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  1. For Honor Angry Review

    AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Angerbeard, & Purrluna all do battle amongst the legendary Knights, Vikings and Samurai! Will a clear winner be determined or will they all suffer under the wrath of Ubisoft's Uplay network!
  2. test.jpg

    From the album Funny Glitches

  3. 3DTerrain-LiveStream-01.jpg

    From the album Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

    Livestream unboxing of prototype 3d terrain
  4. KickstarteTests-04.png

    From the album Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

    An Initial Box Art Concept for our upcoming Street Fighter: Miniatures Game
  5. +++Incoming message from Command+++ /Message Begins/+++ This is Angry Joe, listen up soldiers! It's come to my attention that a game worth your viewing is in need of your consideration and support! They are under attack from all sides in the war for coverage, PS4, Xbox One, and even Star Citizen forces have been pinning them down out there on the front lines. They've called in the reinforcements. We are sending in our Airborne Division now to back them up ASAP! Please consider being the tip of the sword for us on this one. Pledge to make this awesome game a reality and do your part by spreading the word to everyone you know during its last 2 weeks! I've prepared a briefing for this Mission Via Video Transmission See it here! Do the right thing. Support our friends in battle! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1964463742/the-mandate FREE GIVEAWAY! The AJSA Is Running 2 Free Giveaway's to encourage your support of the game! If you pledge at any level [Warrant Officers] $20 or above & you share your pledge of the game via social media (twitter, facebook, google plus, youtube, etc.) please post in this thread in our new Kickstarter Campaign Forums with screenshot proof. If you do so you are automatically entered to win 1 of only a few Art Print's of the amazing fan art created by their concept artist GarretAJ! (himself a fan of the show) In addition one Grand Prize Winner will receive a Script from the game Signed by David Bradley (Lord Walder Frey from Game of Thrones) who lends his Voice Acting for the first time to a Video game with The Mandate! Pledge or Walder Frey will show up to a future wedding of you or your loved ones!
  6. Shadow of War Angry Review

    AngryJoe takes a look at the sequel to 2014's Shadow of Mordor that brings with it many improvements but also carries a completely unnecessary Trojan horse that has dire implications for gaming!
  7. Cuphead Angry Review

    AngryJoe & OtherJoe get put through the creative boss gauntlet of the really tough Cuphead! How'd we like the game? Find out!
  8. Destiny 2 Angry Review!

    AngryJoe gears up for Destiny 2, currently smashing records will this make up for the misfire of the first and is its truly the worthy sequel we deserve? All aspects played and reviewed in this exhaustive look at Bungie's latest!
  9. AngryJoe takes a look at the latest movie licensed game, this one based on the famous Friday the 13th Franchise - How does this asymmetrical horror survival game fair? Find out!
  10. AngryJoe''s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017! Or (at least a list of the one's he currently knows about) or will likely see at the show floor! What are your own? Leave a Comment! Thanks to the folks at Youtube Live at E3 & Bell for sponsoring my Trip to E3 this year!
  11. Injustice 2: Angry Review

    SuperJoe & BatJoe go head to head when reviewing the Sequel to the else-worlds universe, Injustice! How does this DC experience stack up? Does it improve on the original enough to warrant your attention? Find out!
  12. Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

    Hey guys sorry about the Vlog Review. This won't become a regular thing, back to current format next review! We wanted to get out our opinions and review Mass Effect: Andromeda as soon as possible. But in doing that we had to cancel our original plans for a few costume skits.
  13. Sorry for all the delays! Thanks for all your support guys! This is the 7th version we've tried so far - Someone needs to teach Nintendo Japan about Fair Use! I'm sure this will get claimed eventually which we will fight as much as we can.
  14. Power Rangers Mega Battle Angry Review

