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  1. articman liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Fanboy Melts a PS4 pro then post picks online... and the worst part?   
    People are actually believing this!
    Now, let me make it clear, I AM posting this as a very one sided point. That side being me... and actual common sense. The purpose of this is vent a bit on how annoying fanboys can be and a plea to anyone who reads this to not not jump on their bandwagons of idiocy like so many, including websites and journalists, have been drawn in by.
    I'm not gonna link the website or article I found this as I don't believe any website taking this seriously deserves to have to have more traffic sent to them, but here is the image that's had every Playstation hater dancing before thinking it through;

    This is fake. This is work of someone so sad and desperate to say bad about his nemesis "The Playstation" he/she bought a $350 console just to do this to it and claim the the PS4 Pro melted itself. How do I konw he/she's lying? Well, thankfully I know enough about engineering materials to see right away that is bullshit.
    First off, to cause this kind of damage the plastic would have to get so much hotter that a PS4 Pro can actually get under normal working conditions and with every electrical fail-safe in the console and the persons house connected to the console to fail. This is only possible with a sever manufacturing fault, not a design fault. This could be a faulty unit at worst, but it's not. This was done on purpose, and I can prove it.
    Plastic, as well as most other materials, expand when they get hot as the chemical bonds are weakened and become stretched. The expansion is more severe the closer the heat source is to the the said material. In other words, when a source of heat is hot enough and close enough to a material and if said material has a lower melting point than ignition point (as is the case with the plastic on a PS4 Pro and most other plastics), then the material will expand and eventually melt AWAY from the heat source. It simply can't move/expand towards it as the material closer to the source is expanding faster than the material further away.
    So that brings me to back to the picture. You can clearly see the material is concaved, as is deformed and moving into the console. That means the heat source was on the OUTSIDE of the console. If the heat source was inside the console, the damaged material would be convexed, as in protruding out.
    Now, to see some fanboy do this is pretty sad, but not that surprising. I could also see somebody wanting to get a reaction. If so, well done. Let's see where it gets you. It's also not surprising to see Xbox/PC fanboys jumping all over this and dancing in the rain. The disappointing part is that legitimate websites are actually buying this to. What happened to people? Why do people "Take Up Arms" for and/or against an electronic device that's made to provide nothing more than entertainment in one's free time? And games journalists totally pander to this because it brings allot of traffic to their websites.
    Having opinions and expressing them in civilized debate is totally fine with me, can even be enjoyable and worthwhile, but this shit is hardly within bounds of normal. If anyone is wondering why some game companies don't take what we as gamers say seriously I think you have your answer. What if it were it to turn out there actually were a severe overheating and fire risk problem with the PS4 Pro? Do you think Sony are gonna take that seriously and address the issue quckly after this?
    We're gamers. That doesn't make us anything special, but how can we be this stupid? Ultimately it doesn't matter what platform you spend your time gaming on, we all want the same thing, to enjoy this hobby we share, so can't this stupid shit just stop?
    Anyway, rant over. Thanks for letting me vent. I know this wasn't a huge deal and much of my opinions on this are pretty obvious, but I had to let this one out.
  2. articman liked a post in a topic by TrickTracked in Top 10 3DS Games   
    Hey ladies and gents here is a top 10 list of my personal favorite 3DS titles. Anyone else care to join in the discussion of favorite titles on the console?
  3. articman liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Top 10 3DS Games   
    Mine would be, in no real order
    Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward Shantae and the Pirates Curse Shin Megami Tensei IV and Apocalypse Tales of the Abyss Fire Emblem Fates
  4. MandyB liked a post in a topic by articman in Pokemon Uranium   
    Yeah figured Nintendo would pull something like this. Good thing I already got mine and for those who didn't this is the internet, once something is put on it, it never completely disappears. 
  5. Seirex liked a post in a topic by articman in Does anyone here play WoW?   
    I've played off and on over the years, couldn't stand WOD,  but I just picked up Legion because I really want to get back into it and I also have a new computer. Just used the free 100 boost on a pally and will be starting a demon hunter later tonight. I'm on Emerald Dream if you're up for leveling or dungeons the pally's name is Gariadelle and I will be making the demon hunter later tonight so feel free to send me a friend request. 
  6. articman liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Anime Club Fundraising Ideas?   
    This April? You mean April next year? Now it's September and there is 7 months till next April
    . I mean 15 guys going is a lot and if you all do something together, it's easy. If some of you can do a few jobs here and there, those that you can do for a few weeks, a month or 2 and if around 3-4 of you find a job and then put the money together, you will have 700 dollars in no time.
    I know it's a simple answer, but it's best I can do. I would be against asking for donations because for that it would be a little too much lol, but it's the Internet so you might as well if you want, just not here. I don't know if AJSA allows that.
