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  1. The war against the Burning Legion is over, but the Battle for Azeroth is about to begin. A lot of interesting changes are coming to WoW in the (presumably) near future. Level Cap Raised to 120 (from 110) The most obvious change will be in the late-game leveling. At release there will be 6 new zones across 2 new continents. From the look of things the Alliance will be leveling mostly in the maritime kingdom of Kul Tiras, birthplace of Jaina Proudmoore. The humans there are struggling with a number of problems; necromatic witches, a power grab in one of the noble families, the restless spirits of vengeful sailors, spooky wicker treants, and pirates! The Horde will be leveling in the continant of Zandalar, the former seat of power of the ancient troll empire (styled after the Mayans, it looks like). The things they'll be dealing with there include; vampiric blood magic, gigantic dinosaurs, snake desert bandits, and an abandoned Titan facility where it looks like they were experimenting on The Old Gods... real Cthulhu-type shit. The two factions will most likely be able to travel to and do things in the other faction's continent. The end-game will probably involve doing world quests in each other's zones for PVP or boss hunting. And speaking of PVP. PVP and PVE.... gone?! This change has been highly polarizing in the community. From what I understand, Blizz is no longer going to classify their servers as PVP or PVE. Essentially the whole game is now PVE. As with PVE servers, you will have the option to flag yourself for PVP to attack nearby enemy players. What I've also heard is that Blizzard will incentivize playing in PVP mode, likely with some kind of EXP/reward boost for quests or bonus Honor points or something. Personally I'm not the greatest fan of PVP (even though I play in a PVP server). It's still going to be a part of the game for people who still want it, but it might make PVE players feel like they're missing out. That said, playing on PVP has rarely been as hazardous as people might think it is. Depending on what server you play, you might not get any enemy players if you're playing during a busy hour. But hey, there's strength in numbers. Join a guild if you're still feeling kinda exposed. Warfronts I'm not entirely sure what the deal with these is about, but I'll do my best to explain. A long time ago back before 2004, Blizzard was mostly known for their RTS games. Warcraft was an RTS series. Warfronts seem to be a cooperative RTS dungeon... kinda. You are basically the hero unit, you command soldiers and collect resources around the map, building your arsenal up, and then striking when the enemy is exposed. It sounds pretty exciting to me. I'm not sure if they're going to make it a proper Alliance v. Horde thing, from what I've seen all the enemies are NPCs. But I guess you could consider this the unofficial Warcraft IV mode. Allied Races WoW is now introducing 6 new races to the Alliance and Horde! Well they call them "allied" races, which is sort of a roundabout way of saying "sub-races". The Alliance can now play as Dark Iron Dwarves, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves The Horde get Zandalari Trolls, Nightborne Elves, and Highmountain Tauren The races were mostly introduced in Legion, with the exception of Dark Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls, and I believe you need to grind out reputation in order to create a character of that race. Don't worry, at least some of them are reputations that are important to the story, so you'll likely grind them out quickly if you haven't already. Each race offers unique customization options, mounts, and armor appearances. And in addition everyone is getting 3 more character slots, for a total of 15. Storyline content, new dungeons, and more! Teldrassil burned to the ground! The Alliance retake Loredaron! That's about as much information as I have at the time of posting this. I'll be keeping this updated as more info arises. I'm very eager to know what's going to happen, who fires the first shot? Are we being played like a fiddle? Seemingly all major threats are dealt with... or are they? Til then, enjoy this brief features trailer for a more visual representation of what I'm talking about.
  2. I've been playing a lot of Blizzard in my spare time as of late. It occurred to me that the profile settings don't have a display option for Battle.net tags. I think the forums would benefit from being able to share each other's IDs given the variety of content Blizzard has released. Think about it: WoW and Diablo are RPGs, and with Legion coming out it might be worth establishing (or re-establishing) a guild. Overwatch is a damn good-looking First Person Shooter that we might want to play with a streamer like Joe or Delrith. Maybe make it an official game. Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA and it looks like we've got an active community in that. StarCraft and Hearthstone are Strategy games. Who knows, maybe we can get a tournament going some day. So I'm making this topic for us to share each other's Battle.nets and what games we all play. I know HotS has a list of their own, but I want this topic to encompass all games and genres Blizzard makes. So we'll just say our accounts and what games we frequent. Like: My ID is AngelAquila#1241 and I play a lot of WoW and Hearthstone When we have more IDs, I'll make a list with each user and what games they play.
