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  1. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Mystery Science Theater 3000.   
    It sorta got cancelled but they opened a new site called http://www.rifftrax.com/, where they provide audio MSTings of movies to avoid the copyright bullshit for fairly cheap, you just have to use they audio program, watch through a movie program and just sync the audio levels. Its pretty easy, I listened to them rip into DB Evolution not that long ago... it was pretty hilarious.
  2. argetlam350 liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug   
    The thing to realize, there are various appendixes of information written by Tolkien that includes things that happened "between the lines" in the books. The Hobbit movie isnt solely based on the book but also these appendixes. That was one reason it was spread out into three movies, among other reasons.
  3. XxDex-starrxX liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Neglected DC heroes that you'd like to have in an injustice sequel   
    Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, The Trickster, Brainiac, Cheetah.
    Maybe add some from the DC/Marvel crossover project, Amalgamation Comics... Dark Claw or Doctor Strangefate
    Hell bring in Mirror Master, he would be a slick beam/teleport character.
  4. Gears Kondraki liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Humiliation kill tactic.   
    Why must people go out of their way to humiliate another player after a kill. I mean, you killed them, isnt that humiliation enough?
  5. BlitherPaladin9 liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Do you believe in zombie apocalypse?   
    Of all the horror cliches out there, I think however small, the zombie one is the most plausible. Maybe not exactly zombies but something similar.
  6. BlitherPaladin9 liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Do you believe in zombie apocalypse?   
    Of all the horror cliches out there, I think however small, the zombie one is the most plausible. Maybe not exactly zombies but something similar.
  7. BSB liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Brand New Orc Image from WoW   
    Blizzard is really getting work, look at those pixels.

  8. BSB liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Brand New Orc Image from WoW   
    Blizzard is really getting work, look at those pixels.

  9. ttdeugerumee liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Where The Bronies At?   
    Oh you mean Zeco Ra Machina
  10. Rainversey liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in What game franchise do you want to make a comeback?   
    old ones... like VII?! you mean terrible stories with barely likeable characters? We already have that, its called XIII. We need more grand stories, like the ones from the NES/SNES era.
  11. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Leoofmoon in Pony Thread   

  12. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Weynard in Pony Thread   
    Hey. I don't know what your problem is. If you don't like ponies, stay out of this thread. It is not meant to incite opposition, it is supposed to be a thread for fellow bronies to hang out and appreciate their favorite show. These threads are not created with the mindset that haters will appear, but they do nonetheless, because people like you cannot contain their immature rage and intolerance against anything defying the spectrum of what is socially acceptable. The reason why pony threads tend to go "out of hand" is not because of ponies but because of haters who cannot seem to stay away. Your entirely made-up opinion that these are "troll bait" shows how little you value your fellow posters' preferences and indeed the other members of the AJA. Your posts are needless, insulting, offensive and are nothing but a discriminating, worthless detriment to the community. To make things worse, I cannot believe you actually have the audacity and lack of respect to post stuff like this in a thread created by a Game Officer. This is a final warning to you and anyone else who wishes to test my patience:
    If I see one more of you discriminating against any fandom, be prepared to face the ban hammer. We don't need people like you here and we will remove you.
    Permanently, if need be.
    And don't you think for one second being the member of some donator's club is going to save you. It's not.
    And below this line, we will now stay ON TOPIC.

  13. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Easily offended people   
    Getting offended is merely allowing another person the keys to your mental state. They can, usually with a single word, disrupt the harmony within you. Dont give them that power, dont let them offend you, rise above it. Someone calls you name or a word? Just laugh, turn around and walk away. Words and actions only have power over you if you allow them to have that power. If someone flips you off, or calls you a racial slur, just look em in the eye, say Dude you crazy, and walk away.
    The only person who has power over my mental state is me, no one needs to have that, and the ones trying to abscond with that power usually dont deserve it.
  14. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by BSB in First week with the Angry Army Impressions   
    I'm thrilled to join and be a part of a community again instead of a drifter that's just flowed along. It's great to have the ability to discuss games and consoles equally without having a colossal flame war kick up over which is better. If points are made, they're explained, if something is off, it's corrected. Everyone is civil, it's amazing. And the moment that we get into game with eachother or against each other it turns into a hilarious fest of chaos.

    Obviously I'm a Planetside player and through the community I'm able to help others that are interested to play, get alongside them and teach them the ropes. Then I'm a part of the up-coming League Tournament. Our team plays great together and we found our missing members through the community itself, an entirely internal social network that's connecting gamers of different lives, works, ethnicities and continents. It's great! 

    We've got your Table-Toppers, your PC Master Racer's and your Console "Peasants." (They are totally awesome, mind you.) We've got MOBA's, Shooters, MMO's, everything. And the statement to bring together all gamers together with a similar mind and enjoyment for games has hit the nail on the head! The sheer lack of animosity is great and I love you all.

    Yes, I don't know you but I love you. You damnable CoD players too. I love you for some reason. This is weird... BUT HEY! Congrats on an amazing first week! Hopefully we stay strong and garner more companions to quest with, battle beside, besiege, murder, maul, toss, love, hate, rage at, and ultimately have a good time with! 

