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  1. Says Joe doesn't do things for profit. Then claims he is doing a review that tons of people have asked for that will likely get a ton of views and make him a hefty profit. Get the hell out of here.
  2. A Primarch from Warhammer 40k
  3. Hated what a Mary Sue Domone became during the final tournament. The way he multiplied his Gundam into 6 different ones like a ninja to stop Chibodi's Machine Gun Punches despite never having used such an ability before was total bullshit. (not to mention that replicating your Gundam like that is BS anyway)
  4. Goku must have been trying to be considerate of Vegeta's feelings I guess be cause... no. So Toriyama doens't hate Vegeta anymore?
  5. Thanks, purchased.
  6. So where do I buy this?
  7. Going through the story mode of Living Story Season 2 I have began to realize just how mishandled Scarlet was as a character and how much potential she really had. Her story is being told in retrospect, as it was here and there in LS: Season 1. Building up your "big bad" in reverse is never a good strategy. Here is what I would have done: 1) I'd start by pushing back the contents of LS: Season 1 and Season 2 to Season 2 and Season 3 respectively. Season 1 would have had a totally different plot and main villain. Destiny's Edge 2.0 (Jory, Kas, ect.) would have been introduced with the exception of Taimi. Instead Ceara (Scarlet) would replace Taimi as the brains of the group. 2) I would then have built up Ceara to be an incredibly popular and lovable character, similar to how the writes have done with Taimi. However as the story progressed I would have the innocent and curious Ceara begin to show signs of PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder) due to the various bad shit that is happening. Her mental state would gradually deteriorate but she would bravely press on for the sake of her friends. Eventually I'd wrap things up with having Caera and Omadd preform the Eternal Alchemy experiment as a last resort to assist with defeating the main villain (without taking the spotlight away from your character of course). While this would be successful the story would end with Omadd being found dead in his lab and Ceara being nowhere to be found to build suspense/curiosity for Season 2. 3) Season 2 would then progress much the way the actual Season 1 did with one notable exception: you know who Scarlet is and you know her back-story because you actually experienced it. This would create a very powerful dynamic between your character, Scarlet, and Destiny's Edge 2.0. You're not just fighting some random batshit crazy Silvari, you're fighting your comrade; someone who risked her life to save you and all of Tyria. You're fighting someone who was once a true hero and friend. 4) The end of the story arc would be much more climactic and emotional. Your friends in Destiny's Edge 2.0 would express regret at what they know is their duty: to kill their comrade for all the genocide and crimes against humanity (and other races) that she's caused. You still care for her but there is no doubt as to what must be done: Scarlet must die for the good of the world she once helped to save. When the final battle concludes and Scarlet lays dead you realize that you didn't just kill a murderous psychopath, or the greatest mind Tyria has ever seen, you killed your friend. Maybe even have Scarlet regain her senses moments before she dies to thank you to make it even more poignant. 5) As the story progresses in Season 3 (currently Season 2) and bits and pieces of Scarlet's past are revealed it would have a much greater impact and connection to the player after all the other stuff that has happened, invoking emotions that are both chilling and melancholy. Maybe even have a few holograms where Scarlet is temporarily sane and recorded helpful messages for you that are critical to the plot.
  8. If you look at the dates on the story page of your character you'll notice that the Living Story Season 2 takes place about 2 years after the events of your Personal Story, so Zhaitan is already dead by that time. Personally I really enjoyed the story mode and the new map was cool as well. Unfortunately I don't feel very motivated to go back through the story chapters to complete the achievements. I'll probably just work on the Dry Top achievements instead.
  9. Trolls only shut up when they're bored with you and you can't hurt their feelings no matter how hard you try so you might as well not even respond to them.
  10. When I played it for the first time when it first came out it was my favorite game ever. Looking back though the plot had quite a bit of filler. I still love the soundtrack, Uematsu is a fucking genius when it comes to combining synthesized and orchestrated music. I think the best part of the game though was the characters, even minor characters like Shera, Hojo, ect. were interesting.
  11. This sums up today for most Americans. And for others, this is every day... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwBhLoiolKw
  12. I don't buy shit, I only buy games that I have a good idea that I'll like because I do my research before buying. Rarely am I disappointed in my purchases.
  13. Boycotts don't work if you're actually trying to accomplish something practical. If you're just doing it to feel good about yourself, have at it.
  14. Fucking Bayformers. You know, the really funny thing here is that in about 20 years there will be future nerds who look back and feel nostalgic about Bayformers and consider them to be the REAL Transformers ROFL.
  15. It's sad that some people derive a sense of self-worth based on what kind of gaming machine they use. And as someone who had both a PC and consoles I can say that I don't give a fuck which option is "objectively better." Some games I like better on PC, some I like better on consoles, end of story. No one will ever have time to play them all just like a person will not have the time to play all the console games so total library count is irrelevant. But if it were then a person could just get PC and consoles, problem solved.