  3. Starting tomorrow, you can vote on Steam for your top video games of the year. Each award's poll will be open for 24 hours, so cast your votes if it matters to you. December 21st, 10 am PST The "Choices Matter" Award - Emphasis on quotation marks. Generally the idea is more about sandboxy open-endedness or being able to control the narrative somewhat. And the nominees are... - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Life is Strange: Before the Storm - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Dishonored 2 December 22nd, 10 am PST The "Mom's Spaghetti" Award - The Munchhausen by Proxy award? Oh it's the games that make you feel "palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy" with adrenaline award. I like Eminem, but that reference is 15 years old. - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - Outlast 2 - Resident Evil 7 - The Evil Within 2 - Alien: Isolation December 23rd, 10 am PST The "Labor of Love" Award - This award is meant for games that receive continuous updates despite having been out for a long time. - Team Fortress 2 - Warframe - Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - Path of Exile - Crusader Kings II December 24th, 10 am PST The "Suspension of Disbelief" Award - Or the "what the hell did I just watch you play?" award. Games when out of context (and sometimes in context) seem ridiculous or insane. - Saints Row IV - Goat Simulator - South Park the Fractured But Whole - Rocket League - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus December 25th, 10am PST The "The World Is Grim Enough Let's Just All Get Along" Award - Basically the "feel good game" award. I feel like these awards were really obtusely named. - Stardew Valley - Cities: Skylines - Slime Rancher - ABZU - To The Moon December 26th, 10 am PST The "No Apologies" Award - The 'unconditional love' award? I guess the idea is "I don't feel guilty for liking this game". - Rust - Mount and Blade: Warband - HuniePop - Gothic II: Gold Edition - The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (The Witcher 1) December 27th, 10 am PST The "Defies Description" Award - That's for sure. Games that are hard to describe with just a few words. - Garry's Mod - The Stanley Parable - Pony Island - Antichamber - Doki Doki Literature Club December 28th, 10 am PST The "Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War" Award - Blood, chaos, explosions, not in any particular order. - Just Cause 3 - Total War: Warhammer II - Broforce - Red Faction: Guerrilla Steam Edition - Middle Earth: Shadow of War December 29th, 10 am PST The "Haunts My Dreams" Award - Horror Games? Nope, timesink games apparently. - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Dota 2 - Dark Souls III - Factorio - Sid Meier's Civilization VI December 30th, 10 am PST The "Soul Of Vitruvius" Award - The best ("most lovingly") rendered character award. You're gonna understand the quotations in a second. - NieR: Automata - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - I am Bread - Bayonetta December 31st, 10 am PST The "Whoaaaaaa. Dude! 2.0" Award - The LSD award. - Hotline Miami - Luna - Antichamber - CPU Invaders - The Evil Within 2 January 1st, 10 am PST The "Best Soundtrack" Award - Finally a straightforward award. - NieR: Automata - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Undertale - Cuphead - Transistor January 2nd, 10 am PST The "Even Better Than I Expected" Award - Which I guess is the closest thing to a GotY category we're gonna get in this thing. - Assassin's Creed Origins - Cuphead - Call of Duty: WWII - Hollow Knight - Sonic Mania So what do you all think of the Steam Awards? I haven't been paying much attention this year but I feel like there were better games that should've filled some of these categories... and some of them aren't even a "recent games" categories. To me it feels like Valve has been trying to get people to subtly stroke their ego a bit with some of these awards nominees. "CS:GO, Dota 2, Garry's Mod". Team Fortress 2 is the one that made me actually laugh. "Hey, remember when we announced a Pyro update a year ago? Uhhhhhh... here ya go! See, we still care." Also, I just noticed I don't think there's a user-submitted award this year. Probably because I think users would prefer creating a shame award for games that were received negatively. I know I did. Last year I nominated No Man's Sky for the "No Guy Buy" award.
  4. I actually first tried out WoW a good halfway into WotLK. I'm sure there's something to appreciate when a game is more challenging and has better flavor, but it still has its share of shortcomings too (besides the fact that most people don't have the free time they did back in 2004). But it's still good of them to at least offer the option of being able to play this more challenging mode of the game. Although personally the game is a bit more accessible than it was back then, which is what got me to play it regularly. Ammunition for bows/guns is definitely going to be annoying, and hopefully they keep the 200 item per stack system they have now. Combined with tiny bank space, that's going to be a pain to deal with again. Didn't rogue poisons need actual reagents in Vanilla as well? And yeah the mounts were expensive, and they took up a precious inventory space too. I could see them going 50/50, keeping the game mechanics the same but just adding in some quality of life improvements such as the larger backpack for using the Authenticator. They said that they would respond to user input, so if I had to guess they're probably going to start as close to basic Vanilla as possible and introduce features in the PTR to see how people respond to them.