    Other than finding a job, I really can't think of anything. There is lots of jobs you can find to earn yourself quick money and as I said, if 5 out of 15 of you does it, you will have 700 easily.
  7. articman liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Pc Booting Infinitely   
    Do you have a Windows 10 disc or USB boot drive?
  8. articman liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Pc Booting Infinitely   
    Well it looks like your going to have to use another computer to make a boot drive, since you have a key you can use this LINK to download the Media Creation Tool.  Is there anyone who has a computer you can use?
  9. articman liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Pc Booting Infinitely   
    Sounds similar to a problem I had last year. My GPU went bad randomly at one point. Everything worked fine until the next day I boot up my PC and it says no signal detected. After I switched my GPUs, it worked on another one and the old one had same issue again.
    If it says NO SIGNAL DETECTED, it might be that your PC isn't detecting your GPU so either something went wrong there or could be a serious Windows problem, but I can't tell. If you got a replaceable GPU,  try to put another one in and see if the PC will boot up.
    Maybe the random image problem that kept on popping up was also GPU releated, but I can't tell honestly. If it is your GPU, then your Windows probably works fine, but you can't see it boot up or anything cauze your PC can't detect your GPU. It's the issue I had.
    Can you enter the BIOS somehow or try to get into Widows safemode? If your Windows isn't loading up, click the button to get the Windows options and see if it pop ups and then get into SAFEMODE and see if it boots it up then.
    Or try this first before attemping any of my methods.
  10. articman liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Pc Booting Infinitely   
    To find out if it is a GPU problem then you should switch your display connection from the GPU to either the DVI or HDMI port on the motherboard.  If it is then the computer should appear to boot up normally running on the internal Intel graphics instead, of course it won't have anywhere near the performance when running without a GPU but at least you'll know that's where the trouble is.
  11. articman liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Pc Booting Infinitely   
    You should be able to create a Windows 10 boot drive with a Mac using Bootcamp.  I Found a guide on WindowsCentral.com (LINK)
  12. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by articman in Titanfall 2 Tech Test Impressions   
    It's okay but after about 10-15mins of play I just realize I could be playing Overwatch and then do that. 
  13. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by articman in Titanfall 2 Tech Test Impressions   
    It's okay but after about 10-15mins of play I just realize I could be playing Overwatch and then do that. 
  14. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by articman in Titanfall 2 Tech Test Impressions   
    It's okay but after about 10-15mins of play I just realize I could be playing Overwatch and then do that. 
  15. articman liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Titanfall 2 Open Beta   
    The Titanfall 2 Open Beta goes live this weekend on PS4, and Xbox One and I certainly plan to get something going with it. I'll probably be playing mostly on XBox, but will download the PS4 version as well. So, anyone wanna hit me up and give this a go let me know.
    Feel free to discuss the game and this test here and I'm hoping this sequel is worth it. I liked the original, but knew it had flaws, especially at launch. Still, should be fun and hope to see y'all in game.
    EDIT: Sorry, didn't realise the beta wasn't on PC. That's annoying.
  16. articman liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Overwatch's New Map Eichenwalde   
    And ahead of their Gamescon presentation Blizzard releases a new trailer showcasing a new map "Eichenwalde" which seems to be the hometown of lovable knight in shining armor Reinhardt!
    Update: YouTuber Unit Lost has posted gameplay of the new Overwatch map
  17. articman liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in So, what's your opinion of No Man's Sky?   
    Not worth 60$
  18. articman liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Overwatch: The Mercy Rant   
    "No wonder they call Mercy the momma of Overwatch. She is like a single mother trying to take care of 5 children, but the problem is her children are mentally deficient and are all carrying some kind of weapon." - Best fuckin' Mercy quote ever.

    That's how I literally feel when I play Mercy every damn time.
    "I need healing", but teammate runs away to death and then says, "Mercy idiot why don't you heal me?"
    Plays Reinhardt, but complains that his health is at 70%, but he forgets he is a tank and doesn't need me to babysit him, if there is a Genji or McCree at 40%, meaning they need 2 more shots and are probably dead so OF fucking course I will go heal them quickly and then jump to you Reinhardt, you big headed....dumbass.
    When I'm getting chased by damn cybernatic ninjas and freakin' cowboys and I'm getting focused in middle of battle, but nobody gives a shit to PROTECT THE MERCY, the one that HEALS THE TEAM, the CAREBEAR of the team, of course I'm just gonna fuckin' switch to playing my main Pharah and try to win the game by rather blowing the enemy team to pieces. Sure, I can play some other healer, but I'm really best at Mercy. Lucio I can do good with, but that really depends. I'm usually good with him on some maps. I completely avoid Zenyatta, just don't ask why, but I can't stand playing  that dude and I'm pretty good with Ana and since the last 2 patches, I have more success rate with her than Mercy.
