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  1. Aliens: Colonial Marines. what a fail! I bought it for 50 euros on the release was so hyped! Started it played it for maximum 1-2 h.... Never played is again....
  2. Could not upload pics =/ only 500kb My Nintendo collection Boxed NES: Cheetamen (kickstarter projekt ) Zelda seald Caltron 6 in 1 sealed Mr gimmick Duck tale 2 x2 Tiny toons 2 The flintstones suprise at dinosaur peak Mega man 1-6 Dr mario The jetsons Metroid Solomons key Donkey kong Pro am top gun The lion king Road Racer Castlevania 1-3 Tetris Exitebike Contra Punc out Tutles Bubbel bubble World cup European smal box: Adventure of Link Super mario bros Clu clu land Kid icarus Soccer Golf Tennis Slalom SNES: Castlevania vimpires kiss Super metroid Zelda a link to the past. Wild Guns Street fighter 2 N64 Zelda 1 -2 Super star socer 2000 Star wars Exite bike. PS1: Castlevania symphony of the night. Virtual boy: Jack bros 3DS: Zelda Fire emblem Castlevania Spirit camera Sonic
  3. Gamerurso! Size matther!! Very impressive collection there! Good job!!!
  4. My question is why havent you played doom?? Wolf 3d Duke nukem 3d remeber that was the biggest wow feeling i had hahaha, the gun was not in the middle as most of the first person shooters at that time. And the graphics haha i was blown away. Doom And worms =P was my childhood right there
  5. Wolfenstein 3D Do you have it in its original box and discets ? That was my first PC game!! And duke nuken 2 or 1 was my firs game i bought to my pc.
  6. Awesome collection stripers__ !!! Starwars nerd i see
  7. Yeha that what i was thinking, its more about action and not as creepy as 1 and 2. But yes for 15-18 euro its worth trying. Tnx (:
  8. Ah shit!! That is so sad =/ She should be punished for this! My ex girlfriend threw a few games i had and i got furious!! I hope you can start build up you collection again slowly but Stable. I hope everything solves for you!
  9. Wow man! Great collection, alot of great game!!! You are missing Casltevania syphony of the night to PS1
  10. This is a video on my Game and Watch collection. Bare with me here guys - my first video on youtube so....but yes you see the games atleas and dont mind the talking ( in swedish ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1zP-aGZ0wM
  11. Everything that include games (:
  12. Yepp you read right! Here I want you all to post or link pictures/videos on your game collections, or your game corner! I love to see pictures on others game collections or their gaming nests, the layout and how you stack the games and what rare games you might have. If you have an awesome looking monster PC upload pic! I know there must be a few collectors in here so keep em coming! This is a video on my Game and Watch collection. Bare with me here guys - my first video on youtube so....but yes you see the games atleas and dont mind the talking ( in swedish ) http://www.youtube.c...h?v=w1zP-aGZ0wM