  5. For those of who who haven't heard, Blizzard is going to be hosting its own Vanilla WoW servers. I'm not a person who played WoW since Vanilla, but it's obvious that a lot of both current and ex WoW players love Vanilla. I'm interested in trying it out, although I'm also wondering if people will actually pay the subscription fee for it. Private Vanilla WoW servers have been a thing for quite some time, and with this reveal I doubt Blizzard will let them continue to exist for too much longer. Which to me is understandable, since they own the rights to the game and they're capitalizing on what people want to see. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on Classic WoW? Any stories from when they played?
  6. On the one hand, I think ESO has utterly failed at trying to compete at the same level of WoW or GW2. On the other hand, they might think that Fallout is niche enough that it could make money as an MMO without interrupting WoW's market share. The fact is that there is no "market share" for MMOs. Most players are loyal to the games they play or the companies that make them. Fallout Online will have to make its money on its own merits, not on whatever an Excel spreadsheet says. That said, the relatively low effort of ESO seems to suggest that FOO will be a hot mess on release. I also kind of wonder how the game will play. Will it be action-heavy like Destiny, or will it try going back to its point-and-click roots? Who knows.
  7. I asked around, and apparently there were open ballots during the Fall Sale or something, so most these are user-submitted, and all of these are majority voted. Although there was STILL no custom award option.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a post anywhere to talk about current events in Overwatch, so I wanted to make one to let people be aware if there was any gameplay changes or events incoming. For the month of December there's a new event and a few auxiliary updates: December 12, 2017 New Seasonal Event: Winter Wonderland 2017 From now until January 1, a new Brawl is available called Mei's Yeti Hunt. I wonder if this might be a light jab at Valve's TF2 update video... The last year's brawl, Mei's Snowball Offensive, is also available to play. And both have the chance of winning holiday-themed lootboxes for Christmas-y cosmetics. http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Winter_Wonderland A somewhat complete list of the various emotes, victory screens, and skins can be seen here. Player Warning Updates It seems like there was an issue regarding the player warning system. (If I recall, receiving a ton of warnings would make it essentially impossible to find a match in matchmaking, this was resolved a long time ago though) The game now makes it clear when you have received a warning, and on the opposite end when your warnings have been resolved. I would assume they're fine-tuning this system to make it less abusable. Custom Match Ultimates There's new options when creating a custom match, such as the ability to start off with an Ultimate and being able to adjust the duration of your Ultimate charges. You can set it so the Ultimates can disappear if left unused for some amount of time, or just make the whole match a mess of everyone popping their Ultimates. Bug Squish There was a bug in Elimination Mode that caused you to spawn as a random hero instead of one you highlighted, that's been fixed. Several graphical glitches have been fixed regarding character models or abilities interacting with the environment. Gameplay wise, Torb's hammer wouldn't interact and upgrade his turret if used from certain angles, same with Road Hog's hook. Both have been fixed. Mercy's Resurrection cooldown now resets after activating Valkyrie as well. That's about it for the most recent patch. I'll also use this page to update information on the PTR when it becomes available. If you want the more detailed patch rundown, check it out here.
  9. Here is a somewhat more accurate outline of what properties go to who: Essentially all of the entertainment aspects of Fox are going to Disney, and they're going to remain a "news" network. So I believe this means that Disney now owns a majority stock in Hulu? Will we be seeing more Disney things there and not in whatever weird stream service they've been pushing?
  10. I guess it makes sense. I've only been playing for a while, but I was introduced to WoW by my friend who plays on a PvP server. Now PvP isn't limited it only PvP servers, cause you can always tag yourself for PvP (or become tagged somehow) but when you're getting ganked in Outland or other leveling areas, it becomes a hassle to have it on all the time. Unless you have a raid party or a guild backing you up, PvP is kinda sucky. That's just my experience though. Arenas and duels are always an option I guess.