    Cheers folks! Go kick some ass!
  15. AJSA Strazyplus liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in The current like system   
    Maybe its a way to give positive reinforcement... with no down voting or thumbs down, the people with the most likes will usually be people who continually contribute to the forum in a positive way. At least thats how it should work in theory. Like all systems there will be those who abuse it, though Id like to think this will be minimal here.
  16. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Blistig in The current like system   
    I have to admit that I do not understand what purpose our like system in its current form serves, and why there is no option to dislike a post.
    The amount of likes a user has is supposed to signify his or her standing within the community, right? With "neutral" being the starting point as well as the lowest possible standing, where's the point?
    And what does "good" or "excellent" mean? Could be the guy likes to debate, makes art or simply posts lots of witty comments.
    It didn't even bother me that much until the PS4 raffle was started a couple of days ago, with the requirement to participate being that you have to have a "good" standing within the community. How does that make sense when the concept of "standing" is so arbitrary?
    Regarding dislikes: I have read some posts in this forum that have made me want to slap the snot out of the poster, yet the only options available are ignoring, replying to a post and liking it.
    I realize that doing nothing but disliking a post wouldn't help in any way or resolve anything, and that discussion is always necessary, but it sure would have felt good. Probably hard to implement though if it doesn't come shipped with the ip.board software.
    What I'm doing right now is criticizing without giving alternative solutions, I know that, but first I would be interested in some of your thoughts on this.
    Thought about posting this topic in the suggestions forum, still not sure if it fits into general.
  17. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by AJSA Strazyplus in The current like system   
    Idea of "standing in the community" is good but basically comes down if people like your posts or not,and it can be flawed. Which is why I put "hey if you liked my post or found it helpful, like it!"
    Over coming months the shine on AJSA will rub off and will likely shed some members as well issues will reveal themselves and some will try to hurt the community and stir problems. (already saw one whine about his topic being removed and went on about no longer wearing tags)
    I plan to stick around and help AJSA as commanders and Joe himself will be learning how to do things properly within the group and mistakes will be made as we are human. I usually go to communities that have been around for yyyyeeaaarrrsssssssssss so they already understood how to do things. but I like AJ so gonna give AJSA a go and stick around while understanding things will be bumpy.
  18. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Kedric in The current like system   
    I agree 100%, the system seems flawed. I've seen folks with literally 1,000's of posts (IN ONLY TWO WEEKS!?!) and over a hundred likes because when you spam that many messages, eventually enough likes will be clicked, I suppose. I'm very confused as to the point of this system.
  19. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Judge Lazar in The current like system   
    I used all my likes for today in 5 minutes. I think we need to have more
  20. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Tatanium2012 in The current like system   
    There has been a few posts I wanted to dislike as well, but if dislike was available, people would start getting dislikes just for saying they liked a game that someone else didn't, or they would dislike a valid argument that they didn't want to hear.  Also I believe people would throw around "unjustified" dislikes and ruin someones "standing" just to be a dick.  Youtube for example, every single video with views, no matter how innocent or undislikable it may be, will have thumbs down ratings.  Yes I know everyone's views are different but I swear most dislikes are dished out just because they can.  
    All in all, dislikes would be a tool for trolls IMO.  
  21. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in The current like system   
    yeh snipermex was the first to reach 1000 posts, the 2nd person with the most posts had like 400 back then ( ._.)
      being a troll myself (im a good troll so im nice ) i can confirm putting a dislike option is BAD thing
    even Joe would get disliked alot by trolls
    also the "likes" are just a way of showing how people supports you and i believe its used as a "form of influence", the more likes you got, the more influence you have (thats what i believe)
  22. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Oxyorum in The current like system   
    Just for the record, that just meant that you ddin't have any strikes on you, rather than have 10+ reputation points.
    As others have said, the community is almost brand new. We need to give time for the systems to be tweaked and polished. Also, as some have said, just adding a dislike button could be a channel for abuse. The staff looks for quality over quantity for sure.
  23. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Kedric in The current like system   
    I agree with NOT adding a dislike button. I already ignore Youtube comments completely thanks to that system. Although I'm confused as to the current point/status of the like system, I'm sure the council and Joe will figure out a way to make it work over time. It's too early to make major changes, especially since I'm sure that as time goes on those not actually dedicated to the Army and its community will move on to other places. Also, as more members join up I have a feeling things will be adjusted quite heavily.
  24. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Blistig in The current like system   
    I think it's wrong to dismiss the argument like that.
    Every like isn't meaningful and fueled by love and deep understanding of the subject matter, just as every dislike isn't proof of mindless trolling.
    I understand the points being made about the fear of trolling and abusing the system, but where's the faith in this community?
    Reddit shows the worst as well as the best results of implementing such a system, and it is crystal clear there that the quality of the discussion does not depend on whether or not the system can be abused, but whether or not the users choose to do so.
    Hop over to r/politics and look into a pit of filth, check out r/changemyview for the occasional troll, lots of stubbornness, but also a wealth of discussion.
    It's true that the dangers of such a system might very well outweigh the advantages, and that adding the dislike option may fuck things up.
    Something should change at some point though, because the current system just does not make sense at all, and it makes the idea of "community standing" pretty much arbitrary. At least in my eyes it does.
    I would very much appreciate a comment on this from the guys running AJSA
    I didn't know that! Guess what you'll get for this info?
  25. Shiirow liked a post in a topic by Ligeti in The current like system   
    As soon as people start asking for "likes", it's time to stop using the system.  The current system is fatally flaws because, obviously, people who are friends will simply trade "likes" to run up their count.
    I admit I don't take any notice of the count, it's meaningless.