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  1. It's a fun f2p game, fairly balanced and the micro transactions in this game are mostly quality of life improvements. You can totally play this game w/o spending a penny and compete on equal footing with the best players. However you will need to adjust your game play and be better than the other guy as the game will be less forgiving. I think the biggest thing that most people don't realize is how big of an impact training up your crew makes. Spending gold to 100% your crew is a tempting shortcut, but you can also grind them up by just playing the game. I feel that the biggest negative for WoT is the lack of different game modes, it's basically 15 v 15 team death match, all day, every day. Another huge strike against the game is the huge grind required to get top tier. If you're a get to max level or max tier type gamer, then the grind without premium account will break your soul and leave you in a fetal position after stabbing out your eyes in frustration. However, I think that the free to play model in this game is good enough to give you a feel of what this game has to offer and if you get really hooked into it, than I think paying for a premium account and some bells and whistles is a good investment into a game that you will sink countless hours into while grinding up your tanks and having a blast (BTW having 1-2 other players to platoon with you will improve your enjoyment factor level by 9000). I disagree with anyone that says that this game is P2W. If you think that, imo you either haven't played the game in the last year or do not have a deeper understanding of the game mechanics. Here's a hint, no pro WoT teams uses premium tanks in their lineup in regular tournament play. Every tank and equipment/consumables used by the pro teams can be bought by credits earned without spending a penny on the game.