  11. For the few people that still remember me, I've been in the AJSA for a while. Life sorta caught up with me and I needed to step away for a while. I wouldn't say I'm "back" to fulltime AJSA but I'm gonna try to be around the forums a bit more. My downtime has been almost exclusively WoW lately. I only got into it recently, but its hooks are deep. I tried getting into it on three separate occasions since Wrath of the Lich King, but I think Hearthstone was the thing that made me fall for the lore and world of Warcraft. (The RTS was pretty good too, but that wasn't enough to hook me.) So yeah it seems like there are one or two people here who frequently play WoW, and I wanna play with you guys if I can.. and I also wanna see where everyone stands when it comes to server and faction preference. Maybe we can band together and do weekly raids or dungeons. (I've still got to do the group Apexis dailies if anyone wants to help with that.) So for people interested in adding me my Battlenet is AngelAquila#1241. I'm probably gonna get Overwatch when it comes out. Or you can watch me suck at Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm.... I've never played, but I might in the future?
  12. Well Joe also probably does most of the writing for his reviews, and plays the games extensively so he can break them down on a critical level and show parts that deserve attention either for praising or calling out flaws. I think the first problem comes from who will write for Other Joe. Writing for yourself is easy in the sense that you know how you would say things, and you can work around what comes naturally to you, but writing for someone else has to keep their style of performance and manner of speaking in mind. You wanna have it so it's fairly organic, like it's actually OJ saying what's on his mind and not just being fed lines from AJ. I'm sure OJ could write for himself, but I don't think he's used to the type of production that AJ goes through in making his reviews. He mostly just shows up for a joke or sits in on streams and chats with the AJSA or takes a turn playing a game. He's a colorful commentator, but I dunno how he'd do as the main focus. Nothing against Other Joe of course, he's a really cool guy and I think he should be getting his share of facetime with Joe. But getting him his own show seems like more work instead of less work on Joe. But that's just my opinion anyway.
  13. Kinda last minute but I'm in. GNG.
  14. I'm not sure it was ever active? I did a quick search on WoWhead for Delrith's character. Apparently he's still at level 90. And that character search was up to date, cause I saw my character's recent gear when I searched for my toons. Bummer, I was hoping there was a guild.
  15. This is a call out to the entire crew of the The AJS Army PS3, you’re ready. “For what?” you may ask. Simple, you’re ready for opportunities. To take scores that can pay you. This is no simple drug run for Gerald, or a hit from Martin. No these scores are bigger than those clowns. A score that’ll take more than some lone wolf. You’re gonna need a team, and where better to look but right here. Now it’s up to you, I say you’re ready to take a score. Prove me right. This thread is to help organize our crew members for hire. I know Los Santos can be a bit daunting to the normal lower ranks. You might feel a bit shy to speak up or to take a job. It’s okay we’ve all been there. We've all been that person at the bar looking at another person. Can’t build up the courage to even say “Hello." Even if you do, you just lock up and sound so weird. Than they just laugh at how dumb you look. Where was I? Oh yes crew members for hire. Here are a few things below you should probably list so people can get an idea of what kinda crew member you’re. Heist Member For Hire Resume PSN IDMastermind or GruntYour best talent (driving, shooting, flying, etc.)Why you think you’d be a benefit on the score. See how easy was that, you got your crew all ready. You all look pretty confident, but don’t get too cocky kids. Just because you guys think you can shoot a gun pretty well, doesn’t make you special. I’m told kids on some game called 'Righteous Slaughter 7' can do it way better than you, and f#ck your mom while doing so. But, what does make you special? Respect and teamwork. Once you've done all this, and you score your big score. Celebrate, enjoy and bask in the glory of Victory. Hell why not go spend it up, make it rain or so they say. Why not share your winnings and brag how much of a “Badass!” you guys are. So that the Cops of Los Santos can see it later on the internet, come knocking on your door, and arrest you. Because you were that stupid to post it on 'Life Invader'… Nonetheless that’s celebrating am I right! All GIF's were made from footage of a Heist crew formed by members of the Angry Grand Theft Army. Members are: WITHASTICK, Recon_avwf, JAT1351, and X_Kamikaze_Doll.
  16. I'm creating this as a new topic to help inform people who want to join the crew about the current status of both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 Crews. As of March 10, 2014: To apply for either Crew, you must post you Rockstar Social Club Account and your XBL/PSN Account in the Official AJSA GTA V Crew topic. Wait for an officer in the Crew to send you an invite via Rockstar Social club, and you're in!
  17. The game has had a couple of updates and at least there's a new game mode available now. Ranked seems to be better than unranked, although you still occasionally get some bullshit matchups.
  18. I haven't considered pre-ordering games for a long time. It seems like a good idea at first, but then when the game comes out you tend to get a bit more buyer's remorse... or the pre-order bonuses don't really seem all they're cracked up to be. Although in this case it seems like a BS reason to push pre-order sales is by giving people who shell out money on day one an extra advantage on everyone. That's some tricky shit, man. The gaming industry just seems to keep finding ways to manipulate consumers into blindly giving them money.
