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  1. Given the latest outbursts in what I consider borderline censorship of various threads and especially the GamerGate thread I feel like saying some things. Ive never done a drama infused good bye thread and maybe if Im not banned this isnt one. However I cant help but feel the angry army is getting kind of hypocritical. The idea as stated by Joe himself was to have a group of people who fought for consumers rights in gaming and AJ's whole schtick is doing exactly that. To remove the biggest consumer revolt in gaming ever from the forum is not great. That and some of the latest choices in moderarion make me sad and I thought I should express that, take it as feedback if you will. If anyone wants to talk or play something or anything I'll be on Steam @ auronkast.
  2. Lucasarts used to be Lucasfilm Games. Sam & Max, Fate of Atlantis and Monkey Island were released already too. The wording seems to indicate their entire PC legacy catalog will be available eventually.
  3. Likely be different in your region, I know one of the major reasons most games come out different days in Europe and the US(since I live in the americas I usually get the US release btw) is the regular shipping days of the week to retailers. A source of much frustration to European players as I understand it.
  4. Oh it's great it has some of the highest tax percentage in the world, protectionist policies that make everything technological expensive and lead people to smuggling, a sinking economy after the last few years of booming and the last half decent ruler was Pedro II. But er... well people seem to have a wondrous view of tropical climate in the rest of the world so there's that. At the very least it would make you appreciate Sweden I'm sure.
  5. Wanna switch?
  6. Of course it's a fps! The third person thing was always wonky but then again the original battlefronts were all over the place. I loved the games but I think it's kinda sad most people don't see to accept they were second rate clones of contemporary Battlefields with a Star Wars skin over them. I don't get the doom and gloom about this game, after BF4 they wouldn't want to deliver an extremely buggy release and this is their first major Star Wars game so I think it's going to have a good release. Far as a the features go if it has everything current Battlefields have and a bit more It'll be great already.
  7. It's a retail practice enforced due to shipping cycles. And until retail dies they'll keep pressuring the big publishers to do it even if most of the sales are digital.
  8. EA has had talented developers and good studios throughout all of it's history but it never wanted quality. Excruciating deadlines and getting the most potential out of a game was always the party line. And that philosophy killed Origin, Westwood, Bullfrog, Maxis, EALA and others. Still there's some good or even great games from time to time. I'm buying Battlefront but Hardline is a tragedy and well BF5 will have to be fucking fantastic. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/issues/issue_14/87-The-Conquest-of-Origin This article is quite enlightening on early EA practices.
  9. I should probably open this by saying I haven't consoled since the PS1, so take my word with a grain of salt. Apparently people do this in Brazil all the time, a friend of mine was talking about how he has an account based in India to make cheaper purchases. They don't check your IP or even your card, around here anyway. It's technically not illegal but you are lying, in regions where the government overtaxes your ass constantly like Australia or Brazil I can see how it's perfectly justifiable though.
  10. The creeping annualization of Battlefield makes me very very sad... At least if they changed the theme, weapons and scenarios like they used to do I'd be willing to try it. Getting this at a discount eventually, never buying hardline the beta was depressing and it should be an expansion.
  11. It's comparable, the difference being Unity looks like every other game being released.
  12. I want a modern day AC game, mix the gameplay with Splinter Cell and it could be great actually. Watch Dogs is kind of that really but they went with the hacking and got rid of the melee. He's another imprint of the Sage like Roberts was, it's perfectly linked really. Even if you don't know the whole story about the old civiilization, Juno and what-not it's easy to understand that he was the same guy from the memories, due to the same face and voice.
  13. How's the gameplay? How's the map divided? What's the difference between sub-factions, are they similar to tabletop or is it just like dow where it was a paint coat? And if I like it I'll go Ultramahreens for sure.
  14. Game will not be much prettier than Shadow of Mordor and there's no reason for it to be more system intensive. CPU: Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU Speed: Info RAM: 3 GB OS: Windows 7 (64-bit only) Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 Sound Card: Yes Free Disk Space: 25 GB Do you see a GTX 680 in there? Cause I'm not seeing it. Even the recommended for reasonable working game is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 which is far more reasonable and those are just if you want it to be similar to console, stop saying the optimization is impossible on PC it's just Ubisoft being lazy. And by Jupiter what's with the walls? It's in between minimum and recommended and it's a good mid-high card so it'll work for sure but it's not going for ultra and maybe even everything on high might be a stretch. Hell even my new 970 might not make high if it's anything like Watch Dogs.
  15. OMFG WHEN HOW?! MUST HAVE! I actually have the win95 versions working but it's a big pain in the ass. Full Throttle still works wonderfully due to scummvm btw as well as The Dig and all the other wonders of the 90's, I actually still have the disks here for most of them... Though to be honest I just use images these days. http://www.gog.com/ OMFG one hour... must... contain... excite! Edit - OMFG IT'S DOWNLOADING!!! It's a bit sad that I basically just paid $20 for the IMUSE and cd soundtracks to work which was the only thing not working with my disks and emulated versions but oh well still hyped as all hell.