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  1. noobynooberson liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in Total War   
    I own total war: shogun 2, but I haven't played past the first tutorial level
  2. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Gay Protagonist: Will They Ever Be A Reality?   
    But being a space marine and/or alien you can totally relate to? Regardless of sexual preference?
    Why would It need that? You don't need full on R Rated sex scenes to show that a protagonist is gay. It can be inferred in conversation, images and other things.
    By that logic, If a character doesn't have an openly sexual encounter in any game, It's impossible to determine the sexuality of a character, which is just not true. Cortez and Samantha from Mass Effect 3 are perfect examples, I've never romanced either one, but It's still made clear throughout the game that they're gay.
    You presented an argument In this debate, I offered my rebuttal. If you can't handle the nature of debating, don't comment on it, simple as that. Which also brings me back to your original point; Why are you bothering to argue about this, when you've already stated that you don't care?
    Furthermore, you're not addressing my point regarding the relatable aspects of a character, nor have you bothered to source your "99% of gamers can't relate to a gay character" comment. And just for good measure, here's a source regarding the gender of gamers: http://www.theesa.com/facts/pdfs/ESA_EF_2012.pdf
  3. jhwisner liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in Fallout 4 Wishlist!   
    I'd like a return of hardcore mode and faction infamy like in new vegas instead of the karma system from 3
  4. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in I'm typing this from School.   
    Everyone should do that. Unless you are the Mongols.
    (This is for your signature alone )
  5. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in I'm typing this from School.   
    I'm typing this from school too, but at least I'm done with my assignment when I do so. Finish the paper THEN chat on a forum.
  6. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by Tukac in Looking for a Guild in WoW   
    in my experience if you just play and you don't fail in dungeons/raids... good guilds will find you, eventually you will find one you like. Just don't settle on a guild that has good progress but bad ppl.
    Find one with good and fun ppl you like and then even if you don't progress as fast you will have the best experience. WoW is a community game so communicate as much as you can without being anojing ;D
  7. Knighthawk23 liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in Tell me a joke   
    What state has the lowest birth rate?
  8. zawisz liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in How important is story to you?   
    I can power through terrible gameplay or confusing controls if a game's story is good. I think it's a lot more important than people give it credit.
  9. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in Who is the most known on the Internet   
    There's a game theory episode explaining why PewDiePie rules youtube.
  10. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in what are you guys gonna be in The Elder Scrolls online?   
    Probably a Frost Dragon or a Sand Crab. I can't decide though.
  11. NookyZooky liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in what are you guys gonna be in The Elder Scrolls online?   
    Definitely gonna be an Argonian, I love those guys
    As for class, either an nightblade, scout, or assassin. That is if the classes are the same as the ones from Oblivion, but I think Bethesda is moving away from the whole class system nowadays.
  12. Muxedo Task liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in Good Ways To Keep My Muscles Toned and Weight Down?   
    I've had the same problem, and I've done a lot of research on it. Here's what I do:
    1) As soon as I'm home, eat a quick snack and start doing random exercises for 15 minutes for a week and increase by 5 every week. It really doesn't matter what exercises you do as long as you are exercising.
    2) Eat more proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid grains and fats because they take longer to digest. Don't forget to give yourself a small desert at the end of the day so you don't go on a chocolate craze at the end of the week.
    3) Put a little exercise into every activity of your day (i.e. running instead of walking)
    This has helped me a lot, hope it helps.
  13. Epicdee liked a post in a topic by 2ofSpades in i'm Waiting for more games who's with me?   
    When The Last of Us 2 comes out; I'll get a ps4.
  14. Pete liked a post in a topic by Epicdee in Civ 5 Strategies   
    I started this thread so members of the AJSA can discuss and share strategies for the game Civilization 5. I'm aware that a thread on Civilization already exists, but I feel that is more geared toward discussing the game in general whereas this topic is more for discussing strategies. This discussions in this thread should based on the Gods and Kings and Brave New World expansions, as elements from vanilla have been changed and startegy has been given more depth. On that note, here's my entry:
    Over the many times I've played Carthage in Civ 5, I've developed my favorite strategy that will put you on the road to domination victory. Start the game (after making a worker and monument and stuff) building a large navy of quinqueremes if your capital is on the water. Carthage's ability to automatically start with a harbor is a boone to players that start near water because you don't have to ever build a road. As long as you build your cities on the water, you won't have to worry about city connections ever again. It is still recommended that you eventually build a road, however. If you start on land make a mad dash for the horseback riding tech and start making a large number of african forest elephants. Carthage's other ability to cross mountains after the first great general is obtained makes exploration easier and provides a quick route of escape from barbarians or whoever you happen to come across. The elephants and quinqueremes are strong enough to last you until the renaissance era. I also recommend researching construction to obtain the composite bowman, which makes a nice addition to your elephants. Set your quinqueremes to the automaticly explore the oceans for you, which is the easiest way to discover city-states and other civs. Focus on science or religion as a secondary objective to stay ahead of the other civs. By the time the elephants and quinqueremes have become obsolete, if you played your cards right, you should have a nice big empire. From there you play like any other civ, but by then you should have a huge empire and have met plenty of other civs. The abilities and special units help you immensly in the earlier eras, but as the game continues they become less useful. For example, anyone can cross mountains once they obtain air units, which are more powerful than melee units anyway, rendering the ability is useless. Still, I think that its an easy path to domination victory and a fun way to play the game.