  19. Yeah the Konami self-destruction continues. I'm hoping Kojima still manages to get funded to do his other games like ZOE and Policenauts. Other than Phantom Pain, I've pretty much wrote MGS as a loss. And I agree with Alpha Omega, we shouldn't support a publisher who makes such boneheaded decisions. Like cancelling Silent Hills. Goddamn.
  20. Add me on PSN iffin' you want. My account is TheAngelAquila. I've finally got a PS4, so I'm about in the same boat as you. I've got one dude I reliably play with, but we need some more people to play with.
  21. So my friend and I are arguing about the merits of the Playstation 4 over my current game library. Keeping in mind that I don't have a disposable income and can't afford to pay for Playstation Plus for more than 3 months currently. His suggestion is that I should trade in all of my systems and their games to be able to afford a PS4, Playstation Plus, and a choice selection of games that are currently available for purchase. Right now my PS3 library is 22 games, 9 games for the 3DS, and 6 games for the Wii U. Not all of these games are eligible for trade-in credit (being digital copies) but I would still lose the ability to play them because of the lack of a system. I'm willing to trade in what I have for my PS3, but trading in the Nintendo systems and the ability to play more of what's currently out of them is what's holding me back from going all-in on the new systems. So between the two of us we're at a stalemate. So what's your opinion on what I should be trading in for this stuff?
  22. I like superheroes. A lot. I like making my own superheroes and making stories about them. Unfortunately there's not that many games out there that allow you the freedom of making your own superhero with their own unique abilities and putting them in an open world with other people. It's kind of a romantic way of looking at MMOs I suppose. Ideally you have the PVPers who put in a lot of time and effort into building these characters to maximize their abilities to use against other people, but then you have the people who sort of want a character to have powers regardless of their effectiveness and to create a storytelling environment with other people. Unfortunately I'm not sure that either of the current Superhero MMOs on the market are those things. I really wish there was more variety. This is such an unexpored market, and with the fall of City of Heroes I feel like I'll never know what the genre can really do having never played it myself. There are aspects I like about DCUO, but a lot of it feels restrictive and kinda bland. And Champions allows more freedom, but it sticks a lot of the best shit behind paywalls and microtransactions. In DC I feel like no one gives a damn about trying to convey a story outside of the typical and autonomous DC characters because you're kind of a third wheel in that setting, but in Champions Online the community... well let's face it, it's mostly composed of 15 year olds whose idea of a roleplay or dramatic story involves a lot of hypersexualization and immature character designs. Neither of these feels like a game that I can get either aspect of a roleplaying game out of. At least not to the best of its ability. Which of the two games do you guys prefer? Is this a genre you guys would totally like to see more of or is it just doomed to fall to the wayside of fantasy-based MMOs? Is there a dark horse that will come and become the next alleged CoH?
  23. I have the game. I put my 3DS and Dream Address in my signature. I pretty much unlocked all the shops at this point and I'm just hunting for certain things, like a couple missing pieces of Golden furniture and the Boxing furniture. If you got those, I'll buy them off you or trade them for something.
  24. So I got around to streaming some GTA heists. These videos are kinda long, unfortunately there wasn't much I could do to reduce the time it took to do these. In fact I had to do the mission many times over due to disconnections, griefs, and bad players who just gave up after one try. Fortunately I found some AJSA members to play with and that made a pretty good difference. There's also a section with getting angry at the game's idling policy while waiting for the lobby to fill up, so I highlighted that too. ----------------------- Grand Theft Aquila - EMP Delivered (10:59) Grand Theft Aquila - Humane Labs Finale (21:52) Aquila gets kicked (2:26)
  25. So about a year ago I started experimenting with recording and livestreaming my game footage. I finally started to experiment with highlighting and putting some videos together, so now I'd like to share these with the AJSA. Questions and critiques are welcome; whether they're about my stream setup, my gameplay skill, or my idle chatter. I'm looking to improve my streams in the future so that they're a bit easier to sit through. Below I'll link my main channel page, as well as the individual highlight links by game and recording date. Lemme know what you guys think. --------------------- My Twitch Channel: TheAngelAquila Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Lag-King Aquila's Best Wins (4:45) Lag-King Yuganon - Aquila and Officerpaulie (8:36) Lag-King vs. Botch-King (10:53) Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Aquila - EMP Delivered (10:59) Grand Theft Aquila - Humane Labs (21:52) Aquila gets kicked (2:26) [More games coming soon!]