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  1. I beat the game a few days ago, had no technical issues with a gtx760 and found the difficulty fine on hard though I'm no super expert at shooters so mileage there may vary, beat the game in 10 hours then tried this alternate timeline story they have going and it felt identical to me, I'm not sure if it changes later on but it felt like the only changes were a couple of characters and some dialogue, the set pieces and cut-scenes they have are always the same, but again not sure if this branches out later on as I didn't feel like doing it all again in one sitting.
  2. I felt the same with the jump from 3 to 4, I've played both and now 5 and I personally feel 5 does add enough to be considered a sequel with the research and eras, though I can see where you're coming from
  3. Why not just open it up then for more people to post since people already post plenty of news in other forums since they can't access the actual news forum.
  4. Monster hunter must be my most played game by far, over the whole franchise I'd say easily over 1000 hours spent on them, roughly 300 hours each according to my save files.
  5. I'd say it certainly differs depending on the kind of music you're into but recently this has been in my head - By no means the best I'd say but it's very relaxing to zoom out of your theme park and have this kick in
  6. I've noticed there only seems to be one person capable of actually posting new threads to the general gaming news forum we have and that seems a little counter-productive, I think we should have at least three or four people perhaps from differing time-zones to keep on top of stuff happening within the games industry.
  7. From sheer frustration of playing a game that didn't function correctly I'd have to say Alone in the dark inferno is definitely up there.
  8. Would be nice to have a couple of you to play with if you ever want to start fresh add me on steam, I've not played BL2 in a long time and would make for a nice change, I think I got the season pass so I should have everything available
  9. I had a quick look around but there's no official list yet, though from what I've seen on different review sites etc these "might" be commands but I cannot say for certain: "meow" - distant cat noise "light" - turns off phone light for a while "owl" - a hooting owl sound is heard Not much else I could find at this moment, guess you'll just have to experiment with random words and the horrible twitch delay to hope you find something else.
  10. would be nice having more people to play with, would finally give me an excuse to hit infamy as I've been sitting around level 90 for who knows how long
  11. Not death wish?
  12. Another suggestion, Evil Genius is a classic strategy game to me at least, taking the side of evil, building an underground volcano lair and sending minions out to do nefarious deeds, it's a great concept for sure but arguable that it's not executed as well as it could be but I've always enjoyed that game.
  13. As it was my first ace combat game I had no prior expectations of what it'd be and personally I thought it was an alright experience bar the turret sections that dragged a bit too long for my liking, I do hear it's nothing like previous ace combat games though and it's not really something I'd play through a second time so if you are thinking about it, get it on discount but if you're expecting something like other AC games then avoid because it's more like a different game entirely just using the same title as I understand
  14. I personally have recently enjoyed playing Dragon commander and Age of Wonders 3 so I do recommend those the former being an RTS where you can take control of a dragon with a jetpack to aid your troops and the latter a turn based strategy with magic spells to aid your army or hinder the enemy
  15. I apologise for referring to them as nazis, I feel as if my post was the straw that broke that particular back and would just like to affirm that I do not mean it in a literal sense