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  1. Dude if I had a key I would play with you
  2. rofl. Sorry to disappoint you then.
  3. I recently discovered www.hitbox.tv, its a competitor to Twitch and truthfully i like it more. It looks nicer and has features that twitch normally offers on to partners. One of those features is anyone can make a team. Im planning on either streaming to both Hitbox and Twitch or just Hitbox. This would be the perfect way to show all the AJSA streamers on one page. Check out www.hitbox.tv I found this post on reddit on how to stream to both Twitch and Hitbox if your interested- http://www.reddit.com/r/hitbox/comments/1xqqnz/tutorialhow_to_stream_to_twitch_and_hitbox_at_the/
  4. http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Titanfall Click the link to browse the streamers who already are streaming the beta. I would love to see Joe or Delrith play the beta live and give there impressions. Also Jackfrags has a interview with Abbie Heppe that he just posted |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_v50LQRw3U&feature=youtu.be | pretty interesting...
  5. I'm interested in helping volunteer. Either with help putting together a server or to help promote. I live stream every day, which helps bring in new people. Thanks
  6. Hey, Come hangout on my live stream tonight at 10pm PST. I'll be playing Minecraft (Feed the Beast and other mini games). As well as Garrys Mod. All games will be played on Public Servers so anyone can join. If you cant play come hangout anyway and request some music. I will also be on the AJSA teamspeak if you want to chat. www.twitch.tv/enilsen16 Hopefully one day i can get recognized as a official AJSA Gaming streamer. Thanks guys!
  7. Wish I could be there but I have to work. Good luck NA!
  8. Here's an example of what I think you are talking about. I saw the video on r/battlefield_4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAx9tQyMP1c
  9. Dang, I will be at work... I still want to participate though and I do not yet have a team. Tactical, any chance you can record it so i can find out what i miss? I would really appreciate it.
  10. I'd like to participate if i can. I might be able to find one other person to join. If there are three other people that are looking for a team let me know.
  11. Delrith or Joe, Have you set up a Twitch Team for AJSA? It would make it a little easier for members to watch other AJSA streams. That way we don't necessarily have to rely on a dedicated community stream. Thanks Man
  12. I think there was info for both DLCs there. You get China Rising with the deluxe edition, you need premium for Second Assault.
  13. Hey

    Finally putting one of these together. I'm enilsen or EyeswithLazers, pretty excited to finally join a legit gaming community. The ones i have previously joined never seem to be looking for what i am. I mostly play Battlefield 3 and haven't boughten BF4 yet because my gaming PC has a dead PSU. As soon as i am up and running again, i will be playing BF4 and streaming on twitch. I also am gaming editor for alienbabeltech.com and am part of the ID@Xbox program working on my first game. Looking forward to playing with everyone.
  14. I was just wondering if Joe or another founder has set up a AJSA Team on Twitch? That way its easy for viewers to keep up on who is streaming. edit: Looks like you have to be a twitch partner to create a team. So maybe this is something Joe is going to have to do...
  15. No one can really make a decision on this until we have both consoles. Although it seems like the Xbox One has a better UI and the PS4 better hardware. Which is kinda what happened last-gen as well. Truth is MS is a software company while Sony is more a hardware company. There are strengths in both platforms.