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  1. The first Watchdogs was a huge disappointment for what many thought it was going to look, and play like, but one of the worst things about it was how poorly it performed on PC, and how little attention the PC version got. Now that refunds are a thing on Steam, and PC gamers are more skeptical about the sequel of this game, do you think Ubisoft will actually try to do a good port for the PC version of this game?
  2. Not very good.. I am having tons of crashes, and bugs all over the place. I fixed an error thanks to some people on here, but its still giving me problems, might buy it on consoles, and wait for PC version to be fixed. A lot of people are apparently having the same problem on Steam from looking at the Steam forum for Fallout 4.
  3. Thanks i think i have fixed the problem.
  4. I just recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I think my drivers are up to dates, i am not sure though. Yes all my parts seem to be connected. I didn't start having these issues until i upgraded to Windows 10, and did a clean reboot.
  5. Okay so i was all excited for Fallout 4, and have it on Steam, but when i am playing it, i will get a blue screen with a sad face saying error SYSTEM SERVICE EXTENSION. I have no idea what to do.. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and then did a clean boot. My specs: ASUS GtX 970 Strix FX-8350 8GB RAM 2TB Hard Drive 800w PS.
  6. gna
  7. Never been a fan of QTE, and its the main reason why i havn't bought The Order, Until Dawn yet.
  8. But the Halo 5 Edition will be gone by then T-T
  9. GNRL
  10. Okay, so i have been putting off on buying the XboxOne for some time, because i for one am a PC gamer primarily, and a lot of the XboxOne exclusives have been coming to PC lately, and second i already own a PS4, Wii-U, and New 3DSXL, which honestly i think should be enough... However after seeing Halo 5, and other games coming out i kinda have been wanting one. What made me want o buy one now though is that Halo 5 Limited Edition XboxOne. It looks so awesome, and comes with the main game i wanted to buy it for. However, it costs $500, which is a good bit of money, and there are tons of games coming out in the next few months that i want to get like Fallout 4, Starfox Zero, Mario Maker, Call of Duty BO3 (First time i wanted to buy a COD game in a long while, Beta was fun.), Rainbow Six Siege, Uncharted Collection, Persona 5, and more.. I just don't see me buying all that, and an XboxOne. I think the platforms i have now should be good enough. What do you guys think i should do? Buy the XboxOne, or just stick with what i got?
  11. Okay thanks for the info! Will try it out.
  12. Will i still be able to download Windows 10? I am worried that they won't let me redownload it once going backt o Windows 7.
  13. Well i finally got a notification for Windows 10 yesterday, and was excited to finally use it. I had work though, so i decided to let it download while i was gone (i work night shift), and when i got back i noticed that the log in screen was different which reminded me about Win 10. I eagerly started looking around seeing all the new apps, and style of my PC, but the excitement changed instantly when i noticed that my PC wasn't registering my video card which is a Asus GTX 970 Strix.. I tried going, and redownloading my drivers, but got this message ( file system error 1073741819) I have no idea what that is, nor do i know how to fix it. I tried opening my other programs like Nvidia Experience, and programs that let me control my fans like with the GPU, but got the same error message, which got me nervous to even be on it. Does anyone know hat i should do, and how to fix this? I cannot do anything like play games, or mess with things that invlove my vidoe card. If i try to play games, my PC can get really hot since i cannot control my fans. Very stressed out right now.. Wish i knew more about PCs..
  14. Very awesome! Favorite BF game, and one of my favorite shooters period.
  15. No idea honestly.. Didn't have any audio skipping, but some objects kept flickering away, and back. Definitely wasn't a flawless experience, but still amazing.