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  1. After the Uprising Event is over, I'm done with Overwatch for a while. These lootbox drops were absolutely atrocious for me, I got two legendary skins for characters I hardly ever play, but moreover, I tried saving up for the skins I wanted with coins, but with the amount of new sprays and voicelines there were it seems vitually impossible to do so right now. What's more insulting is I did get Legendary Skins - duplicates of the normal ones, even more than the event skins. Now halfway through the event, I realized that Comp gives you more XP so I decided to start doing that instead whilst my Arcade Lootboxes refreshed, but even then, my SR absolutely tanked due to people leaving matches halfway through leaving the rest of us to struggle. Heck, I even came across a Diamond-Ranked Mercy and I thought "Oh cool! A Diamond Rank Healer!" until I realized they were doing the bare minimum not to get kicked from the game, damage buffing from time to time and popping a voiceline every few minutes. Even then, it feels like you are rewarded very little for actually winning a game in Comp whilst punished very harshly for losing. I mean, what's the point in playing competitive when even if you get POTG and you're on the winning team, breaking a losing streak, you only go up like 20 SR? That has been happening to me, I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't downright constant. So to sumarize, my Uprising Event went something along the lines like this; 1. I got skins for characters I never play 2. I couldn't save up coins from duplicates because I stopped getting them, and the ones I did get are not enough to cover it. 3. Tanking my SR in Comp Yeah, needless to say at first I thought Year of the Rooster was bad, but at least there I could at least afford the skins I wanted with the coins I saved up since the skins themselves were reasonably priced, the Non-Legendary ones anyway. I'm not sure if anybody elses experience was as horrible as mine, but I feel very alone on this. I don't have expendable income to spend on microtransactions, and I don't agree with that practice in general, but I feel slightly conned from this event. There was too much content, not enough time to earn it, and those who didn't pay for it feels like were actively punished for doing so despite dropping so many hours into the game and recieving little to nothing. The only thing I can think of to remedy such a thing from happening again is to increase the amount of coins you get from duplicates to maybe make up for the margins. Other than that, I'm done with Overwatch for a very, very long time.
  2. This is an open letter to everyone in the AJSA PS4 Division Dear Everyone, I am posting this here because I wished to post this in the PS4 chat, but I felt it was too long, so I am putting it fully here. First off, I must give everyone within the PS4 Division a very heartfelt thank you. I found this community when I first got Overwatch for Christmas 2016, I was only level 15, and I kept on being matched up with twelve year olds in-game. Having been on the AJSA website for many years, I posted my request, my subtle plea - I just wanted somebody to play with. Somebody who wouldn't screw me over, who would look past the fact I was only a low level player in my first ever online multiplayer game, and actively help me become a better player. Enter WITHASTICK, the Community Leader who answered my call. At first, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, truth be told, I was scared. I was scared I would face the rejection I always do in real life, when you're an outlander like me who lives in a small town, where everyone knows everyone, having to continue being the lone wolf. But how do wolves live? In packs of course. It seemed I had finally found a pack that accepted me. Everyday, I wake up, I go to College, and I go home, sometimes work will take the place of college in that sequence but its the same sequence nonetheless. From the amount of moving around I do, its hard to make friends, I don't fit in with people where I live - my lifestyle, my ideals, my mentality is just too different. I used to dread going to college, knowing just how alone I was, but now, its changed. I may not know your real names, I may not know your faces, you may consider it sad, but I consider you all as friends. In the short time span I have been in the community, I already have so many memories to look back upon and smile about - be it being up late at night helping me with a stupidly complicated math problem whilst trying to calm me down, getting everybody ranked in Comp on Overwatch and dreading the result after exchanging placement horror stories, Torbjorn's corpse always getting POTG even after somebody got a triple kill as Symmetra, glitching guards in Dishonored, the amazing armor designs from For Honor, the Horion Zero Dawn hype, the Nioh tips, and everyone becoming digital photographers in an effort to get their picture on the community page. As I said before, I used to dread College, but now, I have something to look forward to, it makes the days shorter and less painful knowing that there's a group of people I can look forward to hanging out with, even if we don't know each other's names or faces. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Yours Sincerely, ASOBlueRose - AJSA PS4 Division
