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  1. Whomeve made this gif really messed up with the blinking loop.
  2. yeah its pretty nice, they have their own special video player that simply layers their audio riff over the movie like they do with audio commentary on DvDs. The movie isnt shown, the movie isnt sold, its just a movie length MP3. They are usually like 3.99 to buy the file, and the their rifftrack player is a free download. Also you open an account so your purchases are saved in case of computer failure, you can redownload it.
  3. It sorta got cancelled but they opened a new site called http://www.rifftrax.com/, where they provide audio MSTings of movies to avoid the copyright bullshit for fairly cheap, you just have to use they audio program, watch through a movie program and just sync the audio levels. Its pretty easy, I listened to them rip into DB Evolution not that long ago... it was pretty hilarious.
  4. Ok, now wheres my fucking headset so I can jack in~?!?!?!
  5. A sign of cold weather or that Kia are poorly made cars. You be the judge.
  6. Sounds like you are hating less on the length of the game but more about the length of the production time of the game developers, as if they are shoving these 80+ hour games out the door at too fast a pace for the casual gamer to consume. I would suggest revamping the title, its giving the incorrect impression as to your intention.
  7. Well since you so much about this character, why not tell us about her... other than than the fact she dies at the age of 66 due to cancer.
  8. He was set up to be Goku's replacement, that was the point for Goku helping him to become super saiyan and eventually super saiyan 2. Also why Goku ended up dying by teleporting Cell to Kaio's planet, leaving Gohan with a fairwell, and "I believe in you" message. Why else did they show that part with Gohan defeating Cell with his father next to him, it was meant to signify the passing of the torch from father to son, and Gohan finally believing in himself, not fearing the power inside him. Of course there was some fan backlash, and he changed it to bring Goku back to life at the end. Im sure the same thing with Tite Kubo, him getting pressure from fans (and the publishers) to continue with Bleach as long as he did. Both series' ran well past the authors intended length. Also GT was nothing more than a cash in with very minor involvement with Toriyama. He was there in only a slight supervisory role and minor character design. They tried to rehash DB and DBZ and it failed miserably because it was clear it was nothing new and it was TOEI just trying to wring as much money from fans as they could.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJQFXYb1mso
  10. The thing to realize, there are various appendixes of information written by Tolkien that includes things that happened "between the lines" in the books. The Hobbit movie isnt solely based on the book but also these appendixes. That was one reason it was spread out into three movies, among other reasons.
  11. Earthbound (aka Mother 3) already is a RPG
  12. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, The Trickster, Brainiac, Cheetah. Maybe add some from the DC/Marvel crossover project, Amalgamation Comics... Dark Claw or Doctor Strangefate Hell bring in Mirror Master, he would be a slick beam/teleport character.