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    Comic books, Games (be it played on a Computer, Console, Board, or with Cards), You-tube videos
  1. Hmm, yes I guess it be a little tougher. You might have to put your back into it. LOL thanks for commenting.
  2. Thanks Kizra. Correction made
  3. Please see the below link, it takes you to the youtube video I got the idea from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DV9TwsosyI&feature=youtu.be&t=12m11s I hope to share more cartoons, Angry Joe and video game related from my tumblr and redirecting them to this thread. Didn't see any other place to put it. If there is an already, cartoon/comic thread that is for everyone to post this kind of stuff. Let me know. Thanks and enjoy.
  4. Account name: ArtMonkey.6413 Server: NSP
  5. I loved the first two games. Though I'm unsure if the mechanic of the portal gun and puzzle solving fun needs a new games. They would have to change it up, a new type of power, weapon/tool or ability to give its players a new toy to play with. Possibly a new setting. As with any sequel it has more to do with what they do with it then if they should or should not make a new game.
  6. Currently I found Dragon Age origins. It's an older game and plays differently from the action rpgs that where listed. Though it's still good. Witcher and Witcher 2, id suggest as well. Though if I might suggest, trying one of your familiar games with a different play through. If you like going in sword and board try magic. It's amazing how much this changes up your game play.
  7. I like the main character. He is believable. Great job.
  8. This is a great piece. I love your use of light and color. Bravo!
  9. I play GTA V on PS3, as well. ArtMonkey79 is my handle. Any one from the crew or Angry Army wants to play and I'm on. Id love to take. Take care everybody.
  10. Hi, I like the expression on the guy's face. The position of his body looks pretty solid too. All in all great job.