  3. PSN ID: ASOBlueRose Consoles: PS4, PS3
  4. I get you man, still thanks for hooking me up
  5. That would be great, honestly I didn't know those existed, and I wasn't exactly sure where to post this topic either haha, but I would love that if you brought me into one of those. I just want to play with people who won't blow out my speakers every time something happens in the game. I won't act like I'm the best either, but it would be a nice change. Thanks for letting me know man
  6. Hello there everyone! So I don't know about you, but I'm getting rather sick and tired entering into a random game be it in any mode, and the only other person who has a microphone being the twelve year old who screams and calls everyone a fa**ot when they die despite the fact the character they chose was totally unsuited for the situation the other team was in, and rather than group up with the rest of the group, keeps going in solo despite not even being a tanking character or having a high enough skill level to take on 1 v 5. In case you haven't been able to tell, yeah, its been a rough night for me now that I'm posting this. So I was wanting to find some people, preferably with microphones, to join up with me in Overwatch who will actually be helpful and is willing to work as a team, as opposed to the situation above. If you want a little more info on me, I'm a Symmetra main, lvl 19, and although I do tend to have a preference for generally playing support (even though Symmetra shouldn't really be classed as support...) I can play offense or tank when the situation calls for it. My PSN and BattleNet name is ASOBlueRose, feel free to post here or hit me up, microphone is preferred for communication but not essential. I look forward to playing with you guys!
  7. Thank you guys so much, I made the first episode, it hasn't gotten a lot of views but I've gotten some positive feedback from it, even better the content will hold up in any English class be it high school or college Thank you guys so much!
  8. I've already strated scripting for the new literature/gaming show but I need a title I can't decide between textual gaming or literal gaming
  9. I think I will go through with the idea above thanks man
  10. Well, I did have an idea, it's kind of crazy though. So in classic literature which I have been studying for a while now, there are certain themes and allusions in them that I've noticed appear in games too, things like Icarus, Crossing the Rubicon, Tower of Babel etc... each video would be dedicated to one theme, explaining what it is, and in what games they appear in. But again, would anyone watch that? I want to play games and make videos for myself but I want to be original.
  11. I am mostly on Playstation 4, I don't have enough money for a big ol' gaming PC, I don't like FPS so much and I can't do online gaming since I don't have enough money for Playstation Plus. I was considering playing Bloodborne or maybe covering the Wasteland Workshop DLC in Fallout 4, Bloodborne I don't think would be a good idea though considering the release of Dark Souls 3. I guess I don't want to be accused of being unoriginal is the big thing. I want to release a video I made playing MGSV but I don't know if that would even get views.
  12. I need a little bit of help, I'm trying to get a Youtube channel off of the ground by the same name as my username, but I'm not sure what to play! Could you guys give me suggestions as to what would be a good game to play through for a fledgling Youtube Channel?
  13. I totally agree with you, it was a good game but it just wasn't a Devil May Cry game, kind a like whats going on with Jurassic World right now with people saying "Yeah its a good movie, but its not a good Jurassic Park movie," I remember the Switcher (Two Best Friends) did say something similar, if it would have been a different title it would have been fine but as a Devil May Cry game it was too far removed from the series to even be considered apart of it.
  14. I honestly think capcom might have the worst marketing dept out there (Maybe just above Konami's though) as Revelations 2 was barely advertised. I'm looking forward to the DMC4 special edition since I have never heard of a game company taking a six year old game and putting in 3 more campaigns/playable characters and using the PC version as a base for the consoles. I do have to agree with you that not having Street Fighter V on Xbone is a bad idea as well as a weird decision considering its also on PC where Microsoft is in the market place. They could be getting back on their feet, but I do recall Anrgy Joe saying that its Capcom Japan thats stuck in the past with all the shady practices but thats besides the point, they have a lot of disappointed, cynical fans they need to make up to.
  15. I need some help in Bloodborne, basically I can't get past Father Gascoigne. Now this being said I have the music box but I have absolutely no time to use it as every time I try I either get smacked down then ravaged on the ground in his beast form until my health drains away because my character doesn't even have the chance to get up, or I'm too far away that he can't hear it. I've had the game since May 6th and I have grinded a whole lot for Soul Echoes but I was just wondering if anybody had a better way to beat him other than the 'Try, try and try again' method.