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About Retributiøn

  • Birthday 04/21/1992

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    Scranton PA
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    I mostly play League of Legends seriously in terms of ranking. As of season 3, I'm platinum 1 but will be hitting high diamond for season 4.
    I also stream Diamond ello League of Legends Games

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  1. Sure I'll be there
  2. Awesome, can't wait to meet ya on the rift
  3. ohhhh snap this champion is intense, dafuq was that ulti Lmao!!!
  4. After reading this post there's a few things that came to my mind. Everyone has their own sense of what they think is the right decision when playing leagues, if its get dragon vs a tower or split pushing vs grouping as one. There is no straight answer either which is the sad thing haha. Sometimes people need to be given guidance or an effective team leader. A lot of people come across this issue in their solo queue games even in my high ello games xD. "You either get the best players you ever seen or the worst players on earth that made you wish you mained Neopets" The best advise I could give to you is just keep playing and analyze every decision you make. What is the best possible outcome for doing it, why are you making this decision, How will it affect you and your team. Then the last thing the possible negatives to those decisions. Also, after every game win or loss always ask yourself what could you have done better. What was lacking in my performance etc... stuff like that. I hope this was some what insightful. We all got to deal with the derps of Yolo queue.
  5. I'll start hopping on TS more, been busy playing a lot of Archeage and waiting for the season to end haha
  6. Summoner Name: Retributiøn Region: NA Ranked: Diamond V Main Role: Mid/Jungle Hours In-game: Season 1 Extra: I'm pretty much well experienced in every role and have a lot of knowledge of the game ie, champions, meta. itemization, tactics, and shot calling. You can ask me a question about any LoL stuff. You can send me a request on LoL or message me on the website here, for voice communication we can use the community teamspeak. I'll try my best to help out any way I can
  7. My team is looking for a competent Marksman for ranked 5v5 team play. The level of skill I'm looking for is bare minimum Gold V, preferably high Gold. This player would also have to maintain a positive attitude, friendly, and open to growth. You will learn a lot playing with my team that could help improve your performance exponentially. My summoner name is Retributiøn. Post your summoner name and ranked please.
  8. Awesome, I'm done with school I'll start joining the teamspeak server more. The idea of coaching sounds great, I'm a diamond V player want to help fellow AJSA members out climb the ladder
  9. There is also an AJSA group chat room in the Lol client. Advertise that to get more people to join it when they log on
  10. Awesome, I'm proud to see more activity in the Lol Community. My team and I have been slowly drifting apart from AJSA because it felt like they kinda dropped the Lol in terms of events. I will be glad to lend my support to any events hosted in the future
  11. Hey Surrwin, my team is currently looking for a bot lane to do 5v5 ranked teams and Go4Lol on Sundays. We have won both AJSA tournaments and will continue to participate in them. We are looking for Gold 5 and higher players, also people with good attitudes toward the game interested?
  12. Hello Ryan, still looking for a team? My team The Holy Poro Empire is currently looking for a bot lane and we prefer gold 5 and up, are you interested?
  13. Hello Community, My team the Holy Poro Empire is currently looking for a bot lane (Support/Marksman). We have won both tournaments hosted by the AJSA Community and will continue to participate in these events. We would also do Ranked 5v5s and Go4Lol on Sundays. I'm looking for people who are at least Gold ranked, love to play the game, and have a willingness to learn. In a special case if you have a buddy you work really well with who is under Gold, I'm open for discussion. I know bot lane is a partnership and you need to trust who you lane with . We are all friendly and open minded people. If anyone is interested please message below your username and ranked. What I'm looking for is friendly players who want to have fun and a good time. Thank You
  14. Sup guys, my team is currently looking for a bot lane. We are the Holy Poro Empire and we have won both the league of legends tournament hosted by the AJSA website. Let me know if either one of you is interested. Username: Retributiøn
  15. My team is good for the schedule time on 7pm till 11pm eastern time on Friday. Saturday at 4pm till 9pm eastern time is also good time for us. Sunday same deal except the later time is till at least 7pm.