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Everything posted by ApetheticDonut

  1. I love BF4's large scale warfare, but I never see anybody with mics or communicating. I have a mic and when ever I ask for meds or ammo they just ignore me. I'm looking for a group of people who I can join up with and actually communicate with instead of just following people around while they ignore me. My PSN name is Shashrat, so add me if anyone is interested in playing in a squad.
  2. A new Oddworld, and MAG. MAG had a ton of potential but the controls felt stiff and floaty and new weapons were insanely hard to obtain with out hours of gameplay. I want to see MAG revived by Guerilla, since they have the most work on shooters, and know how to make characters feel like they have weight.
  3. Hi, like anyone else here, I'm new. I'm primarlly a console gamer, but I do play low end PC titles as my computer is about as strong as a Sega Dreamcast. I play a lot of different games. Battlefield, Metal Gear, GTA, Sonic, XCOM, Killzone, Far Cry, Hotline Miami, and others. I'm a current owner of a PS4 (Well, pre-order as of now) and I am up to play any next-gen, or current gen games with anyone. My Primary console is Playstation, but I do sometimes use XBOX for games like Halo.
  4. I'm always down for Kill Zone! I'm getting my PS4 at midnight on Thursday, so I would love to have some people to play with as most of my friends are either staying with this gen or getting XBOX One.
  5. I don't think they should add the hunger/thrist bar stuff. It would make it seem as if they are trying to turn it into Day Z and it would interupt exploration a lot. That, and zombies would ruin it for me. Mutants would make a lot more sense, because if a bomb if dropped on you, you're either dead or the radiation will mutate you. The pitch black tunnels would actually be cool though, like in the Metro series, it works really good because thats what it would be like if you were in a subway during the apocolyspe, and it would fit Fall Out great, as most would flee under ground if they couldnt get in the vault.