I'm experimenting with ROA, into triforce, frozen heart, sorc shoes<-- due to nerf on swiftys, an mr item, and void staff . EVIL LAUGHS!!
  3. I like teaching new people this game and playing with newer people helps me realize how far I've come! I recommend playing all sorts of characters until you get to level 30 and then picking one person based on your playstyle and learning all of their matchups and specific lane mechanics before expanding!
  4. league of legends

    I regularly play and run a stream I would love to keep the community going here! I made an ekko post a long time ago about how hype I was and now he's one of my top played! Although he's always banned now!
  5. On the road to plat now guys!! currently streaming
  6. I'm streaming again all come hang out angry army
  7. A fellow Yukinon fan :') tears of joy all of my twitter peeps are on team yui. . finallly
  8. Thanks for being so kind I haven't streamed the past week due to moving into a new home but the stream will be up next week for sure!
  9. Hi I stream almost everyday at 6pm pacific time zone www.twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  10. I have some league videos but the quality is bad I'm buying a new computer at the end of this summer so that should help?
  11. Fun stuff! I can't wait to run this in a duo lane!!
  12. I am glad we are seeing a support champion though being a support main and all. . . but honestly I see myself trolling my friends with this guy perhaps his ult should show and omw ping like pantheons so you know where he is going?
  13. Yeah I don't think the LoL community is small they are either A busy playing their own games or B to lazy or forget to come to the website to give us their two cents. . . I think all we need is more publicity and a charismatic/enthusiatic leader
  14. Yeah but I think the duration of his untargetability <-- (is this a word?) is managable compared to fiora, zed, and fizz it seems on par with lissandra in terms of balance We'll have to see how it plays out tough I feel like he'll get nerfed quickly if he's too strong it will be interesting to see how this utility assassin fits into the tank meta though
  15. Hello All I'm a bad gamer who makes bad videos about games I'm bad at please leave me some feedback I'd like to better myself in creating content but that's hard when I don't know what is wrong thanks!!