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  1. Every forum has one, so we may as well start one.
  2. Why does anybody care ?! I like attractive women with hot lookin tits, big round asses and gorgeous features. I'm a man and I'm never going to be ashamed of that. Women spend billions of dollars, getting breast augmentations, push-up bras, low cleavage tops, short skirts and tight fitting clothing, spend large blocks of time applying make-up and getting their hair done right, to make damn sure that I and every guy who see's them, notices them and I for one, am quite happy to oblige and appreciate their efforts and I see no conflict in regards to my interest and in regards to any of this crap that this attention whoring, loud mouth asshole is whining about, in an effort to get her 'Warholian 15 Minutes of Fame' is spewing about ? The 15 minutes is up, bitch. Now she can shag her ugly ass ( I swear to God, she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. lmao) down the road to obscurity, where she belongs, because nothing is ever going to change because guys like me are still going to spend billions to get what we want, regardless of how Anita Sarkeesian or anyone else feels about it. Money talks and bullshit walks. Edit : By the way, ever notice that's it's almost always the ugly women like Sarkeesian and Gloria Steinem, who complain about shit like this ? Just sayin...
  3. Kids...meh. You have no idea what you missed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlkRnw8rD5g
  4. U mad bro ? I'm sorry but your reply was just a little too long-winded to bother reading all of it. I'm right, you're wrong, end of.
  5. The guy is only 44, not 64 and he was wearing a helmet. It was just a freak occurrence. His ski hit a rock that was covered with snow and he tumbled forward head-first into another rock. I've posted a pic on the scene and it's not as if he was back-country skiing off a cliff or anything. It could have happened to anyone and just because he's a retired F1 driver, does not mean he should go on to live a boring life in a cave and quite frankly, your jaded and callous remarks are a little uncalled for but hey, what ever it takes for you to feel superior in some way, I guess.
  6. I believe in this case, if you created an entire village of the 'these', he would be the one of that village ! The latest news is "upgraded to stable but still critical". http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2014/01/01/22131444-michael-schumacher-brain-injury-formula-one-icon-is-stable-but-still-critical
  7. Whenever someone post in chat that someone sucks, I usually reply "So does your mom but you don't see us complaining about that do you ? "
  8. Oh !..I forgot about 'Robert's Little Escapade', lol. This was cool. +1 rep
  9. Big, bad, Chuck is askin' $999,000.00 for his house. Check it out. http://www.bankrate.com/lite/real-estate/celebrity-house-for-sale-chuck-norris-1.aspx
  10. Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach
  11. Nice idea but it will never happen. Getting all the people together and getting them to adhere to your organizational plans is just asking too much. A few people might show up the first or second time, then it will die off due to lack of interest. Some people here have high hopes for an ESO guild. Guess what ? That's gonna tank also. We couldn't even keep the Guild Wars 2 guild going for that long and Angry Joe himself was playing on a regular basis for a while. Good luck though..
  12. Half Life 2
  13. Why spend so much money, on so many games and just what is " a casual multiplayer " ? I've never heard of such a game but I would love to try one myself.