    Its MORPHIN' TIME when we take on one of the Worst Games of 2017 (so far)! AngryJoe and Crew review the latest Power Rangers game, that's hoping to cash in on the franchise's nostalgia right before the reboot film. A perfect plan that only Joe's arch nemesis Corporate Commander could've devised! Is this game that brings Joe to near defeat!
  15. Hey guys so im going to show you how to Find our Teamspeak and Setup your Correct Permissions so that you can participate in events, play games with us and interact with other AJSA members over our Voice Server! Video Tutorial: Text Tutorial: 1. Become a Recruit! - You MUST have been Approved as a Recruit or Member on the these Boards FIRST! You should be able to tell whether or not you have been approve by logging into the forums - if you can post to the various public locations then you have been approved. You can also look at what your Member Group in your profile. 2. Go to our Teamspeak Server - Our Teamspeak 3 Server address is ts3.ajsagaming.com with no password required. 3. Wait for Angry Bot! - Within 5 minutes in the chat our friendly neighborhood "Angry Bot" will start a text conversation tab with you. Follow his instructions. Click the link he issues you. 4. Relog & Wait for New Permissions - After you follow "Angry Bot's" instructions Log out of the Server and Log back in. Angry Bot should then automatically change your permissions and assign you to the correct group within a few minutes. This group is usually the basic group, "Recruit" unless you are being promoted. 5. Manual Method (If Automatic Method Fails) - If Angry Bot is busy or not responding. Try adding your permissions manually. In order to do this, log onto the forums, Click your name in the top Right hand corner of the site -> My Profile -> Edit My Profile. On this screen you should see a tab called "Teamspeak Integration", click it. On this screen should be displayed "Link Privilege Key". To use this key, click on it and connect to the teamspeak server using the link. To manually apply it instead, open the Teamspeak "Permissions" dropdown menu on the Teamspeak client itself and select "Use Privilege Key". Wait a few moments for your permissions to change. Relog if they havent changed within 5 minutes. If you still have not been correctly assigned your group & icon, please contact an Officer, Commander or Teamspeak Admin. Also... We have a steam group, If you would like to follow up on events or any announcements about Joe and the community please follow it. You can always follow us on the steam group through the steam page link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAGaming or just find us on through the steam client.
  16. I'm pissed off that I didnt get to play these games on the PS3 and that they wont be immediately available on the PS4. I hope at some point soon they make them playable so that I can get in on them. Will I be able to do a Review? Probably not, as no one will care at that point - but I may do a live stream or vlog update instead of a full blown Angry Review with my thoughts!
  17. The Angry Army [AJSA] has an Official Presence in Grand Theft Auto V Online! You can check out our crew by visiting our Social Club Crew Page Here (Xbox 360) Or here for the PS3 Version: Social Club Crew Page (PS3) Currently the Crews in Grand Theft Auto Online are limited to only 300 members, which is woefully small and inadequate to handle the Angry Army in any true capacity. However there is an option that i'd like to put forth, I can contact Rockstar themselves and have our Crew be put to "Public" which has no member limit, meaning anyone can join (without approval), using this method we can bring our number to the thousands to rival the other larger crews using this method like Destructoid or IGN. However, in doing this we lose control of the Crew, we no longer can set custom crew created emblems - We would have to stick with only one, we also do not get to internally promote or demote anyone. What do you guys think, Private Crew or Public Crew? I am also looking for a qualified Game Commander and 2 Officers for the Xbox 360 Version. And an additional 2 Officers for the PS3 Version. These new people will help me manage and run these crews to keep them going. We are all waiting for Heists to release and im sure there will be another huge surge of interest in the game when those happen! Remember to post your Social Club name if you want to be invited into the crew. An Update from Rockstar on the Upcoming DLC for GTA Online as of Nov.4th, 2013 is as follows:
  18. Angry Joe has got some PAX Swag to giveaway to the Angry Army! In the PAX Prime 2014 Breakdown Vlog Angry Joe and Delrith offer some prizes to be won. Watch that video here: First up is a high end mobile gaming system, the Nvidia Shield Tablet! How do you score this awesome loot? All you need to do is design your own AJSA Shirt or Jersey and submit it here in the forums! Entries into the contest will begin today, September 9th, 2014 and run until September 19th, 2014 at which time two winners will be selected by Angry Joe and the AJSA Council. 1st Place Prize gets the Nvidia Shield Tablet! 2nd Place Runner up gets a copy of World of Tanks Combat Ready Starter Pack on the Xbox 360! So get to designing! Submit your completed designs here on the forums! Yes the competition is open Worldwide, Internationals feel free to participate, ill pay for the ridiculous shipping to get it to you!
  19. Is Joe buying an Xbox One? Yes. And also a PS4. Can I play with you? Yes. Maybe. I don't know. We will see when it comes out. Im sure ill be doing lots of events and live streams around launch! Look for those soon and here on the Xbox One boards.
  20. Kingdom Under Fire II *CLOSED*

