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  1. I second this post. Mark of the Ninja is an excellent Stealth game.
  2. The only Laptop I've seen that can have its Graphics card changed are the higher end Ailenware laptops, other than that, just like @illutian said, you're stuck on what you got. I did hear that MSI is developing technology that will allow laptops to utilize standard graphics cards. Have you considered building a ITX desktop build? Should be small enough to accomodate your gaming needs.
  3. Stalker Complete 2009 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl was a mod that really extended my game time and improved my immersive experience by ten folds.
  4. Dungeons and Dragons type RPG game with a fully voiced Narrator (Dungeon Master). Thats the best I could think of.
  5. As you could see, most of the guys trying to give recommendations are shooting at the dark without a Budget floor or ceiling. Give us a budget range and I'm pretty sure you'll get more definite recommendations. =)
  6. Nvidia just announced what its claiming to be "the most advanced GPU the world has ever seen". The Titan X will have a massive 12gb vram and 8 million transistors. No other specs have been revealed, nor was there any price or expected date of release. Despite the lack of announcement on the price, this is what I think:
  7. The question can ultimately answered by your needs. In my opinion, a workstation PC would need the following: 1. i7 4790k Processor (for the Hyperthreading and overclocking) 2. 32gb of RAM (Ripjaw X series is always a good choice for its price) 3. Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97 LGA1150 (its your choice, won't really affect the performance that much) 4. PSU: A 750W should be more than enough to accomodate overclocking and additional hardware upgrades or additions 5. SSD: If you're on a tight budget, get a 120gb SSD for fast boot time if anything else. 6. HDD: WD Red should be good for its vast storage spaces. If not, get the WD black for the performance. 7. Case: Whatever that looks nice for you, provided it should fit the motherboard. Now for the GPU. I saved this for last because your choice would say whether or not your PC will be a Gaming/Workstation Hybrid or Workstation dedicated. 8.GPU: You can either go with the 290X or GTX980 OR get an Nvidia Quadro card. Quadro cards are dedicated for Workstation, specially for 3D rendering. They don't perform well with games for their prices. Hope this helps. I can't recommend any Quadro cards because I have little experience with them. =)
  8. hey there! welcome to the party!
  9. What Windows are you running by the way? Have you tried reformatting and doing a fresh windows install?
  10. I don't know how Hot Pepper Gaming works (whether they invite the guest or by the guest's request to be on the show) but I kinda want to see an episode featuring Joe do a Hot Pepper Game Review. Should be entertaining. If you don't know Hot Pepper Game Reviews here is an episode featuring former IGN personality Greg Miller.
  11. GTX 970 is an awesome card and don't let the negative news say otherwise. The fact that it only has 3.5 of intimidate accessible ram with a slower 500mb reserve does not invalidate all the good reviews it has gotten before the discovery. The 980 is undoubtedly a very powerful GPU but the best price to performance choice would be the 970.
  12. These are the one I'm using http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104847&cm_re=G430_headset-_-26-104-847-_-Product
  13. Expecting new hardware to improve on something other than graphics is like expecting a comatose patient to break dance, it simply not possible. Gameplay, story and characters are on the games not the console itself. Same thing can be said on PCs, new PC hardware will always upgrade only on the graphics and performance. And isn't this necrothreading?
  14. One last thing, you should consider getting a nice laptop cooling pad but not those overly expensive ones. Though the fans on those coolers are generally designed to help your built-in fans, what really helps with the cooling is the hight/angle that keeps the laptops bottom exhaust unobstructed. Have fun with your new laptop!
  15. I'll probably get it once I know I have time to play it but still have my original Homeworld 2 copy.