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  1. No, not at all, I'm not going to pretend I'm good at the game because I'm not. If anything I actually really like the death mechanics in EVE, it gives it a real sense of meaning when you die unlike other MMO's. I just don't like the basic gameplay of EVE.
  2. I tried the free trial again about a month ago with full willingness to pay for a subscription if I liked the game. The problem is though is that the game is boring as can be. The combat is really bad, mining is BORING, exploration is also pretty boring but can get you a lot of isk if your good at it and LUCKY. The only thing EVE is good at is providing an ultra hardcore stock management game. So unless that interests you pretty much every other activity in the game is just so boring it's not worth the time. There is also really no sense of direction, what is the point of playing? To earn isk, why so I can buy PLEX? When I play WOW I'm playing to boost my ilevel so I can do higher level pve and get cool loot, EVE dosen't have that. Also with the way EVE is set up I can't imagine free to play is going to play out very well.
  3. Tropico 4 is free on humble bundle for today only! Haven't played it yet but Tropico 3 was great.
  4. Seirex you need to make sure you post the number after your battletag that battle.net lists otherwise we won't be able to friend you. Mine is articman#1252
  5. I've played off and on over the years, couldn't stand WOD, but I just picked up Legion because I really want to get back into it and I also have a new computer. Just used the free 100 boost on a pally and will be starting a demon hunter later tonight. I'm on Emerald Dream if you're up for leveling or dungeons the pally's name is Gariadelle and I will be making the demon hunter later tonight so feel free to send me a friend request.
  6. Hey guys, my college's anime club is currently thinking of ways to raise money so we can go to an anime convention this April. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for ideas here so does anyone here have any ideas on how 15 college students can raise about 700$ plus hotel fees.
  7. They didn't have anywhere near enough titles to justify the original price. Now that their raising it I have even less reason to purchase a subscription.
  8. Ok, normally it starts I get the MSI logo from my MOBO and then it restarts I see the no signal detected from my monitor and this process repeats infinitely. When I switched the HDMI to my MOBO it just says no signal detected, this has been a thing from day one as I discovered when I accidently plugged the HDMI into my MOBO instead of my GPU. Now I would love to boot into safe mode and I can access the bios but I can't find an option in the bios to boot into safe mode. Now Microsoft also reccomended the recovery tool however there's a problem with that. I need to extract the files in the download, I am currently writing these posts on an apple laptop and while I have a USB I can put the files into I'm not sure if I can extract files on a Mac like you can on windows. I actually just moved back into my college dorm and there are computers for students to use however they all run on Windows 7 so there is now file explorer and the security they have set up wont let me run 7.zip or Winrar.
  9. Unfortunately no, I only have my product key.
  10. Ok so I was having problems with a random Image problem error popping up so I decided to reset my PC. I tried doing that but Windows 10 said that it had a problem so I told it to just continue to boot like normal. Now it just boots to the black screen that says MSI (my moba is an MSI Z170a sli plus) and then just goes back to the blue no signal detected screen on my monitor and repeats that infinitely. So I just went from having an annoying problem to a major problem, can someone please help?
  11. For the first playthrough I'll focus on stealth while not being afraid to kill anyone that spots me. Then I'll do a second playthrough as a pacifist.
  12. It's okay but after about 10-15mins of play I just realize I could be playing Overwatch and then do that.
  13. Yeah figured Nintendo would pull something like this. Good thing I already got mine and for those who didn't this is the internet, once something is put on it, it never completely disappears.
  14. Yeah I heard about this too and have spent the last three hours playing it. It's very good from what I've played, the story is interesting and takes some dark turns with real character development and is far superior to the story of any main series game. An optional Nuzlocke feature is actually built into the game which I really appreciate, for those of you who don't know what a Nuzlocke run is, read this http://www.nuzlocke.com/challenge.php. The game also has a challenge mode just like the one in Black 2 and White 2 that raises the levels of trainer Pokemon and I think it also gives them more Pokemon. You'll also find the game to be more challenging and engaging in it's core gameplay with far more emphasis being placed on stats and non damaging moves rather than just spamming type advantages. I haven't seen that many Pokemon yet but from everything I have seen the sprite work is very well done and all of the Pokemon feel like they belong in the universe just like any other main series Pokemon game. Also I think the trailer said it adds 150 new pokemon so most of the pokemon in the game are actually new. The music is also very good with much of it being well done orchestral remixes of classic Pokemon music however there is also some new stuff. The only problem I had with the audio in the game is that often tracks will end and there will a pause before it loops which kind of breaks the immersion. And best of all it's FREE, although I think I might make a small donation to the two people who made this especially since they have to keep up servers. Yes you heard me right, servers. This game even has an online battling system where you can upload your team and fight AI-controlled versions of other players either by random or typing in their name or special random ID number, there's even a ranked mode for this! There is also a global trading station and wondertrade. Honestly, I think GameFreak needs to start taking notes because I feel like Sun and Moon is going to be disappointing compared to this.