    Last 3 games I played Mercy, I freaking lost. 2 games I avoided losing after I actually said, "fuck it" and switched to Pharah and just destroyed the enemy team. What's the point of healing and taking care of a team that's:
    1. Lost and doesn't know what to do. It's literally useless, I mean...you might as well die.
    2. Doesn't care to protect you when you need help. I MEAN SOLDIER 76, YOU HAVE A FUCKIN' AOE HEALING ABILITY, HELP ME HEAL YOU....UUUGH! Fine, you aren't getting any of my damage and healing buffs you aimbotting bastard!
    3. Everyone cries "HEAL ME!", but when you near them, they run away.
    Every time I play Mercy, I'm like bleeding and dying, while trying to heal my teammates and I'm standing there, almost dead and just watching my team and holding my freakin' head

    In 4/10 games NOW, Mercy feels viable to me. Even tho she got her buffs to her damage booster and ultimate, I feel like she is currently very useless and due to her lack of mobiliy without teammates being nearby, she is an easy target to focus down, specially with Zenyatta buffs, who can now like do INSANE damage and Ana who can just put you to sleep and poison your ass and with her grenade thing, make your heals useless.
    I rarely enjoy playing Supports in games, but holy crap, Overwatch took support class to a whole other level, by making them viable for fighting while still havin' great utility, BUT Mercy even tho she had a handgun that does good damage, it's still kinda hard to hit when you have Genji speeding towards you jumping, McCree being able to snipe enemies with his current Left click buffs, Zenyatta who can 1v1 almost offensive classes, Ana who can also destory your healing, put you to sleep and do pretty decent damage and Lucio who is very mobile, pretty tanky and has much better healing IMO, with his AOE heals.
    I have a feeling Mercy now requires babysitting and help to protect her, but problem is, that's not the problem in MERCY, that's is the problem in teammates who don't give a shit about their healer. They wanna be healed, but they don't wanna watch your back.
    And then when you do a game winning ultimate or heal most of the team during the game, some idiot Junkrat gets upvoted cauze he pressed Q inbetween 5 people and got a triple

    Anyway, this video legit shows the pain of every Mercy player rigtht now
    Sorry, I had to go on a rant now. Just had several bad Mercy games in row, despite doing great without any of my team's protection. I'm not a Mercy main or anything, but if I have to play supports I go for either Mercy or Ana.
  19. articman liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in PSA: No Mans Sky PC Port   
    What a disappointment.
  20. articman liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Another corporate gets butthurt over a fan-remake (Metroid)   
    This shit really annoys me, not because these are harmless fan projects that don't cut into their profits at all (not that this isn't a legit thing to get irritated about), but because it's actually a good thing for them!
    Without any investment on their part they can get free promotion, they can monetize the project, advertise on the accoiated website hell fucking anything but play the DMCA card and shut it down!
    I mean yes, in the majority of cases they do technically have the right to claim the material but why?  Unless it is the case of someone actually trying to profit on their intellectual property without thier permission then it's so obvious that the better solution is accept the free promotion or negotiate some kind of contract where everyone can benefit.
    But no, so many companies and Nintendo in particular would rather just scream "That's my ball!", pick it up and run home!  It's juvenile and pathetic!
  21. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by articman in Free Xcom Enemy Unknown Key   
    I just bought GTA V for PC on kinguin and they offered one of their hot random keys for 20 cents since I was making a purchase, I figured why not since it was basically free and if I get something I  have I'll just give it away here. Well I got Xcom EU which is a fantastic game however I already own it. If anyone wants it just PM me and I'll send the first person I get a PM from the key. I'll leave a reply here once I PM someone the key. 
  22. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by articman in PlayStation Plus Line-Up (August 2016)   
    I can speak from personal experience that Yakuza 5 is very good and I would I highly recommend that anyone take advantage of this offer and play it. 
  23. articman liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in Should fallout new Vegas be multiplayer?   
    ...Do you have any idea what that would require to make?
  24. articman liked a post in a topic by WeLiVeR in Overwatch: Ana | A quick guide   
    Yeah Zen is going to be getting a LOT more playtime now. He can cover a whole lot of ground and keep everyone at max hp easy with his ult up.
    Not to mention, with an added Ana and a biotic grenade, his ult is completely unstoppable. (You can also cancel it out fairly easily with Ana too.)
    I guarantee Zen+Ana is going to be a popular support comp.
  25. WeLiVeR liked a post in a topic by articman in Overwatch: Ana | A quick guide   
    She looks pretty good, but now that Zenyatta is getting buffed I think I'm just going to use him instead.