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Helix Nebula

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  • Birthday 05/14/1994

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    Aquarius Constellation
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    Space and video games. Space video games. Spacegames. Games about or in space. Also space, did.. did I mention space yet?
    (Among my favorite game genres are Sci-Fi, Strategy and RPGs. I also do a bit of forum-based roleplaying in my spare time.)
  1. Heroes of Might & Magic.. IV, if I recall. My closest cousins had it and we'd spend hours on the game and playing around with the level editor. Soon after, a friend of mine introduced me to C&C Tiberian Dawn and I've been a fan of strategy, ever since!
  2. "This is really important story information, we better act on it! - BUT WAIT - First let's fight all these hundreds of enemies for absolutely no reason at all, other than to make the game a few minutes/hours longer, fun, eh?! (Also we'll give you absolutely 0 extra ammo/health/whatever for this mission, to make it more "challengin", fffffun, eh!?!?)" Those kinds of missions, reeeaaallly annoy me, taking second place are all the "protect that" and "follow this" missions.
  3. Currently PC, because consoles haven't been convenient for the past few years, though I intend to buy a PS 4 at one point or another.
  4. 146. Come this year's Christmas Sale, that'll go up up up. (e: 134 according to the signature thingy )
  5. Saints Row the 3rd's ending, was somewhat of a 'WTF' for me. Not in a, "WTF this sucks!" kind of way, but more a "WTF? It's over already?" It didn't have the same kind of satisfaction and sense of "closure", as SR 2 had had. Probably attributing to that in no small way, was the huge difference in game length and the lacking story overall, though I did quite like the game as a whole. And I suppose mentioning Mass Effect 3's and thus the ME trilogy's ending, is kind of obligatory. Although to be honest, I wasn't as disappointed or pissed off in the ending, as I was in the fact that everyone raging and going on about space-child, was diverting attention from some of the other shortcomings and promises that'd failed to deliver. Plus, I always thought they were going to create some form of 'extended cut', with or without half the fanbase rioting, but then had to rush it out in the form of the EC we got, instead of having enough time to make it a complete experience... instead of a pretty slideshow and a bad, "F you indoctrination theorists" -option.
  6. I'm going to have to ditto that. Recently I've been listening to Bioshock Infinite's soundtrack a lot, as well as compilations of Star Trek themes. I also enjoy quite a bit of classical music, and have been listening a lot to;
  7. Besides our shared love for good games, hate of bad games/Corporate Commander- We both have J in our names.
  8. That it is! I haven't played enough of it, need to put Civ V and MoO 2 aside, so I can devote a few more hours to Stardrive.
  9. As a whole; The Command & Conquer franchise, Tiberian Dawn was what introduced me to RTS and strategy in general when I was a kid. Specifically; C&C Generals is probably my favorite of the C&C series and of the RTS games I've played, though Red Alert 3 is a close second.
  10. Yeah, a new Master of Orion game would be awesome! I did have a google at the sequel-we-shant-speak-of, and.. wasn't impressed.. Oh well, at least there's Galactic Civilizations III to be excited about, eh? I know I am.
  11. You should try Good Old Games, they've a great selection of DRM-free games! Both old and new, at very reasonable prices to boot. As for actual games, I've been loving the crap out of Master of Orion II recently, then there's the original Fallouts and a couple of other games I can't remember right now.
  12. Daggerfall featured both Hammerfell and High Rock.. However that was 17 years ago, could be interesting to see either one of said provinces, in an updated engine and such.
  13. 10,600+2,300 −1,200
  14. The past; I would personally love to see a Tamriel in a time when the Dwemer hadn't yet vanished, and the Falmer were still known as Snow Elves. Otherwise, Elsweyr or Black Marsh would seem to be a.. 'logical' next location, being opposites to the cold Skyrim. Though High Rock could be interesting too- Perhaps featuring a Bretons-vs-Orcs conflict or such.
  15. How old am I?.. Well, let me do the math here... 3.. plus.... divided by 0... multiplied by.... yeah, approximately.. 10,000 years. Give or take a few thousand. 19