    *Update* The KUFII Closed Beta Keys we were given will NOT work for NA or EU! Apparently an overly enthusastic PR representative who was a fan of the AngryJoeShow & Angry Army issued us codes for the Closed Beta Launch in the Philippines. Originally NA & EU ip address were not going to be blocked so that we may access the game but BLUESIDE has stepped in last minute and decided to disallow all IP addresses outside of the Philippines. I'm as frustrated and upset as you are, having had our hopes built up and broken down for no reason. BLUESIDE has personally apologized and assured us that the Angry Army will be among the first in the North American and EU Closed Beta Tests which are due to take place "very soon". See the below email from BLUESIDE for the official response: Join me in the Kingdom Under Fire II Beta this weekend! Kingdom Under Fire II would like the ANGRY ARMY to check out its new upcoming Strategy/RPG MMO and provide them feedback! So Grab your Key on the left sidebar! Suit up, and Move out! To grab a beta key Visit the *CLOSED*
  21. AJSA Members are free to play any non-official game that The Angry Army may not currently be active in, they may wear their [AJSA] tag and are in fact encouraged to do so. However if the community would like to organize events, gather a larger presence and have forums made out here on the website then they must submit for that game to become and Officially Endorsed game. These are the steps to get a New Game Endorsed by the Angry Army! 1. Submit Request in Game Request Forums - Any Recruit Level or Above (Member Level & Above Only Starting January 1st, 2014) may submit a Request Thread in the Game Request Forums for the Game Poll to be added to the Official Angry Army Game Support Polling Forum. Please include why you think the Angry Army Should play the game as well as at least 3 PROS and 3 CONS of the Online Features of the Game. 2. Visit the Polling Forums & Have Others Vote in the Poll - Once the Official Game Polls thread as been created, encourage others to Vote in the poll in order to get more support for the game within The Angry Army! With more recorded support, the better chance the Division will be launched! 3. Once Poll Reaches Target Level - Game Supported! - After the Poll has reached a Target Vote Level (a Certain percentage of Active AJSA members) The Game will be Officially Supported! If they Angry Army Demands it, Command will answer the call and start the Division Immediately with a Talent search for Officers and/or Commanders who can take OWNERSHIP as Guild Leaders within that particular game and Report to Command on the games needs. They will be responsible for all activities, events, and training programs for that game, see the Division Requirements below. ALL THREADS HERE that DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE RULES WILL BE DELETED! After that point AJSA will create a separate thread looking for experienced Guild Leaders to run that particular Game Division for The Angry Army - Those people will be given Game-Specific Officer Rank and will work closely with Commanders to keep the new Divsion Running at Peak Efficiency. 1. At Least 1 Experienced Officer - In order for the AJSA to run an efficient Division within that new game, there must be at least ONE Experience Game-Specific Officer who is designated as "Guild Leader" (creating the guild in game as the owner). This Game Officer will then have the responsibility to run the game in cooperation with other Officers that he selects (and are approved by Command). He becomes the single point of contact for all AJSA Matter related to that Game. Game Specific Officers may not run multiple Game Divisions within the Angry Army - They are in charge and support for only ONE at a time so that it has their FULL Attention. 2. Training Program Schedule (BOOT CAMP) - Game Officers are responsible for creating a Training Program or Boot Camp so that new members can improve their skills and level quickly within the game. A Training Program is a REQUIRED Responsibility of the Game Officer (he may designate one of his supporting Officers to run this program). At least 2 Boot Camp Sessions are Required a month, and preferably the Game Officer will have 1 Boot Camp a week for members. 3. Op Night Events - Once a Game has been Official Supported, The AJSA will run regular weekly OP Nights in that game setup and managed by the Game Officer. At least ONE OP Night is required a week, whether that be run by the Game Officer or one of his Supporting Officers. This Op Night will be scheduled by the Game Officer or any Commander on the Official AJSA Calendar. Post Op Debriefing Threads will be Required to be posted on the forums so that members and Command can review how OP Nights are progressing.
  22. Check the Poll! Just curious asking you guys which Tag Style you prefer? =AJSA= or [AJSA]? Keep in mind the length restrictions and character restrictions in certain games!